We are all mad here!

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Alice in Wonderland is like a little obsession to me. It’s not necessarily the book, or the movies that won me over. But the general feeling that Alice in Wonderland gives me. I love the absurdity of the world she lives in and the wit, or stupidity as some would say, of the characters. Sometime I feel like it’s quite a good analogy of the world we live in, and sometimes I would just love to escape into Wonderland.
Before I continue, I have to mention that I am a big Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter fan …, and that I’m slightly obsessed with Johnny Depp is no secret either.  I think each and every one of them deserves a post of themselves!

So when I found out back in 2008 that Tim Burton was planning a version of Alice I was literally jumping up and down on one leg in a circle for about a week.
I’m serious, I was that happy.
So imagine, inpatient me, knowing for 2 years that there will be a film coming out about one of my favorite stories, from one of my favorite director, starring one of my favorite actors…..
Honestly, it’s been such a long waiting time I can’t believe I'll be watching it this Friday!
Of course I have to mention that I’m slightly neurotic about not knowing anything about movies before I watch them, especially the ones I know I’m going to watch anyways. So escaping the trailer has been a very tough full time job the last two months! I have tried to put both fingers in my ears and humming really loud while burying my face in my jacket, and when that didn’t work I just started running out real fast of the cinemas with closed ears and eyes. So far I have succeeded and have only seen the humongous billboards hanging everywhere, but I can live with that.
So to share my excitement and happiness about the upcoming Alice in Wonderland film I’m having an Unbirthday sale in my Etsy and Dawanda stores right now. So for more info on that go on over and check it out…

Lewis Carroll's "The Mouse's Tail"

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We lived beneath the mat
Warm and snug and fat
But one woe, & that
Was the cat!
To our joys
a clog, In
our eyes a
fog, On our
hearts a log
Was the dog!
When the
cat's away,
the mice
But, alas!
one day, (So they say)
Came the dog and
cat, Hunting
for a
the mice
all flat;


m r a W
g u n s &
t a f &
T h i n k?
o f t h a t!


Tropical vacation, Swedens weather, a sick friend and a sneak peak on 35th of May...

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I’m currently living in Sweden, and due to the peculiar weather conditions of Stockholm, it is almost impossible for me to take pictures.

For my humble photographic equipment, a normal digital camera, it is essential to have natural sunlight for the picture to be at least useable. To time the very few hours of sunlight with my hard working boyfriend is almost an impossible task, meaning that I’m always notoriously lacking behind with photos for my Esty and Dawanda stores.

Now I am on a wonderful long vacation in the Caribbean, so I had to take advantage of my friend and the sun to take as many work related pictures as possible.

Here is a sneak peak of the pictures that we took, thanks Laura ;).

If you would like to see more you can check out the 35th of May Facebook fanpage.

Music & Countries

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People say that mankind differs in many ways. Music is definitely one of those things.
But before I even get started I have to get a load of my chest. Something that’s been so confusing and illogical to me since the first time I saw it with my own eyes. What is the thought behind this phenomenon? Who actually sat down and came up with this? What’s the purpose?
What I’m talking about is River dancing and the music that comes with it! I’m convinced it’s some kind of a sect, sending signals through stiff but limber movements to their three-headed leader, sitting on a rock in distant galaxies because that shit is out of this world!

I love how different music culture is in the world though. It can really be like night and day. Take Sweden and their musical tradition “Allsång på Skansen” where all of Sweden join forces, either live on the set or on the TV set and sing along to what probably sounds like children’s songs to the rest of the world, fully dressed in traditional Swedish garment. This is what they do once a week the whole summer! Even though it looks kind of odd at times, it’s all-good because it brings the people together.

Now take the carnival in Brazil. Also traditional, but less garments!
It’s cool to think about the role of the drum in old Africa. Imagine being woken up at 4 in the morning by the beating of a heavy drum. The people on the other side understand it’s time to stand guard and prepare for battle. The warriors joining in with more drums to up the adrenaline. All you see is lit torches and vast movements, it’s war...

Music also acts as a diplomatic ambassador a couple of times a year in different competitions like Eurovision for example. And even though it usually displays corrupt neighbor countries, trading votes and very often bizarre displays of modernized traditional music, it’s all-good. Entertainment on a whole other level!
I wish I could develop my own country. I wonder how the music culture in Algoland would evolve since my inspirations are from all corners of the world. It would be an interesting experiment...
Until next Monday, go to a traditional party from a country you’re not really familiar with and see, you just might like it!

Which movie am I gonna watch tonight?

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(500) Days of Summer
Directed by Marc Webb
Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel
This is my kind of Love film! In fact I have watched it twice already...
First I thought it was like a dramedy version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy meets A Series of Unfortunate Events, both great books and movies! Later it became quirky cute and sometimes a little cheesy with a good dose of pseudo realism.
The story is corny enough to satisfy your romantic and girly needs but has enough of authenticity added to it that you don’t get a too messed up view of reality for love and life.
I have been paying attention to both Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel recent movies and so far I think they have been doing great role choices. I am looking forward for some more!
And who knows maybe there will be 500 days of Autumn…

Visual Love

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To warm up for the upcoming Valentines day I wanted to share with you some of my favorite visual love from Flickr and Devianart.

by NaBHaN

Music & Love

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The passion that music brings out is a rare sight. People really go all out and do anything, simply for the love of music. With Valentines Day coming up I’m going to dedicate this episode to the love that we share for this thing we call music...

I could write a whole book about things I love about my girlfriend. But every time I think back to that day I met her, the love we shared for music really played an important role. Anybody that’s an aspiring musician knows the great satisfaction that only music can give you. Now, combining that love with the love for another person is a symbiosis of another kind! It doesn’t even have to be your significant other. It could be your best friend, a sibling or even a parent! Share the love...

Love could really be seen as the only true magic. It creates unique and almost unreal emotions that literally put people in spells that can only be broken by time. And what’s the creator of time and space? Well, what religious people refer to as God; The creator of all things through love!

Did you ever hear anybody say that they finally understand all those love songs after their first crush? Music has really established itself as the main ambassador of love. Tell me one musician that never touched on the subject. It would be a hard task. Music really acts many parts when it comes to love and relationships. The first song you heard with your partner becomes a reviver of your original feelings. In brake-ups you obviously have your songs by the hart broken. But it also acts as the creator of good feelings in general. Woodstock would have to be the perfect example of this. The songs came in all shapes and forms but at the end of the night, they all radiated the power of loving one another. Going against the main enemy, war!

The subject is actually too big to touch. I could without a doubt go on for days, but don’t worry, I won’t! Instead I’m going to let the vibe loose for anybody to grab a hold of and hopefully sharing it with the rest of us.
So until next Monday, find the love for yourself because it all starts with us...
Much appreciation to you & yours, peace!

Music & Colours

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I was talking to an 11 year old boy at a friend’s house today while he was painting a picture of a guitar. He told me that he wanted a guitar that looked just like that one for his birthday, as he painted the guitar in every single color he had. One would think that it would look somewhat chaotic but to my surprise it looked very harmonic.
by sepirgo
It made me think about how different art forms sometimes collaborate really well, in this case painting and music. It inspired me to do an arts experiment.
Write a children’s poem/song in his honor about music & colors, combining three art forms at once.
Here goes...
by misxo
If colors would be a song it would be a beautiful one
But like a true masterpiece, it would never feel completely done
First verse would feel dark, like a gloomy autumn day
The tunes would flow like a brown pallet fading into the gray
They would say, the winter will come with no delay
And as the orange sun sets, the white snow falls and the children starts to play
It would glitter in angles, like small silver dots
But the mystery of time will soon act a melting pot
The rain would come pouring in time for the chorus
But through the sunshine you’ll see the rainbow adore us
The red
The yellow
The green
The blue
The sunshine through the rain make the colors shine for us
Second verse would start bright, spring brings that light color
A hopeful season were green dominates other
They would say, the summer is soon here my brother
And as the orange sun rise it brings with it perfect weather
Life would feel golden as the skin turns brown
But the mystery of time makes the sun go down
Until next Monday, remember the kid in you and don't take life too serious too often.