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Johnny Clyde reviews: Holika Holika UV Wonder Shield Leports Sun SPF 50 PA +++

Holika Holika UV Wonder Shield Leports Sun SPF 50 PA +++ (50ml)
Strong to Water & Sweat for Outdoor
NO stickiness and no shining by sebum control effect
Special product for outdoor and waterpart with SPF50+ PA+++ strong UV protection effect and 4-Proof effect (Water, sweat, sebum, and sand proof)
Camelloa flower extract and organic lavender water relax
Holika Holika! Sunscreen for your skin! It smells like the beach. 
Well it smells like people at the beach, I suppose. Although I've never actually gone around the beach smelling people. I think that sometimes you just imagine how things smell, so for me Holika Holika sunscreen smells like cartoon beach bodies. 
With a hint of lizard blood. 

Smells like this guy
So this stuff feels like glue, minus the sticky bits. 
Which makes it not really glue-like at all. If you can imagine a non sticky elmers glue though, that's it exactly. If you can't imagine that, then I guess it feels like the chunky bits of old milk. 
I think maybe now you'll try a bit harder to imagine non sticky glue, hmm? 
If you've got facial hair (like me) or eyebrows (also like me) prepare for the white cast!
You'll look like
*the shining spoiler*
frozen Jack at the end of The Shining.

Except probably warmer since you are trying to protect yourself from sun rays. 
Todays review is brought to you by multiple contradictions.
1. Blegh!
I rate this a oneeeee, but mostly because I don't really like sun screen to begin with. I don't really have anything against sunscreen though, just never really got along. Like, I guess it's sort of judgy but whatever. 

Sunscreen sucks, thanks for the much needed protection though. 
Yours truly, Johnny Clyde

Mois thoughts:
I was looking for a cheap sunscreen for Johnny a long while back. 
My HG sunscreen is teeny tiny and not super cheap so I was looking for a convenient alternative. 
I didn't find many Korean sunscreen reviews at the time so I just went for a random one. 
Well, it didn't work out too fantastically. Honestly I hate this sunscreen and gave up using it even for my body. 
As Johnny mentioned, this smells extremely sunscreeny. Not something that bothers me at all, by the way. For me, the issue is that it performs exactly like sunscreen. It is on the same level as average European sunscreens, so no where near as bad as Coppertone and such.  
It is very thick without ever sinking into your skin. It just stays on top lingering for hours leaving an annoying greasy film. When I questioned Johnny about what he meant with glue on your face, he elaborated that it was what the film this sunscreen leaves on his face reminded him off. 
To me it isn't like glue but old fashion sunscreen. I guess I am less creative than him.
On top of that gross feeling, this cream also has a white cast. 
Very noticeably so. 
On me it just gives me the ghosty look ( not the kind I am usually going for).

Thick consistency cream to the left. On the right pic, the white cast is visible on the right side

On someone with facial hair it creates unsightly white patches. 
Not a good look. 
Honestly I have nothing good to say about this sunscreen besides that it protects and isn't as awful as some others I have tried. I definitely don't recommend this. 
There is many others that are much much better, such as my favorite Biore Watery Mousse or even other Korean ones.
I am happy this bottle is finally empty and I don't have to see it floating around any more.

Just a quick side note. I also own the spray from this line which is actually quite lovely. 
Now you might wonder why I would buy a spray from the same line of this hated sunscreen? 
It was the highest rated cheap sun spray on Get it Beauty and since no reviews were around I blindly trusted their judgement. Review coming soon...

Ingredients: Here
PH: 7 (really, why though?)

I agree with Johnny Clyde on this one. If I wouldn't hate throwing things out I would have chucked this one real quick. Thanks Johnny for putting up with using this for so long!
Rating:  1.Blegh 2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

 Available at Testerkorea

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Face Shop Real Nature Sheet Mask in Blueberry and Rice review

The Face Shop Real Nature Sheet Mask in Blueberry and Rice (23ml)
Blueberry: Anti-aging
-Contains blueberry extract to help regain skin suppleness & prevents skin oxidation  

Rice: Brightening
-A mask sheet that has rice extract keeps the skin spot-free and bright.

The Face Shop Real Nature Sheet Mask in Blueberry

When I received this Honestskin care package I was sent in December I immediately used the rice sheet mask that was contained in the box.
My skin has been going up and down this Winter, partly being nice and moist, and partly being dehydrated with spots.
Let me tell you, my skin has been going nuts and the biggest difference was indeed my routine.
So at the time this arrived, I was using some mediocre products that were not working so great for my skin, and it was not just dehydrated but also itchy.

The Face Shop Real Nature Sheet Mask in rice

The moistness of the sheet mask was very welcome, and even though it did not produce any miracles, I thought it was quite nice.
Since both of these masks are pretty similar, I thought I would do a little bit of a comparison review.
They both were chock full of essence.
The sheet mask was moist but not dripping wet, the juice inside the package was substantial though.
I used it another four times as my toner, simply by adding some to my palm and patting it on my face and neck.
The sheets were soft but a little big for my tiny face.
Not something that bothered me but it wasn’t the cutest look.

The Face Shop Real Nature Sheet Mask in Blueberry face
My face looked so weird with the huge mask on. I removed some of the nose flaps since they tickled while breathing
The rice masks essence was transparent and smelled sweet and starchy.
The blueberry masks essence was milky and the scent was sweet and fruity, but not very blueberryish.
They both left my skin hydrated and plump without any sticky feeling.
After using these, my fine lines were visibly reduced and my skin looked very healthy.
I left them on my skin for about 25 minutes when I felt that the sheet was barely wet any more.
I thought they were both very similar in terms of  results.
It felt like the blueberry one reduced some redness I currently have a bit more than the rice one.

The Face Shop Real Nature Sheet Mask in Blueberry before and after
Red spotty dork face before, and bright soft dork face after
These are nice masks that definitely serve their purpose of hydration, plumping and glow.
I think they work wonderfully for their price and are a great addition to anyones mask collection.

Ingredients: Rice, Blueberry
PH: 4.5

Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

Available at Honestskin

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes. That fact does not alter my review or opinion in any matter For more information read my Disclaimer page. 

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Woeful Windsdays

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Most Overhyped Asian Cosmetics

If you spend some time reading beauty blogs, magazines, forums or following bloggers on social media, you might have noticed that there is certain products everyone loves. I always wondered if those products were so loved by everyone because they are truly good or because humans have an innate herd mentality. Think of it as a kind of cosmetic placebo. It is already hard to figure out if skincare is actually effective or if it is our minds trying to make us believe that it is. I admit I have really really hoped in the past a beautifully packaged or expensive product would work wonders on my skin. I also believe that the ability to compare is very important. Why do people love Touche Éclat so much, because it is amazing or because it was the first highlighter of its kind and there were no others to compare too? I honestly wouldn't have thought that American drugstore products were overpriced and below average quality if I wouldn't have been used to a much cheaper and often better German alternative. Even when it comes to Asian cosmetics my standards have changed quite a lot. When I started using them a few years back, it was hard for a product to disappoint me, now after having tried a large variety of Asian cosmetics, I am more picky and have higher standards.
After all, why use something mediocre if there is excellent products available!

Before I blogged I was an avid reader of anything beauty related, I followed the hype trains with fascination and wonder, dreaming about one day trying all those interesting and amazing sounding products. Now, as a blogger, I almost feel obligated to try some of those items everyone is raving about. After all, if it is amazing I need to share it with the world and gush about it with my fellow hypees. Unfortunately, as usual, I am not part of that fun sounding club. I am sitting in a corner alone, or with a few confused others, wondering why I can' be part of the hype train too. Maybe it is because I am a very critical person, or because my skin is inherently strange. Either way, I have decided, after so many failures and disappointments, to not buy tickets for the hype train any more. I am happy to ride for free but I have no money to spare just to find out that Bioderma is not a miracle makeup remover after all! Here is a little list of some products that I find a little bit of a waste of money, and hopefully this saves you some moolah by experimenting with other not yet discovered wonders instead.

There was a lot of hype about Benton products in 2014.
There was also a lot of controversy.
If you are interested in reading about the good and the bad of Benton and how it partially destroyed my face read here.
If we ignore the fact that some products were contaminated we are still left with overhyped products. The Essence is quite lovely to be honest, but most of my friends who have used it (and loved it) have moved on to better more effective products. The cream on the other hand is a product, that to me, the hype is absolutely baffling. The cream is super thick yet not hydrating at all making it suitable for normal skin only. It is only usable as an occlusive and there are cheaper products to do exactly that.
If you want to use skincare that contains snail mucin and actually moisturise your face try Nature Republics Snail Therapy or Misshas Snail Cream instead.

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshener
I wonder if this toner is so popular because it claims to do 7 things in one (or 10 depending on your version). To me, this is a lot harsher than most Asian toners (which makes them so nice in the first place) more like a western toner. An astringent some might call it.
Honestly though it does nothing it claims to, and for me that is a deal breaker.
Try Cosrx BHA/AHA Clarifying toner that actually reduces the appearance of pores and acts as an anti-inflammatory too.

Etude House Moistfull Collagen line
When I started using Asian skincare everyone seemed to really like this line. I ordered a sample kit right away and was quite happy I didn’t go for the full size since the ultra hydrating action it is supposed to give skin is non existent. This line really only works for normal skin types, but once again almost everything works for normal skin. It isn’t hydrating enough for dry skin and too rich for oily or combo skin. The anti aging benefits are also bogus since applying collagen to your face will actually not improve the collagen content in your skin, no matter how many times Etude House is trying to convince you.
If you liked the old line or want to try it out anyway, try the new super collagen products. They feel better texture wise and hydrate more effectively, even though they aren’t the best creams out there either. If you want to actually increase the collagen production in your skin try a Vit C serum.
As far as a lightweight moisturising line goes, you can give The Face Shops Chia seed line or Innisfrees Green Tea line  a try. They are customizable to your skin type and quite hydrating.

Holika Holika Magic Pole mascara
When Givenchy released their ball wand mascara I was very underwhelmed.
It was already incredibly average and this is a dupe that isn’t any better.
The wand is awkward to use and the results are practically non existent. It doesn't curl, lengthen or give volume, it works great for people that already have good lashes but that just need some color and definition.
Try Etude House Doll Doll Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara or Kiss Me Heroine Mascara Volume and Curl instead.

Skinfood Rice Mask Wash Off
Some people tout this as the best exfoliator for sensitive skin.
Well actually, it might be the best exfoliator at doing nothing much at all.
I received this as a sample a while ago, naive me was so excited to finally find something to scrub my sensitive dry face, which is said to also give tons of moisture.
Well it did neither.
The rice is not scrubby enough to exfoliate, and the mask doesn’t hydrate much at all. Besides that it was quite a messy application and I did not enjoy the experience. Try this Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Polish for actual scrubby bits that are enveloped in oils to not dry out your skin.

Peeling Gels
Well this is not really about a specific product but a whole range of them. To be honest they vary in effectiveness from none at all to not that bad, but is it worth it? The companies would like you to believe that the product reacts with your skin and all you do is rub off bits of dead skin.
As appealing as that sounds it is simply untrue.
The product does indeed react with your skin, but not in the way you would like. The creams will turn into little balls on contact with the oils of your skin. That can create some bits that can indeed mildly exfoliate your face. As a freak of nature without any noticeable sebum this nifty trick hardly ever works for me so I give them a pass. The better ones in this category can indeed be useful for a pre makeup exfoliation to get rid of some scales without giving you any redness. If you really need your peeling gel fix, try Misshas Super Aqua Peeling Gel, since it is the best one I have found.

Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint
I apologize to Mother for using her as my personal guinea pig at times. She wanted a natural tint so I thought I would get her the very popular milky tint. Mmmhhh, that was a mistake, and I am surprised how long Mother stuck with it in the first place.
The color looked nothing like the promo pics or swatches online. It is the color of Pepto Bismol and not in a good way. Application is very average, the color is not very layerable and the durability is very mehh. If you are looking for a nice milky tint try Periperas instead.

Long lasting Lipsticks
Oh my, I have a beef with long lasting lipsticks!
Why do I hate them?
Well, they are dry, look strange and often don’t even last that long and if they do they usually make your lips look weird.
I admit that I haven’t tried any of Clios famous Lipnicures. I doubt that they will convert me (since “cult” lipsticks like the Velvetines didn’t either) but the ones I have tried were just not good.
If you want long lasting colors on your lips, try some Tonymoly tints. They are the bees knees and so versatile! My favorites are the Cats Wink line and the Lover Live Kiss ones.

Etude House Baby Choux Base
Ok I won’t lie, when I saw the Baby Chouxs for the first time I was both intrigued and delighted. Unfortunately I never got to try the first version but I have the one in the tube and in the cushion.
I would like to talk about the tube one here, since the cushion is a completely different product (better but it has similar flaws). I am not sure how hyped up these primers really are but for some reason people keep asking about them, so I thought I would give it to you straight.
If you want a color correcting primer, get the one from The Face shop, it is super similar for half the price.
Now the reason why I am not a fan, they are not suitable for daily life usage and don’t do what they promise. They don’t really cover or hide pores, they don’t blur or reduce sebum and lengthen the life of foundation by very little.
What they do and do well is whiten. To a degree that looks less than natural. Thus they are great for costume make up! The green one giving you the most deathly paleness. Even the peach shade which is suppose to be for “darker” skin is too lightening to look decent on anyone that doesn’t already have pale skin from the beginning. Besides their very fake appearance the product is also unsuitable for dry or scaly skin. It accentuates every flaw instead of hiding it and just makes you look masky and weird. I actually like the Face Shops Lovely Me:ex base better since the thinner texture makes them look more natural. If you want a primer that doesn’t make you look recently deceased, try the Skin Conditioning Cream by Etude House instead.

What are the most overhyped products in your opinion? Is there any that you have tried and thought all the kerfuffle surrounding them was worth it?