Saturday, July 26, 2014

Which movie am I gonna watch tonight?

directed by Jon S. Baird
starring: James McAvoy, Jamie Bell, Eddie Marsan, Imogen Poots, Jim Broadbent

I saw posters of this film hanging everywhere here this summer.
It reminded me of the poster for Delicatessen and looked generally quite interesting.

I finally got around to see this film, and even though I knew nothing about it I was still quite surprised at what it was actually about.

It is a very weird film, in a way that anything could happen without much of a shock.
It doesn't follow any rules and that makes for an interesting and unexpected result.
You can definitely tell that this film is a European production, since they tend to be a little looser in the way they write stories.
Somehow they managed to makes this a humorous but also a quite dark movie.
It actually deals with quite a bit of moral issues in a light yet also serious way.

If you like strange films or are a fan of John Waters, not that this film is like a John Waters film but it definitely had elements, I would definitely recommend this!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Heng Fang Balm Lipstick in #2 Burgundy red review aka How I found THE Burgundy Lipstick

Heng Fang Balm Lipstick in #2 Burgundy red

Heng Fang Balm Lipstick
Very inconspicuous in its tube
I decided to try this lipstick on a whim, I have quite a few Burgundy Lipsticks already but I haven't found the one that has that perfect shade of deep bloody red yet.

I always wanted a product that I just put on my face and suddenly I feel better and more confident! Usually when I am testing out new make up products I use them on my face and then the rest of my face looks so bare and naked!
Does this magic product even exist?
The one that you put on and it makes your face more clothed instead of more naked?

Heng Fang Balm Lipstick

I do believe I found it!
When I was testing this lipstick at home I had crazy wild uncombed hair, I was really hot since there is some kind of heat wave happening here, and I felt generally gross just like one does in a summers day.
So I put this lipstick on with little expectations, the color looked good swatched but it isn't really a shade that wowed me on my hands.

Heng Fang Balm Lipstick

I asked Johnny Clyde to take photos of the application stages, they are close ups of my lips only.
When I saw them on the camera screen I gasped, why does it look so pretty?
Was it suddenly perfect lighting in the room, or was the shade of red simply gorgeous?
I brushed it of as a mere mirage!
I went along with my day, lounging and trying not do die from heat stroke, but every time I caught my reflection I actually didn't look as gross as I felt, I looked decent and sort of like I just popped out of a vintage film 
This is how a Lipstick should make you feel!
I decided to document this newly found lipstick confidence feeling that I heard so many people talk about and took a photo with a crappy web cam.
I still don't know how this Lipstick made me feel like such a princess?
But it did!
Johnny Clyde commented on how pretty the Lipstick looks too, and he never says anything even if I get dolled up!
He prefers me without make up and getting a compliment on make up from him is a pretty rare occurrence.

Web cam picture
The Lipstick smells like nothing at all and it is really easy to apply, you can dab it, use a brush or just layer it straight from the bullet.
I actually happen to have the perfect Lip liner for this.
Estee Lauders Lip liner in Wine is a match made in heaven!
It does apply quite patchy, so keep that in mind since the Lipstick looks a little uneven on the Lip liner photo, but it is a really long lasting Liner so I don't care about that.

Heng Fang Balm Lipstick

The Lipstick applies smoothly and evenly, it is very soft and quite hydrating.
I actually tolerate this on my lips for a few hours before begging for a lip balm!
It leaves a very nice berry stain behind, which makes the fading process quite even.
It lasts between 3-5 hours depending on what you are doing during that time of course.

Heng Fang Balm Lipstick
These are applied out of the Bullet and without lip liner
All in all I think this is not just a gorgeous color but also a really nice quality lipstick.
I am actually a little bit of a lipstick snob.
Not that I don’t use cheap ones (Barry M is the bomb!), but after having used really expensive lipsticks I have quite a lot of expectations that often don’t get matched, not even by high end lipsticks.
I am looking at you Chanel!

Wearing Welcos Zombie CC Cream, Heng Fang Lipstick and Landbis eyeliner (review coming soon)
Ingredients: I couldn't find any

Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha
I give this a 5, it is such a beautiful shade and a must buy for anyone who loves Burgundy lip products. And if you have never used a Burgundy lipstick before this is the perfect product to experiment with since the price is so good!

I will hold a giveaway very soon where you can win this product so keep an eye out!

If you are interested in trying some of their products or this Lipstick in particular, you can use the link on the side bar or this discount code to save 10% on your purchase.

Available at Bornprettystore

Disclaimer: This product was send to me by Bornprettystore. This does not alter my opinions and I will continue to review with all honesty. I receive no compensation for the reviews. For more information read my Disclaimer page.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Johnny Clyde reviews: Tonymoly Panda's Dream Eye Patch aka A Scientific experiment on dark circles

Tonymoly Panda's Dream Eye Patch (7ml) 
Whitening functional formula for Your Undereyes
 - Improves dark circles
- The most suitable for eye skin
- Strong adherence black sheet
- It makes the eye area brighter after use
Main ingredients
- Niacinamide
- Bamboo sap
- Bamboo shoot
- Parabens, talc, benzophenone, silicone, tar dye FREE

Tonymoly Panda's Dream Eye Patch
It sure is adorable but does it work?
Today I'll be reviewing the panda pirate eye patch.
So I for one love my dark eye circles and would feel naked without them.
But Moi insisted this is for science or whatever so we experimented to see if it would decrease my lovelies at all.
My little eye circles fought hard and beat the crap out of the pirate panda patches!

*suffering ensues*
They barely did anything, and I'm not even sure if they even actually did do anything.
There looks like there's a bit of brightening but maybe I was just in a good mood or something.
The panda pirate patch itself felt like an absolute nightmare!
I've got this problem where if anything slightly moist touches my eyes I can't breath and feel like I'm drowning.
So that was a hellish couple of minutes trying to remind myself I am not actually dying and I just have to open my airways.
I'd tell you all what it smelled like but seeing as it was just constant drowning panic I didn't really think to just stop and sniff it.
So I don't know, probably smelt like cheap death.

I would recommend this to my enemies probably, but they wouldn't understand why it's a bad thing because I don't think other people drown with moist eyes.
Also if you've got dark eye circles, don't fight it.
Creeps like me think they're amazing so you'll always have that!

Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

Tonymoly Panda's Dream Eye Patch
This is what I call a pirate competition, I recon I win Yarrrr!
Mois thought:
I read about a lot of people wondering how they can get rid of their under eye circles so I thought I’ll do a little bit of an experiment to see if eye patches work.
I got this cutie from a friend.
It arrived very conveniently a few days after I decided to make this review, almost like she read my mind!
I wanted to see if these eye patches reduced fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and eye bags.
I never had dark eye circles until I got very ill for a whole year and they never went away since.
Also I never had fine lines or wrinkles, but then I had a bout of eye eczema which lasted 6 months. Finally my eye area healed completely about 7 months ago, but now I am left with one deep line underneath each eye.
I can only assume it is from the skin getting destroyed or something like that.
To test these patches properly I thought I would use one on my sleep deprived eyes and the other one on Johnny Clydes naturally dark eye area.

The patches are moist and cool, they smell fresh and like nothing specific.
There is a plastic layer on each patch which you take off before applying them to your eyes.
They stick well on your skin and you can definitely move around with them on.
There is a little flap so you can open them up but we left them closed.
I didn't really like wearing them, but I do hate moistness on my skin and thus am not a big fan of sheet masks either.

Tonymoly Panda's Dream Eye Patch
Pretending to be relaxed...
Since I have had on and off eczema around my eyes all my life I am wary what I put on there, but this patch was quite gentle!
It didn't sting when the product entered my eye by accident and there seemed to be no irritation at all.

Unfortunately it didn't really do much.
It definitely moisturized the area but got neither rid of that pesky line nor of our dark circles.
None of us had puffy eyes but for some reason my eye looks puffier in the after photo.

As you can see my right eye looks puffier but not really lighter then before
I think that this patch won’t lighten your eye area with a one time use, of course I cant say anything about regular uses.
It looks like Johnny Clydes area is lightened, maybe a teeny tiny bit, but it is mostly light reflection from the moisture that the camera picked up.
In real life there was no difference between both eyes.

Ingredients: Here
PH: 5

I think these patches are fine for moisture but wouldn't recommend them for anything else.
Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

Available at Beautynetkorea
Available on Ebay


Monday, July 21, 2014

Which movie are you gonna watch tonight?
The Hunger
directed by Tony Scott
starring: Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie, and Susan Sarandon

Well who can resist David bowie?
I do confess he was the first crush I've ever had as a little youngling watching Labyrinth.
Yeah Jareth the Goblin King was my ideal future husband!

Yep, that guy!
But besides my huge childhood crush on Mr Bowie, this is really an awesome film.
It is a classic that should be watched.
A great spin on the vampire genre and immortality.
It is deliciously dark and calm but also wonderfully creepy.

How is her eye make-up so perfect in the shower? Vampire magic perhaps???
Even if you aren’t a fan of vampire films you might be pleasantly surprised.
Not as good as Only Lovers Left alive (reviewed here) but definitely a film that should be on every ones watch list!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Memebox Oriental Medicine Box Revealed and reviewed

Last week I reviewed the Milk Box (see here), the same day I received the oriental medicine box as well.
That was a good day in my house, also known as Korean skin care galore day!
Now you might think that I have gotten a little Memebox crazy and that I buy all of their boxes, but actually no.

Until this Box becomes available I will happily rejoice with my Memebox arrivals
I would like to buy them all, but I do still have a little bit of self restrain left in my body to only get the ones I really really want.
The Oriental medicine box was one of them.
I have been very curious about both fermented skin care and also products based on principles of Oriental medicine.
So this box came at a perfect time, not to mention there was also a killer coupon available that enabled me to indulge in this box for half the price!

I peeks them goodies!
To be honest I don’t know much about Oriental medicine.
I have had some Chi massages, acupuncture and a few herb brews, but that does not qualify me to judge these products on their “medicinal” side.
I do know a thing or two about skin care though.
Besides I feel like the words pharmaceutical and medicinal in skin care mean little.
But still, who knows what gems are within the walls of this mystery box?

I will review all of these goodies by themselves of course, but for now I will just give you my first impression.

Memebox information card
The hand cream is very nice, the consistency is smooth and not too thick.
It is still quite moisturizing and makes my hands soft.
The smell is very nice soft and creamy with a touch of sweetness.
I applied it to a bit of Johnny Clydes hand eczema too see if it does any magic.

Everything in all its glory
The serum is watery and rich.
It smells like a mix of vintage skin care and herb shop.
I can imagine many people won’t like this smell since vintage skin care fragrances are very out of fashion.
I like it though since it smells almost like a shower gel my grandma used when I was a little kid.
The smell isn't very strong and it disappears fast.
When I apply it to my hands or wrists the smell turns really lovely on me, since my skin has magic powers that turn vintage and weird scents into very sweet and nice smells but it turns already nice and sweet fragrances into whiffs of poop.
I know I have troubles using perfume, so I don’t use any!

I haven't tried the sheet masks yet, but they look oh so pretty!
Both are for dry skin, huzzah, one is brightening and the other one is moisturizing.

The CC Cream has very high sun protection, double huzzah, and is a mix of fermented ingredients and oriental medicine.
I haven’t opened it yet, but hopefully will review it soon.

Milk Box and Oriental Medicine Box
I think I might be looking forward the most to trying the little deluxe set of oil and essence.
I have been recently using a facial oil my friend sent me and it may or may not be a miracle product, so I am keen on trying more oils.

So all in all this is a pretty sweet box!
I can and want to use every single item, and there is a good mix of masks, deluxe samples and full sized products.

Is there anything you would like me to review first?
Have you gotten any boxes yet, if so which ones?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mother Reviews: Etude House Super Collagen CC Cream in W13 and Comparison

Etude House Super Collagen CC Cream in W13 SPF33/PA++ (50ml)

This color controlling cream contained with magic color capsules modifies and adjusts to your natural skin tone on contact, creating a vibrant and healthy looking complexion.
cc cream with rich essence for a more moisturized and firm skin with 30% of super collagen.  
3 in 1 smart all in one cream - whitening - sun protection SPF33 PA++ - anti wrinkle

How to use:
After using skin toner on moisturizer stage,
apply proper amount of this cream (about 1 pumping amount) evenly on your face from wide area to narrow area.

So here is how this goes down.
I have been Mothers skin care dealer before (when I was working as a Skin care consultant to be precise), but when I moved away I sort of stopped hooking her up.
Last year Mother complained about her supply running out, so I decided to introduce her to the wonderful world of Asian Skin care.
She has been using Asian skin care since Summer of 2013, some products were failures but most of them successes!
One of the products scoring big in her routine was Bentons Snail Essence, Steam cream (written about here) and this CC Cream.

So this is a collaboration review between Mother and I.
She let me try out her CC Cream to review and now she is letting me relay her words and opinions to you.
Thanks Mother!

Mother hates using Sunscreen (until now Muahahah!) so I thought I would introduce her to CC Creams in an attempt for her to protect her skin from the Sun, especially since she lives in a place that has sunshine 355 days out of the year.

If this would be a thing, Mother would be the first to try!
She has tried Etude House Silky CC cream, which was too light, and Holika Holika CC Base, which was also too light even though it is colorless (she probably didn’t like the Brightening effect of it).

She isn't into the pale skin look too much!
Then Etude House released the Super Collagen CC Cream which I got to test and I really loved it, especially the fact that the light shade suited my skin tone and the darker shade looked quite a bit darker than the one I had.
W13 on the left; N02 on the right
So off I went and got her the darker shade.
The day came that I had to meet mother in France, and nervous me started sweating when I gave her the CC Cream for her to scrutinize the color.

Mother thoughts:

My CC Cream experience

1, 2, 3……similar to dating a man.

Initially you like him, and after getting to know him better you find some things that do not suit you and at the end you realize your life was better without him. But if you keep trying you might find the one for you!

1: Etude House Silky CC Cream felt great.
It gave me very even skin and I was surprised by how much it corrected.
I also really liked the matte finish since I have combo skin.
But I decided to find a different CC Cream since I felt that the shade was lighter than my natural skin color which is already quite white.
When the cream was nearly finished winter was almost over and I knew my skin was going to become darker with coming spring and the CC Cream would be even paler.

2: Holika Holika CC Base felt good but it didn’t have as much coverage as the Silky CC Cream.
After some hours it started to make my face oily, even though I felt I looked less pale with this one it was still too light for my taste.

3:Etude House Super Collagen CC Cream is a little bit of a mix of number 1 and 2.
It feels good and it does correct the skin tone, not as much as number 1 though.
The skin does feel very nourished and the color seems to be the best option for my skin tone.
It isn’t as matte as the Silky CC Cream but not as shiny as Holika Holikas CC Base.

The texture is quite liquid but since it is so rich you still need to make sure it is well applied to your skin for it to be even.
Once you rubbed it in though it is not noticeable on the face anymore.
I don’t notice a particular smell to it, it is pretty neutral to me.
It doesn't start fading for at least 8 hours if I don’t sweat.
I would recommend this to anyone who would like a more even skin tone but without wanting to use foundation, no matter what age.

Mother wearing the Super Collagen CC Cream, Etude House Mini Lip tint and Brown Eye pencil

Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

Mois thoughts:
I still really love this CC Cream!
I have used my own quite a few times now and not only does it feel great on my face but I also get compliments for having nice skin.
And for looking like I am not wearing Make-up, which is even better!

N02 on the left; W13 on the right
It is really hydrating and usually doesn’t accentuate dry spots, by usually I mean it doesn’t accentuate normal dry spots, but if you have hardcore scaly desert dry skin then it might accentuate it a little.
With me it depends on my skins mood, the first time I reviewed it my skin wasn’t in great condition but it accentuated very very little (seen here), when I tested Mothers CC Cream my skin was in quite a bad state since the products I took with me were not really working for me and I didn’t exfoliate the whole week, either.
So you can see it is quite scaly in these pictures.

You can see the Benton break out leftovers on the right side of my face
But if you would just stand in front of me you would not be able to tell.
Remember my camera is evil and picks up anything you could not see with your eyes!

The color adaptation abilities of this are quite wonderful!
I tanned a little while in France so shade N02 was a little light but W13 was still a little dark, but in the photos (or real life for that matter) the difference of the shades were not noticeable.
If you have normal or dry skin I think this CC Cream will be a godsend to you!
It is super hydrating and the coverage powers are really decent.
It looks very natural and the color does somewhat adapt to your own skin tone.

Complete look with Etude House Shiny Lip tint and Cookie Blusher

Ph: 5

Ingredients: Here

Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha 

Purchased at Roseroseshop (sold out)
Available at Beautynetkorea
Available on Ebay

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Woeful Windsday

by Christine McConnell

“Cookie monsters” made with waffle cone cookies layered with whipped cream, chocolate custard, and ground-up chocolate cake. The strawberries are decorated with melting chocolate and the tentacles are made of a frosting/fondant hybrid that McConnell said tastes like a Tootsie Roll.