Black Friday and Cyber Monday Madness

Christmas is coming closer and closer and people are starting to shop shop shop.
So many gifts to buy and so much money to spend.
But today is Black Friday and crazy sales are starting to pop up everywhere, and 35th of May is joining in.
Starting today going through to Cyber Monday Nov. 30 all items will be 50% off in my Etsy store. I will also be offering free shipping to Europe and World Wide free shipping on purchases over 50$!
So go check it out and join the sales frenzy at:


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I was planning to write a blog for a long time, but the thought of having to write that first post just made me avoid this for quite a while.

But who says the first blog post has to be something spectacular?

What about just introducing yourself?

So that’s what I will do!
My name is Moi and I’m currently living in Stockholm.
After a few adventures and travels circumstances have brought me here.  I have to say I am very happy about it, because moving here has enabled me to let my ideas and creativity flow more freely than ever before!

So in this blog I will share some of those ideas and creative shenanigans, as well as writing about the world I live in.

I hope you will enjoy entering the world of 35th of May

New Blog!

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Coming soon!

Until then you can visit me at