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Leonor Fini: Metamorphosis of Woman

Banila Co. Miss Flowers & Mr Honey Cream review

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Banila Co. Miss Flowers & Mr Honey Cream review

I had been eyeing this cream for ages. I love honey products and had been eyes several of Banilas products for a long time since they looked quite interesting to me. I never took the plunge due to the higher prices and no reviews. I think my first Banila product I purchased was the Blacks sleeping pack. It was on sale and Samplehime actually quite liked it so I took the plunge into the deep dark waters of near black sleeping packs. I have since used a few more of their products without being wowed to be honest. Something that is always disappointing if you are lusting after a specific brand for a while. When Kosmeshop offered me sponsorship I immediately inspected their shop for products I could either not afford, had been wanting to get for a long time, or anything new to tickle our collective fancy. I quickly spotted The Ms Flower and Mr Honey cream and knew I had to get it since it fulfilled all three of these categories. That being said my expectations were quite high especially after seeing how much Jude from Fiftyshadesofsnail raved about this moisturizer.
I have to admit I came out a little disappointed. That is my own fault though. I should not put great hopes into recommendations of people who don't have extremely dry skin for a solve-all-dry-skin-problems-miracle-moisturizer. I also need to stop thinking that any new cream I try might come even close to my ferocious passionate affair I had with Ladykins Vanpir cream (seriously this stuff is the closest I have come to moisturising magic yet). Both these thoughts can really influence my views on some products I review but the least I can do is mention them to you, dear reader, so you can make your own biased opinion about it yourself (aren't we all a little biased?).

Enough with the lengthy intro let's get to the good stuff first.

Banila Co. Miss Flowers & Mr Honey Cream review

I honestly understand why one would get a little bit of a crush on this cream, after all it has two big things going for it that can be very influential. Smell and texture. I mean those two are so important that people will stop using products that work well just because they aren't happy with either of those categories. When it comes to scent this cream wins quite a few happy nose points. It smells like creamed canola honey. If you don't like the scent of honey you will likely not like this, so stay far away. That being said the scent is not strong (neither is most honeys either) and doesn't really linger. The other good part about it is that it smells like true honey, not an artificially scented honey or honey approximations that I have smelled in other honey related products. I have honestly no idea how they got the smell so right. I mean I have a good nose and I am very scentsitive and they could fool me with this. If I would have to smell this during a blind test I would swear it was honey and promptly eat it (not something I have done. Yet?)

The other plus is the texture. First I thought the texture was also just like honey (not a good thing honestly) but I realised I was just being blinded by how much it looked and smelled like creamed honey. The texture is like a balm. At least when you touch it with your fingers. It applies much lighter than a balm but it is definitely heavier than most Korean creams I have used. That being said the texture feels very luxurious. It is not like pure Lanolin or 8 hour cream balmy in the sense that it is super thick and difficult to spread, but more like a very lightweight balm that feels very pleasant to use.

Banila Co. Miss Flowers & Mr Honey Cream review swatch

If you wonder why I was disappointed I am getting to that just about now.
There is really two main issues I have with this product. The feeling it leaves on my skin and the efficacy on my specific skin type.

As I have elaborated here, I have some sensory issues when it comes to cosmetics (and everything really). One particular issue I have is with products leaving any kind of film on my skin. It is not that I expect to apply a moisturizer and have my skin in the exact state it was before (why would I use it then, right?) but I don't want to actually have any kind of layer on my skin.
Unfortunately this cream does just that. I wish Jude would have mentioned that earlier, than the review she uploaded recently, since she does mention that particular issue on her blog. I might have still bought the product or maybe not, who knows, but likely not. It is not bad enough for me not to use it but I will certainly not repurchase since I don't find it very pleasant on my face. Johnny, who has similar sensory issues, was not a fan of this either. He mentioned it once or twice but continued using it regardless.
I did not have issues with shine but my skin also drinks up anything that isn't nailed to the walls.

Banila Co. Miss Flowers & Mr Honey Cream review

The other issue I had was that it just didn't do that much in terms of moisturizations. I mean it was lovely cream, that is for sure, but I have very huge standards of performance due to my skin-that-hates-everything-and-everyone.
As I have said time and time again my skin is like the driest desert of all the deserts, it is a sebumless freak of nature that seems to be unsatisfied with 95% of products I throw at it. Believe me I have  tried a lot of things and the products that actually work to keep my skin happy for 8 hours straight is near null. Working in a beauty store and working my way through all of the goodies from cheapest to most luxurious I have only found 2 products that seemed to help even a little bit and that is pretty sad considering the sheer amount of hydrating and moisturising products I threw at my face. And that was years before I started blogging of course.
So is this cream bad or ineffective, not at all. It is quite lovely I believe but if you have super duper dry skin which is not happy with almost any moisturisers you have used this will likely not be your miracle cream either. If you have normal or regularly dry skin than you will probably enjoy this quite a bit (unless you have film issues too of course, or a honey phobia).

Banila spatula

Since the application process of this is very pleasant, the scent makes me all kinds of hungry and the ingredients look promising I did somewhat enjoy my testing period. I have used it for a month and a half now and still have a quarter jar to go since this thing seems to be a never-ending pit of product. I have given some to Mother to see what she has to say. She has normal to dehydrated mature skin and no issues with films whatsoever. Who knows maybe it will become her HG. I will update when I have more info.
I will happily finish the rest of my jar but am still a little sad that this adventure has not started my next skincare romance.

Wonderful cream for normal to dry skin types that don't mind having a light layer left on the skin.
Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

Ingredients: Here

Available at Kosmeshop
Available on Ebay

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes. That fact does not alter my review or opinion in any matter. For more information read my Disclaimer page 

Dry Skin Tips and Secrets, Skinesode II

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Hi there dear batlings welcome to another episode of Dry Skin Tips & Secrets!
If you have missed the first Skinesode you can find it here.
Today I will talk about another simple trick on how to deal with dry or dehydrated skin.
This trick is almost too simple to write a blog post about and I am sure many of you already apply it in some form, but as usual I am slow to the party and maybe there is another one of you slow pokes out there that might appreciate this trick.
I actually figured this one out because of my eczema but never applied it to my skin when I was eczema free.
Why, no idea.
As I said I am a slow pokey snail turtle.

This is what I got when I asked Johnny for a slow pokey snail turtle

You know many of you oily skinned folks probably use some kind of a mask when showering.
Clay masks are a pain to wash off so using them in the shower makes things way more convenient. Dry or dehydrated folks usually avoid drying masks such as clay masks so they are often left with no masking during the convenient shower times. Or they just wash their faces or exfoliate or maybe even nothing. I went through phases in my shower routines but most of the times I just stood really awkwardly trying to dodge droplets to avoid getting water on my face since having it in contact with water during an entire showering ordeal (which can take up to 40 minutes when I had really long hair) would be a death sentence for my dry skin.
Sometimes I used this time to really exfoliate my skin without worrying getting bits in my hairline, but this is only a once a week occurrence max and now that I use acids it is more like a once every other month occurrence.
So back I was to the awkward shower dodging dance.

Exact representation of me in the shower

Now here comes the eczema part. When suffering from eczema one should avoid long watering sessions, particularly warm water, at all costs.
So what does one do?
Smother their eczema affected areas in oil or balm. That worked really well since both are water repellent and protected my skin from the horrifying effects of evil water (exaggerating for dramatic purposes).

We all know how it turned out for her!

As you might have already read in the last Skinesode my face is happier when water is avoided, but when I don't suffer from eczema smothering my face in oil or balm really does not seem appealing. So in come wash off masks.
I am not a fan of wash off masks since they require washing of.
But in showers it is one of those super convenient little tricks that are so obvious I clearly missed it!
Now that I am eczema free (on my face, since my neck is having a little eczema party by itself) I like to add a really thick layer of whatever wash off mask I have on hand and not have to worry about the little evil droplets trying to suck the hydration out of my skin. By the time I am done I simply wash it off and my face feels even nicer than before.
Sometimes I do top this off with a light physical exfoliation too.


I like to use masks that are laying around that I am not too impressed with, or simply ones that can be spread thickly and actually hydrate my face.
I have been using Tonymolys Appletox Honey cream for this due to its sticky texture is not comfortable to use outside of showers reach. It is not the best mask I own and I had it sitting around in my bathroom for so long due to its unimpressive results on my skin but it is rather a great shower mask. It does exactly what I want from it in terms of protecting my skin from the H2Os drying powers, while giving me a bit of hydrating at the same time.
So there I got two birds with one stone as people say (do they?) or I guess more like three birds.
So either way, if you have dry or dehydrated skin smother your face in a nice hydrating face mask pre shower, hop in, do your thing and wash off when done.
Believe me your face will thank you for it!

That was it for the day and hopefully I can come up with new tips on how to deal with dry and dehydrated skin that don't involve avoiding water.
How do you usually keep your face busy while showering?

Too Cool For School McGirly Good Morning Rice Wash

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I like weird skincare and I like skincare that has not just an odd function but also a weird application method. But I don't like skincare that does nothing while having to invest a whole bunch of time into using it. Maybe I just don't get this particular item but I just really don't see the point of its existence.

So picture little sachets of powder that seem like they might be cleansing powder but aren't used for cleansing. Supposedly they are for after cleansing or in the morning washing. That sounds like it might be a toner but it actually isn't. Well then might it be a cleansing water for the morning?
No it is not since it doesn't actually cleanse.
So what is it then?
I honestly don't know, if you have figured it out please let me know.

The box says that it is there to Moisturise (nope), Soothe (if water is soothing I guess yes? not really though) and Purify ( I honestly don't even know what that entails exactly).

The directions say to dissolve one pouch in 600ml of water and then for my final rinse (which rinse?) apply it to my face. No rinsing required. There is also a bowl pictured.
So my interpretation is that I am suppose to get a whole lot of water in a bowl and after putting the sachet into it splash my face with this.
Ok, well not sure why I would do that.
But I tried.
It left me with an incredibly wet and messy bathroom and myself covered in rice wash liquid.
I then proceeded to try this as a morning cleanser but it actually didn't cleanse at all.
I thought I would try it as a toner type product by mixing it with water and then patting it into my face.

The issue is that each application method left me with a fine layer of white powder on part of my face. Besides that it did absolutely nothing to my skin either. At least nothing more than pure water would.
I am not saying this is a bad product per se, but I simply don't know what to do with it.
I am quite disappointed since I love the Mcgirly rice scrub and quite enjoyed all the other items from the same line too.
If you know what this is for please enlighten me?
I would love to know the purpose of this particular product!

Ingredients: Here

 Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

Available on Ebay 
Available on Testerkorea

Who are you? aka Interview with Seong Hoon Shin from NoTs and Mini Reviews

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A few months ago my sponsor Q-Depot told me a little bit about the brand NoTs and asked me if I wanted to try some of their stuff out. I was intrigued and decided to check it out. In the back and forth emails that ensued I was told that the emailee was friends with one of the people working for Nots and I promptly asked if I could interview him. I used to interview artists quite a bit a few years back (there are a few here on the blog but most of them are on another site) and thought that interviewing someone that works in the cosmetics industry in Korea might be interesting. I am a curious kind of a person and when I did indeed work in the industry (in Europe of course) I used to question all the interesting people I met be they makeup artists or brand representatives.
So here is the interview with Seong Hoon Shin the Director for the Overseas Business Development division that is in charge with matters for the Americas and EU. He was so nice to take some photographs of his office as well for a more behind the scenes look.

What is your favorite part about your work?
There are a couple of things I love about my job. One, I get to meet new people all over the world. It is always exciting to realise that there are so many interesting characters. Two, I like the tension that comes from the uncertainty when I start a discussion with a new company. After that it is the satisfaction when our product finally did make its way into the buyer or a customer’s heart.

What makes NoTs stand out in the seemingly oversaturated cosmetics market?
I think the design makes it stand out. It is not as Asian as other Korean brands. This is before people buy the actual product but it is all about the results people get after they use NoTS. Especially with 28 Remedy Line, all the products in the 28 Remedy line have over 80% rebuy rate. That shows that most of the people who use our products are satisfied.
We do use the best natural ingredients we can find and the best quality materials for the bottles and packaging.
Our consulting system is also a little different. We provide free samples to all the customers who want to try the product before they buy the actual product. Along with that we have 28 day refund policy. After that we do have CS staffs guiding every customers calling in for any kind of help with skin care.
One other thing grasping people’s interest in Korea is that as a new and still somewhat unknown brand, people see our brand in premium department stores. That gives assurance and trust in quality of the products.

Main Entrance
How do you think Korean cosmetics differ from Western ones?
My personal opinion is that there is not much difference. These days the trend is shared through internet and people take interest in other worlds and they travel to experience and see new things. Not just the cosmetics but for anything people purchase, nowadays, people look for quality, safety, natural and eco-friendly products. Just like ours!
If I must pick out a difference, I would say that the design and the concept of the product are different. Usually, culture plays a role in this. In Korea, medicinal or herbal ingredients are constant trend in cosmetic. (eg. Horse oil or Ginseng) I believe that organic and natural ingredients are more preferred. Depending on the ingredient, the color of the bottle and packaging, shape and size will change.

Do you think gender plays a big role in how skincare is marketed to people in Korea, and do you think it differs from the Western world?
Gender plays a very big role in skincare marketing. Most men, all over the world, do not really care how beautiful they look. For man, they want more convenience when it comes to skincare. Men do not use 2, 3 skincare products. It is usually just aftershave.
It is starting to change in Korea. With the younger generation, late teens to 20s, they do use BB or CC creams and color makeups for men. 30s onwards, including myself, we started to use toner and moisturizer, and very rarely, I do see my generation using creams.
When you think about all these and if you market to sell a line with 7 products for men, it is not going to work. However, if you market a men’s product with 7 functions in one, then it will work.
Robust, men’s line at NoTS has the 2~3 function in one product for men to use with convenience.

Which cosmetic item do you consider the most crucial and why?
This is a very difficult question because every cosmetic plays different role. Also, what you must use changes depending on your skin type.
However, to answer your question, within the skin care category, I think toner, moisturizer and cream are crucial. If I have to choose one, I would say cream is a crucial item. Cream usually has the highest density of goodies, nutrients and moisturizing ingredients.
A female might use BB cream as a makeup base, another might use a primer or a foundation, some cases one might use all before going on to color shades.

Visitor waiting room

The Korean beauty world can be quite confusing for an outsider. Where or how would you recommend a newbie in this field to start?
As a man, this is one of the questions I want to know the answer to. Korean women are so into decorating their skin to make it look bright and clear. There are so many products and cosmetics categories which I sometimes ask myself which idiot came up with all these. Because of that idiot I have to wait couple of hours for my girlfriend to get ready. This was a joke, I am sorry if it was not that funny.
Getting back to the question, if you are a newbie and don’t know what to use and what to buy. Toner, moisturizer and cream are a good start. As for makeup, BB and CC creams are a good start with lipstick. If you are a woman, you will feel the need for “a little more would make this look better”.
If you are in Korea, senior high school girls and university freshmen go to the department stores. Most of the booth has showroom mirrors and you sit there and the stylist will demonstrate how to begin and what to start using first. It is all free and you get some free samples before you go. I do not know whether department stores in other countries do the same but I do know that the sales ladies do give good information and tips on where to start.

What is your secret talent?
This is a little shameful to say but I do not exactly know what my talent is but almost everyone I meet tells me that I make them feel comfortable. Also, I lived in Australia for a little over 12 years so I understand both Korean and western culture and because of that I am quite open to accepting different customs. I think those are my secret talent because nobody knows about it until they get to know me.
A boring answer would be, I am very stubborn and I do not give up easy. Always putting best efforts to educate myself and make things happen.

Overseas Team

I hope you enjoyed the interview! And here are two mini reviews as well. They are only mini reviews since I only received samples. I thought I could still share my first impression of these products. For full reviews of NoTs products you can go here, and here.

28 Remedy Balancing Toner


First of the toner. Unlike most Korean toners this one is actually astringent instead of hydrating. I used it by patting it on my face and also by applying it onto a cotton pad and then wiping my face. It smells kind of medicinal but faint. It is watery and fresh like most toners are. The interesting thing about this is that even though it is targeted for acneic skin, and an astringent, it did not dry out my skin. I made a half half test with it and a hydrating toner on my face and neither side felt more hydrated then the other. Only that the Balancing Toners side was a teeny tiny bit less soft to the touch. I am quite impressed by this astringent non drying toner to be honest. I haven't used it long enough to see how my super dry skin would react to it in the long term of course.

28 Remedy Repair Cream

Lastly my favorite of the two. I did really not expect to like this product at all. Even though it says repair on it I simply assumed this would be a moisturiser for oily skin since it targets acne as well.
Oh boy was I wrong.
This cream is super balmy actually. It smells medicinal just like the toner and feels really emollient but not heavy at all. When I applied this my skin felt soothed indeed. I can tell it isn't as rich as most creams I use but the texture was marvellous. It is really hard to describe.
See through balm that doesn't leave a film on your skin would come close.
I think this would be a really good option for people who have dry or normal to dry skin AND acneic skin. I read a lot of people with this skin type complaining that there is no moisturisers for them since they are either too heavy or too light but I feel like this one might be exactly in the middle. Again I was not able to use it long enough to see what other effects it might have but in terms of first impression I was positively surprised. My skin wasn't super dried out and my spots were not aggravated.

I hope you enjoyed todays different kind of post. Have you tried any of Nots products and what did you think?

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes and contains affiliated links. That fact does not alter my review or opinion in any matter. For more information read my Disclaimer page. 

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By Sask

Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water vs Nuxe Eau Demaquillante Micellaire aka French Micellar Water Showdown

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Contrary to popular believe I actually use western cosmetics quite a bit. For one I travel and like to try the products offered in those countries and I also sometimes buy things last minute in my local drugstore.
I took a trip to France last year and bought quite a bit of French pharmacy items believing all of the hype that surrounds them online.
In case you are wondering, I did not find one single product I loved and was mostly disappointed by the lot. That being said some of this stuff was quite cheap so the quality is decent. But if it is hard for you to get French pharmacy products or they are expensive, remember that a lot of hype surrounds them and cheaper alternatives can be found.

Today I will review two cleansing waters.
I love cleansing waters to be honest and don't want to live without them. Cleansing waters are great but not in the way most people think.
For me they are multi purpose products that are gentle and enable me to double cleanse without using any tap water. What they are not is miracle makeup removers, as most articles online would like you to believe.
In fact if you use remotely waterproof makeup, don't expect micellar waters to get it off your face for you. And if you use more than just a tiny bit of it, you will have to use a lot of soaked cotton pads to get it completely off your face.

I will talk a little bit about each of them on their own and then about Micellar waters in general since I have used quite a few so far.
I will start with my favorite of the two, the Bioderma Sensibio.

Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water

I seem to not have taken any photos from the bottle so stock photo it is

It might be the favorite in this selection but my reaction to it was very meh to be honest.
I believe it was because of the humongous amount of hype surrounding it.
The good part is that it is scentless and really gentle. I appreciate scentless products since most companies go either overboard with their scents or make them quite unappealing to me.
It looks just like regular water but science tells me that it cleanses better than water. I will just trust science this ones and believe this is true. Here is also a wonderful article by Lab Muffin on the science part of Micellar Waters.
Besides that it is scentless and like water, there is not much to say about this honestly.
I honestly do think it is completely overrated since it does not perform miracles as mentioned above, but if you have only a little bot of powder or some other makeup product that is non waterproof on your face it will remove it just fine.

Nuxe Eau Demaquillante Micellaire

No picture of this one either. Sorry

The Nuxe Eau Demaquillante Micellaire is basically the same than Sensibio only that it has a very strong scent. I noticed that most of their products smell really strongly. The scent is rosey and perfumey. Kind of a vintage type scent but honestly very overpowering. It also looks just like water and the cleaning power is just as decent as Biodermas.

You might now wonder why I do like cleansing waters at all, since I am clearly gushing about how much I love these two!


They are super practical to be honest. They have some cleansing abilities to the point of being able to clean by themselves to some extent but work even better in combination with other cleaners. They also double as toners which makes me be able to skip one skin care step depending on my routine. They have never irritated my skin even when it was quite sensitive which I absolutely appreciate. And many of them can be really cheap.

I am actually one of those people that when they do wear makeup it is such a teeny tiny amount (if you check my makeup pictures on here or on Instagram that is about double as much as I would wear on a normal day, if any.) that micellar waters should be able to deal with it.
Of course they can't tackle my mascara but I dont expect it to do so (any more).
I actually double cleanse on a daily basis, starting with a cream cleanser followed by a cleansing water. Cleansing creams are often meant to be just wiped off but some residue often stays and the cleansing water enables me to make sure that my skin is thoroughly clean afterwards.
Without them I would have to use tap water (which is what I want to avoid) or live with the residue on my face. If you are in a bind micellar waters can also be used as a stand alone cleanser but I try to avoid that situation.

Fact-check: What is micellar water and how does it work? An Update

All in all cleansing waters can be quite wonderful for many situations, but simply not what most people would like you to believe. Honestly most people that I know in person have similar opinions about cleansing waters, so I am really not sure how this internet phenomenon came to be. Either way, so far all micellar/cleansing waters I have used where 95% the same as far as I can observe. So if you are curious about how they work just buy the cheapest easiest alternative you find  and see how it goes. If you are still curious about the others afterwards you can always go ahead and take the plunge. I will compare the famed Japanese cleansing water Bifesta and Garniers cheap version in the future (including some cleansing photographs of course).

What do you think of cleansing waters? Have you tried Bioderma and do you think it stands up to the hype?

Cosrx Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence review

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Cosrx Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence review
This is a strange product to me and its review will be a little odd as well. Not like that never happens around here!
As seemingly unconventional my reviewing style here might seem, my testing process is quite straight forward and methodical. If you imagined I would apply/test my skincare in a Jack Sparrowesque manner, I am here to disappoint. I might walk around like that occasionally but when it comes to skincare I am boringly laying in bed patting item after item onto my face (ok I spill and drop things all the time but that is not the point).

All day every day!
And thanks to my methodical product testing methods and me wanting to know how products work in different settings and combinations I actually found out what a wonderful product this is!

First off, I need to give some props to COSRX (no not because I am seemingly in love with all of their products) because they have actively taken a non racist step.
The original name of this essence is problematic to say the least. I understand that as a Korean company they are very likely not aware of what the phrase ” White Power” means in other parts of the world.
After HolySnails made them aware of what that phrase means in some places, they have actually taken steps to change the name of the essence. That is something that I find impressive and wonderful to be honest. Since as a Korean company Cosrx does not have to please their overseas clientèle if they choose so.
As someone who has been in contact with a representative of the brand and have witnessed how open they are to consumer opinions, I have to say I feel in quite good hands with them in general. After all how often can you voice your pleasures, dislikes and even ideas and wishes to a brand and be heard.

This now ends the little ode to Cosrx. And as I mentioned last time they don't pay me, or force me to write so lovingly about them. I genuinely like their stuff and have so since the first item of theirs I have tried back in the fall of 2014.

When I first started using this essence I was not wowed at all. I bought it because the ingredients looked promising, giving me the possibility to use this in variety of ways depending on my routine.
I wanted a product to give me a high amount of actives while being super hydrating at the same time. I have had good results with fermented products in the past. They generally are hydrating, soothing and give me lots of glow. Not only is the galactomyces ferment first in this essence ingredients list but due to its high amount of sodium hyaluronate it makes me able to skip a hydrating toner as well.
I would also like to mention it is a waterless, fillerless product which just makes me happy to see.
So I usually use this either as a toner, as an essence or as both and it does all its jobs well no matter which part of the routine I incorporate it in. I bet it would do nicely as a sheet masks too but currently have no sheet mask blanks to test that out.
So now you might be wondering when the wow factor came in since, I was probably aware of the ingredients before testing it. The wow factor actually came when I stopped using the essence completely.
As with all Cosrx products so far this bottle lasts forever and ever. I believe I got it in April and started using it around May. I have been using it on and off since and still have a quarter left. The good thing about it lasting so well is not just that you get a lot for what you pay for but that I am able to test the product really thoroughly.

Some products start being efficient slowly, some make a difference immediately. Some make such subtle differences in your skin condition that it is hard to notice what exactly they do.
So in this case I didn't notice exactly what this essence did to my skin until I stopped using it for about three weeks.
It is hard to describe but this stuff really helps hydrate and gives you a glow. It is subtle but definitely there. If you are using other products that give you glow such as C20/21.5 for example then there is no way you would realize that this essence is also giving you major glow. Since glow doesn't really stack itself to disco ball proportions once you achieved your own max glowiness there is not much more to strive for really.  And since the hydration powers of this magical potion are slow but steady you might not notice how much it is actually helping your skin be all kinds of plump and moist.

Max glow achieved!
 So that fateful day that I stopped using this essence while still using another big hydrator (Hada Labo Lotion) and simply keeping my routine exactly as it was, suddenly my skin went from super to just alright. It took me a little time to notice that of course but was noticeable none the less. My skin was less glowy and less hydrated. One day my complexion was really nice to the point of getting compliments and suddenly it seemed that I had to add more moisturiser or use a sheet masks every other day.
After the not testing period was over I introduced the product again and my skin slowly went back to lovely.
I actually mentioned this strange phenomenon to Sam from Colorcrrush and she had the same experience. 

So here we have this scentless, semi viscous liquid that seems so boring and innocent yet manages to transform skin into happy puppies. Who can say no to that?
It also feels refreshing and soothing when applied to the skin while sinking in super fast without leaving any trace behind. Something that makes it suitable for almost
any skin type of course.

Cosrx Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence review

If you are looking for glow or hydration this is the stuff for you. If you are looking for a big dose of Galactomyces, Niacinamide or Hyaluronic acid this is also the stuff for you. If you always wanted something like the Hada Labo lotion yet more effective or with more anti aging ingredients this stuff is for you.

Ingredients: Here

PH: 5

Another simple, affordable yet highly effective product delivered by Cosrx.
Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

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3 Concept Eyes Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner in #1 Cats review

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3 Concept Eyes Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner in #1 Cats (20gr)
Non-pearlescent matte black

I was very excited when I found this in my Honestskin gift box that I received a few of months ago.
I have heard a lot of good things about 3 Concept Eyes but never actually tried anything from them.
I am not a huge black liner person, but I always have one pencil and one liquid liner in my collection. I might not have that many but the ones I do own need to be of decent quality or they will get chucked out.

Things I want from my black liners are:
They be blacker than my soul
They be easy to apply
They stay put where they belong
Everything else is negotiable till further notice

So lets analyse if this liner qualifies for the steps mentioned above.
The color of the liner is black, not charcoal, anthracite or other dark grey shades that you sometimes get with “black” eyeliners.
The pencil is a gel type liner, with a medium softness. I have tried gel liners that were so soft or so hard the application was quite a pain. This one is neither too hard nor too soft.
It doesn’t tug my skin at all when I apply it and I don’t have to press down hard for the color to be intense.

The tip when opened and the sharpener

When freshly applied it is smudgeable. Not the most smudgeable pencil in the world but decently enough to get a grading done.
The liner stays put when you leave it to dry.
It looks freshly applied if you don’t touch your makeup for about 3-4 hours and looks very good for about 8.
Dried and unsmudged to the left and smudged to the right
Thus it qualifies for me and I have been using this quite a lot recently.
The only downside with this, and any gel liner really, is that it is hard to get a pointy wing when you use it for a vintage eye. The good part is that it looks practically like a liquid liner but with an easier application if it wouldn’t be for the wing. Even though there is a sharpener included at the end of the pencil the liner never gets really pointy to be able to make a good end. That is absolutely fine for me since I use gel liners for a more informal look and liquid ones for a more polished one.

I actually tested the purple one from the newly released colors. I bought it for Mother hoping it would be matte. Unfortunately it isn't. It actually looks very pretty but I am simply not into pearly colors. Thankfully Mother loves it, so it's all good!
I do have my eye on the burgundy one which looks absolutely gorgeous. I hope it is matte as well (If you have it please let me know!).
It will probably mysteriously jump into my cart when doing my next order.

The color is so pretty!

Edit: I have stopped using this liner for 4 months (yeah this review is not the most current) and it dried out somewhat. The liner only drew grey and it was a lot harder to use since it wasn't soft any more. I had to cur off the tip and now it works just like freshly opened again. 

Ingredients: Couldn't find any

All in all I think this is a very decent liner that has a better staying power than many of its cheaper counterparts.
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3CE Eyeliner, It's Skin Babyface Blusher and Color Lips Fit

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