Changes, changes and more changes and Giveaway announcement

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Hallo there dear Batlings
as you can see lots of changes have been happening.
Even though I am still battling with depressions and my mental health journey is at a tough point while I try to get diagnosed (which can be a gruelling process), I am very motivated to make this a lovely space of skincare fun and happiness fluff.
Oh, well maybe that is not the best description but you know what I mean!

At my last Giveaway I asked you, dear readers, to tell me what sort of things you would like to see more on the blog and of course I am happy to oblige!
I really appreciate all the comments and suggestions from all of you.
I already have started writing a few new things keeping in mind what you have mentioned.
I also hope that you all like the new look!
The last change was a temporary in between buffer to see how I would like a lighter color scheme and I have to say that I dig it, so of course we went a step further and remade the whole thing.
As much as I like black and burgundy (Vampire life!), I am also a huge sucker for pastels.
I have been dreaming of a pastel rococo themed boudoir/toilette for a very long time and since that is not in the near future I thought I might as well give this blog a little touch of cake and sweetness. There will be a few more tweaks happening soon but nothing major anymore.

There is also a Giveaway winner to announce!
Congratulations Jessica for winning the 35th of May Celebration Giveaway

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I hope that I will be able to hold another Giveaway soon. I still have a sample Giveaway that I wanted to hold and already started buying things for future ones as well.
So thanks again for being such amazing peeps. So long for now and don’t forget your towel!

Dry Skin Tips and Secrets, Skinesode I

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Oh dry skin what a woe you can be!
I have had dry and dehydrated skin since I can remember. Yes there is a difference between dry and dehydrated and I happen to have both! I can’t complain since my skin is usually very nice when it is happy but when it is not it is flaky, red and hurts to no end.
I have collected a few tips and tricks regarding both of these skin concerns and thought it might be interesting for some of you to share the things that have or haven’t worked for me over the years.
All of the tips apply to both dry and dehydrated skin unless stated otherwise so I hope that any of you that fit in either category might be able to help diminish the woes of dryness.

First of, we need to establish the difference between dry and dehydrated.
The easiest and most basic way to remember is that dry skin lack oils and dehydrated skin lacks water. It is completely possible to lack both of course.
Generally dry skin is a skin type and dehydrated skin is a condition, so yes you can stop having dehydrated skin but once you have dry skin you will likely not be able to change that but simply learn how to manage it so it is not so obvious any more.
Any skin type can be dehydrated, yes even oily skin.
Unfortunately it isn't as simple as just adding oils and or water so that *poof* skin is suddenly smooth and nice. Our skin is such a complex little creature that simple solutions are usually unsatisfactory. And as usual, all of the little creatures are different so unfortunately not all the things work equally well for each of us.

Todays tip for dry and dehydrated skin is simple but makes a crucial difference in the happiness of my complexion.
Avoid water at all cost!
My skin hates water, it really does. When I use it, my skin gets dry, itchy and generally unhappy.
So every time I avoid it my skin starts feeling better.
Of course I cleanse, after all cleansing is one of the most important steps in a skincare routine but not all cleansers require water. I will touch on the subject of alternative cleansers that use water in another skinesode since today I want to focus on waterless cleansers only.
But let me tell you the differences of cleansing without water to the way my skin feels and acts when I use a cleanser that requires water (even a gentle, moisturising, PH friendly one!) is quite large.
Even when I have a lovely routine that makes my skin plump and happy and the only thing I switch is to an non waterless cleanser, boom my skin gets drier again.
And this happens every time!

So what does one do? Explore waterless cleansers!
There is a few ones and I have experimented with all of them.
Milks, creams, oils and waters are a great option depending on your skin type and preferences.
And yes one can double cleanse with these as well!

My favourite to use are cream cleansers followed up with a water cleanser or micellar water.
What I like about cream cleansers is that they remove dirt and makeup really well while still being gentle and non stripping. I also like them since creams are perfect for facial massages.
Since one uses quite an amount of cream cleanser and they generally have a good slip to them, one can massage their face without worrying about tugging on ones skin.
Well, there is many different massage techniques I suppose
Another nice side effect if that the oils in the cream, together with the massaging motion, often result in a little bit of an exfoliation. Sometimes while cleansing I just feel little bits that are similar to a peeling gel and my face is indeed smoother afterwards.
One could simply wipe off the cream and call it a day but I like to follow it up with a cleansing water or micellar water to make sure there is no residue left.

Cleansing milks are similar to creams only that they are thinner in texture. They often contain less oils and are easier to wipe off. So in the end I prefer the creams since they are better for massaging.
If you aren’t into thick creams or oily products, a Cleansing Milk would be a good way to start using waterless cleansers.

Oils are oils! 
But they are not the same as the Asian Cleansing Oils that some are used to. Asian Cleansing oils are meant to be rinsed with water and I will talk about them in another episode. The oils mentioned here are just regular oils or oil mixes. Some people like to massage their faces with such oils and then wipe them off with a towel. That is certainly a way to cleanse but I feel like this method leaves too much residue on my face. Especially when I wore makeup during the day I would like to feel properly cleansed. Maybe I just never knew how to wipe the oils off properly but to me this method is too heavy.
It is the easiest to try out though since most of you probably have some skin friendly oil already, be it olive, coconut or almond etc.

Last but not least are Cleansing or Micellar Waters. They are touted as all around miracle worker that magically make all makeup disappear and apparently to other amazing tasks such as doing your taxes and massaging your feet.
Oh wouldn’t that be wonderful!

Unfortunately they do no such thing but that doesn’t make them any less convenient. They double as a toner in a pinch and actually do have a certain amount of cleansing power. Also they are generally gentle and even though the word water is in the title it still doesn’t equal to the water that comes out of the tap. (To find out how Micellar waters work read here)
Some people use cleansing waters as a sole cleanser but since it doesn’t remove my makeup and also doesn’t enable me to massage my face with it, I still prefer to double cleanse.
Cleansing water works great to remove any cream, milk or oil residue that you might have left on your face and it also shows you if your face is properly clean or not. I simply use cleansing water on a cotton pad until the cotton looks completely clean. It has never been more than two so far so I usually just use two from the get go.

I am actually out of cleansing water and am not too happy with the cleansing cream I am using so I have been washing my face with a foam cleanser at night.
My skin is not happy, let me tell you.
It is desperate for my cleansing water to arrive so I can switch back to a waterless cleanser asap.

My face is as tight as this ladies mask!

What are your cleansing methods and have you seen any differences in your skins condition when you switch to a new one?

I hope you will join me next time on Dry Skin Tips and Secrets, Skinesode II!

Tonymoly Green Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream review

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I don't write many reviews of products I don't like. Not because I don't want to but because I honestly don't use that many duds. I have a good track record with Asian cosmetics so of course I keep coming back for more, but one can never completely avoid some disappointing products sometimes.
Also, just because a product didn't work for me doesn't mean that it is a bad product.
The only times I do say that a product isn't any good, is if it doesn't do what it promises or anything else positive even if it wasn't advertised.
In this case, this product practically doesn't do anything at all.
I would like to note though, that it might indeed have something to do with my skin type but I have also heard from many a person with different skin types than mine that it didn't perform for them either.

My collection as seen on Instagram

I got this product from a skincare exchange ( I am always up for those!) and thought I should complete my little Tonymoly fruit collection. Thinking back when I got the other two I actually liked them then, but now that I have used so many other wonderful products, I feel like they are quite average to be honest.But yeah Appletox is definitely below average.

I have sensitive and reactive skin so physical peelings are a no-no. I also have flaky skin so makeup is also a no-no unless I exfoliate. So in comes peeling gels which ideally are so very convenient and gentle and still do their job. The only thing is that peeling gels need to actually work.
Which in this case, as you might have guessed, it didn’t.

So, peeling gels don't actually take bits of your skin, which then balls up and you can wash off.
That would be pretty weird (and awesome of course!) but it is not the case.
What happens is that the peeling gels react with the oils of your skin which then turns the gel into little balls which then very gentle exfoliate your face (well explained in this experiment).
The problem is when the gel does not ball up and all you do is rub this cream around on your face.
Which is exactly what happens with this Apple peeling.
So I suspect that there is the possibility that I simple have no oils on my face and that is the reason why it wont ball up and exfoliate. It is probably biologically impossible not to have face oils but either I have the minimum amount there can be or I am a freak of nature.
Who knows.
Fact is that it doesn’t do anything on my freshly washed face and it balls up a teeny tiny bit on my dirty face.
Which to me confirms the oil theory.
Some people have recommended to leave the peeling gel on my face for a couple of minutes.
It does actually improve the efficacy but the amount of balls that appear is quite sad and not peely at all. What this product does do, besides smelling nice, is slightly hydrate the skin.
But that is about it.
I honestly gave up using it since there is so many peeling gels that are actually much better.
I am not a fan of them since I feel like acids just do a better job at exfoliating but the gels can be convenient occasionally, specially for physical exfoliating fans.

Slightly massaged in the middle. Arrows point to the "peely" bits. Done on freshly washed hands
The texture of this gel is actually quite creamy. It also feels slightly oily but not that uncomfortable.
It does indeed smell nicely like green apples and not even that artificial at all.
I honestly think this is a waste of money though, unless you buy it for the packaging because that one is really cute!

Have you tried this product and how did you like it? What is the most disappointing product you have ever used?

Ingredients: Here
PH: 6

Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

Available on Beautynetkorea
Available on Ebay

Woeful Windsday

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Sabriel by Taylor Dolan

You might have seen Taylor Dolans work before. Either here or in the vast lands of the interverse.
If it was here you might have read that I was very fortunate to model for her as Sabriel for an illustration project she is undertaking. This is the latest instalment I have been sent and it might just be my favorite. It is absolutely stunning and I am incredibly honoured to be able to be drawn so many times by one of the most amazing artist I know.

Woeful Windsday

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The Saem Urban Eco Harakeke Seed Oil review

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With my super dry skin, facial oils are a must!
95% of moisturisers (besides Ladykin's Vanpir cream) I have tried, don't have sufficient oils in them to be able to soothe my skin and if they do they are too thick and heavy to feel comfortable.
So I have to add oils separately to a lighter and more hydrating cream.
The only problem is that I hate the feeling of oils on my face!
I have tried a lot of 100% pure oils such as almond and coconut but they are too greasy and never seem to sink in. I have tried mixed oils, both organic and non organic, they are a little comfier than pure oils but still bothersome. Mixing the oils into my creams helps but is still greasy on my face.
Thankfully I have lovely friends with whom I have sample exchanges and thanks to one of those friends I got to try the Saems Harakeke seed oil.
I love this stuff!

 It is the driest oil I have ever felt ( much nicer than Nuxe's!) yet is absolutely effective in adding sufficient oils to my skin. It is so non oily that Johnny Clyde, who has an even worse aversion to facial oils than me, didn't even notice I added oil to his lotion!
It is good enough to add on its own to the face as well.
It is quite delightful!

It is not as thick as many oils and applies quite dry.
You can feel it on your face but it sinks in fast.
It is wonderfully moisturising and gives you a glow without being overly greasy.
I really like it!
It is quite liquid, yet thicker than water, and yellowish in color.
I think it smells like green skincare and Johnny says it smells like leaves.
Either way the scent isn't strong and dissipates fast.

When I ran out of it the first time I spent almost an entire year experimenting with other oils when I finally got it on sale. I am so happy with it I am almost scared to experiment with others.
This is definitely the nicest oil I have tried but it is not my HG yet since I believe there is something even better out there. So I will continue to experiment but I am not certain that I will actually find anything nicer.
Until then this will be my favorite.

Ingredients: here

Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

Purchased on Testerkorea
Available on Ebay

Another 35th of May Celebration Giveaway

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35th of May Celebration Giveaway

Dear Battlings has it been a year already?
Sometimes time flies so fast you barely notice. This last year was definitely one of those years that came and went before I even noticed.
Today is the 35th of May and as per tradition I am holding a Giveaway for you my dear readers.
I would like to thank all of you who have been sticking around for all this time, the avid commenters, the silent lurkers and all the new and fresh faces that have recently found their way here.
Thank you for being such a great bunch and for bearing with me and all my shenanigans!
I appreciate every single one of you and I thought it was about time I said so.

I have been wanting to ask you for a while if there is anything that you would like to see or read on this blog but never found the moment to do so. So if you have any ideas or wishes please let me know. I have prepared a whole bunch of hair related posts that I never released since I don’t know if you are interested or prefer the skincare/makeup type posts. I also have some more 'About Me' posts but those are always the hardest for me to publish.

Now to the Giveaway.
This is a collection of items I have acquired mostly due to actually enjoying them quite a bit and I thought it might be a nice rag tag group of items for both Beauty newbies and long time aficionados.
It is a mix of local and Korean items that I hope any of you might enjoy.
As usual the Giveaway is for people over 18 that have a way of getting a package to them.
Have fun and good luck to everyone!

Prizes are:
Tonymoly BCDation in 01
Tonymoly Easy Touch Auto Eyeliner in Virgin Burgundy
Welcos Zombie CC Cream
Laneige Original White Plus Renew Essence
Etude House Drawing Eyebrows in Dark Brown
Balea Special Edition Cream
Cien Lavender Hand Cream
Gewürzseife Soap

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