The Face Shop Calendula Eden Moisture Emulsion review

6:17 PM Moi Sanom 0 Comments

I have been searching for a good emulsion for a long time. Well, I should rephrase. I have been searching for an emulsion that is better than my beloved Nature Republic Snail Therapy Emulsion. So far I have failed this mission. I don't know why it is so hard to find a good emulsion since it doesn't seem to hard to make one. It seems to be a basic straight forward type product and not exactly rocket science.
I was sent this emulsion a few months ago and I thought well it seems to be targeted at sensitive skin to soothe and hydrate and it should be a good fit for my then overly itchy and sensitive skin. Unfortunately, it did nothing to help with whatever my skin was going through at that time. But to be honest, basically nothing did help either even though I scoured high and low for something to stop the dry itch I had going on. So if a pharmacy product specifically targeted to sensitive and itchy skin didn't help then I was not sure this emulsion would help either.
The good thing is that it didn't irritate either mine or Johnny's also sensitive skin. Due to the harsh weather though it did also little to moisturize my face. It seemed to be doing better on normal skin though since it just doesn't seem hard core enough for my facial desert.
In the summertime with higher humidity, it did a decent job for me but even though I have no complaints it is just really underwhelming to me.
Ok I lied, one thing I would like to critique is the packaging. The glass bottle has this funky milkiness to it that feels uncomfortable under my fingers and nails and it does not help to get the product flowing too well. It comes out but kind of like out of a ketchup bottle. A pump or a regular squeezable plastic bottle would be more practical even if it would make the product look a little cheaper. 

It has a relatively typical skincare smell that reminds me of baby products. It is a medium consistency that feels watery and absorbs relatively fast. 
As mentioned before during the summer it does ok as an emulsion for my dry face but during the winter it is simply not strong enough. I believe that it would like suit normal skin types the best.

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