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About Sponsorships, Affiliated links and Press samples

I believe there is a certain level of trust a Beauty Blogger should have with their readers and I take that trust very seriously.
I believe in complete transparency and honesty!
My opinions are only my own, and 100% forthright.

Products will be investigated and tested thoroughly before being reviewed.
I am not paid by any companies to make favorable reviews, if a product was sent to me by a company it will be marked as a press sample.
Press samples will be subjected to the same methods than products purchased for my own use.

Affiliated links are there to be able to give you a discount from Companies that you might be interested in. I receive no rewards for this, even though some companies might choose to hold a Sponsored Giveaway for you.
Sponsored Giveways will be marked as such, all the other Giveaways contain prices purchased or created by me.

All content in this Blog is produced by me and are owned by 35th of May unless stated otherwise.
The product descriptions are taken from the company websites or other web stores.

If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor or Affiliate for this Blog please don't hesitate to contact me at thirtyfifthofmay@hotmail.com for more information.