Unik Black Snail Restore Serum review

4:52 PM Moi Sanom 0 Comments

It has been quite a while since I have written a review, the reasons for this are several.
I guess having a little demon spawn one has to watch 24/7 is a good one, but the main reason is that I have been having skin issues. So I basically stopped using any new products and kept my routine to the bare minimum. Testing products while having non-product related issues is also hard which is why I haven’t reviewed the things that ended up on my face.
If you have been reading my blog for a while you might know that I have super duper dry skin and that a while ago (much too long to be honest) I also started to have a strong itch which didn’t want to be soothed by anything. I finally managed to go to the derm which told me that I have nothing and that I am allergic to nothing. Obviously, I wasn’t happy with that doctor (how can they know I am allergic to nothing if they only tested 10 substances….) and am waiting for my appointment to see a specialist.
After testing a whole bunch of items targeted at sensitive, reactive, allergic skin, and realizing that none seem to make a difference, I decided to just go back to what had helped me in the past.
So right now I am using a medicated cream, with a toner I bought for the little demon and a snail serum! Snail products are supposed to be healing and soothing so I thought that it might be a good idea to give that a try since it worked well for me in the past, so when Unik offered to send me their snail serum I was happy to accept it.
I have been using it for a little over two weeks now and am pretty happy with the results.

The serum doesn’t really smell like anything which I really appreciate. The consistency reminds me of other snail products since it is see-through and slightly viscous. But it is not slimy like some others can be (not that I mind that at all). It comes in my second favorite type of packaging, which is a dropper bottle. It is easy to apply this way and hygienic to use. 

I use a lot of the product on my face trying to make up for the lack of other steps I have right now and thus I am about half way through the bottle. 
It feels fresh on the skin but not necessarily moisturizing. It is neither watery nor thick but quite in between. It disappears into nothingness on my skin which is nice since I don’t like feeling products on it. 

It all sounds pretty bland but that is exactly what I hoped for. A product that does its job without aggravating my skin more.
It has a small level of hydration to it that I barely notice but when using it my skin is softer and smoother than without. My forehead wrinkles are also less pronounced now than before due to the extra hydration I get from this. 
It doesn’t make the itch worse yet doesn’t sooth it either. Something I didn’t expect this product to do anyway since not even itch soothing targeted medicated lotions do.

I am quite happy with this serum and would love to try their propolis serum as well. Ok, the galactomyces looks great too, what can I say I have had good results with both these ingredients and the products look promising.

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