Benefit They're Real Mascara Review

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Benefit They're Real Mascara (8.5gr )

They're real! lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts & separates. Our jet black, long-wearing formula won’t smudge or dry out. A specially designed brush reveals lashes you never knew you had!
What else you need to know:
saw dramatic length & volume*
90% saw base-to-tip curl*
94% saw visible lift*
100% saw long-wearing results*
*Results observed in a consumer panel survey

Benefit They're Real Mascara review

I have an odd relationship with mascaras.
I simply can not find one that works just the way I like it.
I want my mascara to be very black, define my lashes, make them thicker but still separate them and especially I want it to curl.
My lashes hate to be curled and even after using a lash curler they drop after about 30 minutes.
I believe it is the extra heaviness of mascara since my lashes stay curled without anything on for about 2 hours.
Benefit They're Real Mascara review
There is a leaflet in the box!
Either way, finding a mascara that does all that is quite hard.
I have been using the same mascara for the past 4 years since every time I try a new one it really disappoints me.
Now you might be wondering why I want to change my current mascara in the first place.
Well, it is actually discontinued.
I simply purchased a whole bunch a while ago and kept them sealed.
I hardly ever used mascara, so from the 3 packs that I bought 3 years ago, two are still closed.
Besides that, I need to find a new one that I love within the next two years, (my estimate of me running out of my mascara stash) this one is also waterproof and a pain to remove.
Unfortunately, waterproof mascaras hold curl a lot better than regular ones so they are my usual go tos. But that is also the reason why I hardly ever use mascara, I am too lazy to remove it so I don’t use any besides special occasions.

Benefit They're Real Mascara review

So when Mother asked me to get her Benefits famous 'They’re Real' mascara, I was quite excited since I thought I might be able to give it a try.
Thanks to Mothers different tastes and needs in Cosmetics, I get the opportunity to try products I would otherwise never get.
Oh boy was I looking forward to trying it!
I was imagining finally finding a mascara that makes all my lash dreams come true while being easy to remove. At that point, I ignored the fact that it is really expensive, since I would sacrifice my frugalness for mascara magic.

Benefit They're Real Mascara swatch
No mascara on the left, mascara on the right
Nope I was wrong!
Once again I realised that hypes are often nothing but empty puffy smoke with little actually behind it.
Let me tell you, if you are so lucky that nature gave you nice lashes, you will definitely like this mascara, but if your lashes are short, super thin or straight, this will not give you the miracles you were looking for.
Even though I quite like the brush, I was disappointed at how little it made my lashes look thicker. Besides that, it made them clump together quite a bit which made it look like I was balding.
Some people might like the spidery look but I prefer to have more then 5 lashes on my eyes.

Benefit They're Real Mascara brush
Soft plastic bristles
It was indeed quite black, but that is were the good parts end.
It didn’t lengthen my lashes significantly and the worst part, it did not hold a curl at all!
By the time I finished the shoot, my lashes were quite droopy already.
Beware: Do not curl your lashes after applying this mascara!
I know that this is possible (if you are careful) with some mascaras, but not only did this give my lashes a clumpy look, but also it curled square.
I could tell that if I would have been less careful, it would have snapped my lashes off.

Benefit They're Real Mascara swatch

 So yeah, I did not like this at all.
It did nothing for me but blacken my lashes, and I can find products for a quarter of the price to perform just as well.
I am not sure if people love this mascara because it is all hype, they don’t have quality mascaras to compare it too or have pretty lashes from the get go.
Either way, save yourself some cash and get something else.
There is plenty of alternatives that under perform just as much on the market.

Ingredients: Here

Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

How do you feel about this mascara? 
Which Holy Grail product do you prefer on your lashes?

Benefit They're Real Mascara swatch
Applied on both lashes

Woeful Windsday

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by Nan Lawson

A rant about hair aka why having long hair isnt as fun as princesses make you believe

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When I was younger all I ever wanted my hair to be was curly and long.
Very long actually.
I dreamed of having big puffy hair down to my waist that curls in roundish squarish shapes and if possible in a bright shade of red.

Auroras hair and Ariels color!
Wearing my hair curly is not an issue since I have been doing that daily from the age of 17.
Thanks to hard water and some changes in my hair structure that turned it from super straight to wavy and frizzy, curling my hair became a breeze.
The length though, that was a whole other issue.
My hair is very fine and dreads easily.
If I grow my hair longer then my shoulders, it is a nightmare to brush.
I also believed that my hair was not able to grow past my boobs.
It is actually able to, but grows so freaking slow that it was hardly noticeable at all.

My hair on Halloween 2011 the year before the pact. I used to wear it around shoulder length most of the time
So when I moved to the US I was very broke and very interested in doing my own hair, so I just let it be for about a year. It grew quite a lot in that time, the same year that Johnny Clyde decided to let his hair grow out. We decided on a pact that we would not cut our hair until Halloween.
That day came and both our hair was much longer. His more then mine since it grows super fast.
We renewed the pact again and now, since Halloween 2014 we are officially allowed to cut our hair again.
Now here is the thing, as happy as I am that my hair finally grew long, I am even happier to cut it off again. I can’t believe I am saying this but I hate my long hair!
My childhood me would be ashamed!
I am not sure if it is just me and my weird hair or all long hair is just such a pain, but I thought I would share it with you in case you were thinking about growing your hair to Edwardian length.

So gorgeous!
Let me start by saying that I actually love the length and if it would not be so much work I would let it grow even longer.
I am even proud of myself for making it to here.
Now you might think that it is silly since hair grows all by itself, but let me tell you,  you would be surprised how much time I spent on grooming it and keeping it decent.

Spring 2014
Issue number 1:
Everything takes forever. 
Brushing, washing, styling, it all takes ages.
It takes me 30 minutes to brush my hair daily, washing and conditioning takes me about the same amount of time.
I might have a lot of time in my life but I honestly have better things to do than groom my hair so much.
I admit I like doing my hair but not forcibly on a daily basis, because if I don’t it becomes so messy I regret it profusely.

If I ask Johnny for help it will definitely end in certain doom!
Issue number 2:
Styling is close to impossible.
There is many styles that I love and used to do which I can not do any more because my hair is so long it doesn’t fit into my bathroom mirror. Besides that it is simply too long for my arms.
That leaves very few styling options with which I don’t have to pull my hair straight or taut and even those take so long it is hardly worth it.

Issue number 3:
Up dos are a no no.
My hair is so heavy that I can not do any up dos.
Well I can but it hurts.
No high ponytails, fancy Edwardian styles, Witch hair (my favorite daily look) and other such fun things.
Either my hair falls down within 30 minutes due to its weight or it gives me a headache after an hour.
That leaves me with the option of styles that are low on the neck, or letting it hang down.

That one time I styled my hair and naturally took it down after 30 minutes
Issue number 4:
Long hair is not good during the Winter or the Summer.
During the Summer it is like wearing a soft blanket over my shoulders.
As explained in issue 3 an up do is not an option so summers get very hot.
During the Winter on the other hand one wears a lot of big jackets and such.
Long hair simply does not look good over it.
No matter how nicely styled it is, it just looks messy.

Issue number 5:
You get caught everywhere. 
I sit on it, my husband sits on it, it tugs me while I sleep and simply is always in the way.
I read an article about a girl that decided to cut her long hair because she sat on it once on the toilet. That has not happened to me yet but I get trapped by my hair daily.
The worst time is if I am in the bed all cozy and I suddenly can’t move a muscle because my hair somehow slithered itself around me like a snake around its prey.
Since I can’t see a thing or move, it is quite hard to get out of that predicament without help.
Johnny Clyde has very recently started to get caught on his own hair.
Good luck to you my friend!
That is pretty much it!

Issue number 6:
I can’t do my hair myself any more.
I haven’t been able to do my own hair for two and a half years now.
I can’t dye it myself and with many hair styles I need help too.
I love experimenting with it and not being able to do that sucks.
Besides that, if I am able to do anything, I use so much product it gets really expensive.

Yes please!
So basically I now have really long hair I cant do anything with.
It doesn’t give me joy since it just hangs there in its braid (something I thought was so pretty until it got really dull really quick) looking boring and reminding me how much time I have to invest to keep it nice.
You would think that at least I can just wear it open and straight and walk around like Lilly Munster but if I wear it out of its braid too long it gets so tangled I will have to add double time to the brushing routine.

Even she needs to keep it in braids! What is Hermans outfit excuse though!
So I only do it on special occasions, and honestly it is not worth it. Because even if I wash and brush it and keep it in its stupid braid all day it still requires a lot of work.
I much prefer to have pretty, shorter hair I can actually do stuff with than super long hair that hangs as a burden of doom on my head.
I am super happy I did go through with the pact though.
Johnny Clydes hair looks gorgeous and I am proud that I actually managed to leave my hair “alone” for so many years.
It also is a sign of how long I have been with my husband.
When we met it was shoulder length and it will not be cut before our next Wedding Anniversary.

I will probably not let it grow longer than this length since it is still manageable.
I also wanted to talk about the upkeep of long hair, products I have used and exact routines.
Since this post became much longer than anticipated I will make another one with all the hair shenanigans and successes I have gone through the past year or two.
I am incredibly excited to make the change to shorter hair soon.
I dream of feeling light and fresh again and going back to my favorite styles. 
I haven’t decided on any cut yet, and I would love to hear some suggestions from you.

Do you have any tales of woe or wonder about your hair? 

I know I will miss it when its gone!

EtudeHouse Color Lips Fit in PK003 Review

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Etude House Color Lips Fit in PK003 (ml)
Airy fit texture from moisturising liquid to soft powdery application. One application give clear and glowing color with non sticky attractive looking lip

I received this lipstick in my Honestskin gift box. I was happy and scared at the same time to see this product included. Happy because I love matte lip products and scared because I have never tried a long lasting matte lip cream that I actually liked. I would like to note at this point that the shade didn’t suit me at all and that my previous dislike of matte lip creams makes me a little biased.
So keep that in mind.

The shade I received is a bright neon pink. It is very pigmented and even with just one layer shows up very well on my darker lips.
It is easy enough to apply.
You just need to watch out for the lip lines since it can be a little tricky to get them clean, but I would not say that it is hard to use per se. The drying time is not too fast so you can get some adjustments but still dries fast enough to not wait around.

Standard doe foot applicator
The cream looks nice when freshly applied but does accentuate lip lines a lot.
It happens even more the longer you leave it on. This way it lasts about 3-4 hours but at around hour 3 you start to see it fade in the middle of the mouth. Even though this product slightly stains your lips you can not safely apply lip balm like you can on top of other lip tints.
When lip balm or gloss is applied the product will slide around and fade faster. It does refresh the color just like it does with lip sticks. I haven’t tried the gloss from the same line but I have read that it doesn’t slide around with it.

This color is very hard to capture but this bright neon pink comes close

The color is quite different to the swatches shown by Etude House so if you want to get one I would highly suggest to check the swatches by other people instead. As far as how this compares to other cheaper and more expensive products of its type. It is a little better than the L’oreal version and about the same when compare to Limecrimes Velvetines. The only difference being that they are longer lasting but feel worse on the lips.

It is a little less orange than on this swatch

If you like cream to matte long lasting lip products this is a good and inexpensive alternative, if you have tried these kinds of products before and didn’t like them you will likely not enjoy this either.

3CE Eyeliner, It's Skin Cookie Blusher and Color Lips Fit

Ingredients: Here

2.5 due to its mediocre lasting powers and drying look. Nice addition for people who are fans of matte lip cream.
Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

Available at Honestskin

Clarins clear lip gloss applied over Color Lips Fit
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes. That fact does not alter my review or opinion in any matter For more information read my Disclaimer page.

Woeful Windsday

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Chosungah Wonder Milk review

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Chosungah Wonder Milk (140ml)
Milky texture, powdery scent, rich moisturising effect of Wonder Milk is loved by many Celebrities.
With a drop of Wonder Milk, the most optimal condition of skin is born.

Every time I order this, the box gets dented
I found out about Chosungah quite a long time ago, I was intrigued about the brand and attracted to the packaging. Since it is relatively hard to find and the prices are steep, it took me a while to finally take the plunge and purchase some of their products. I found some on sale on Koreadepart and ordering these items turned into a horrendous nightmare for me.
The good news is that this particular product turned out to be amazing.
Wonder Milk indeed!
I had no idea what to expect when I ordered it and honestly I am still a little unsure what this product is supposed to be.

The plastic is thick and milky
The packaging is super pretty , like most Chosungah products. Even though the packaging is made out of plastic, you can tell that it is good quality with attention to detail.
Like the hole that dispenses the product.
I don’t understand how so many companies get this wrong by having too small or too large holes that make usage a mess or difficult.
Thankfully Wonder Milks bottle makes it easy for you to use as much as you like easily.

Sealed top, the little boop is the size of the hole
I cant take a better picture right now but the hole is sort of visible
The texture is extremely liquid with a creamy feel to it. I guess it is quite similar to whole milk.
When applied, it is refreshing in a watery way, it sinks fast into your skin and leaves it moist afterwards.
Its scent is very noticeable.
I am not sure what it smells like, there is something powdery there but it isn’t unpleasant.
The smell disappears very fast so it doesn’t bother me when used.
Even though the scent is quite strong it isn’t as bad as the Face Shop Mango Seed cream for example.

Freshly applied to the left and slightly rubbed in to the right
The reason I like this product so much is that it is ultra moisturising. I am not sure how this milky liquid does this. You can feel that there is a certain amount of oil in the product, which manifests by its creaminess, but it is so lightweight that the sheer amount of moisture is still shocking.
I feel like Chosungah got the amount of hydration (water) and moisture (oil) perfectly right while still making it very lightweight which in turn makes this a moisture bomb.
This product is so good that I can actually use this as my last step of the routine if I choose.
Just remember my skin is very very dry, so dry that 95% of creams for dry skin still leave my skin incredibly itchy and dry.
This stuff smooths my scaly skin into baby butt territory, while soothing my itchiness and taking away the need of a cream. I feel like this is the perfect product for dry skinned peeps who can’t moisturise their skin properly, no matter how many products they add. For oily and combo skinned folks this is great if you don’t want to use too many products or if you simply hate creams.

This can be used as a toner, essence or emulsion. It can also be used to replace all three. With this, less is more, and unless you plan to use it as a mask (which it also does well) one or two drops are plenty for an entire face.
I feel like from all those products that claim to be multi tasking this is one of the very few that actually holds that promise.

PH: 5.5
Ingredients: Here

Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha
This stuff is simply amazing and I believe suited for any skin type. Especially for folks with dehydrated or dry skin.

Purchased at Koreadepart
Available on Ebay

Have you tried anything from Chosungah before?

It's Skin Babyface Blusher in #03 Romantic Rose review

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It's Skin Babyface Blusher in #03 Romantic Rose ()
Apply baby blusher on your cheek, completed your face looks young and lovely from clear pastel color Blusher. 
It's Skin Babyface Blusher in #03 Romantic Rose
Honestskin was holding a gift box Givaway for Bloggers a couple of months back.
I was one of the lucky people that was sent one of their boxes filled with unknown goods.
I was quite excited to receive this since I had no idea what it would contain and I really like a good mystery box.
When the package arrived I was positively surprised to see that it had a very good variety of skincare and make up and a larger quantity of items than I had expected.

It's Skin Babyface Blusher in #03 Romantic Rose
The cuteness!
After deciding on which skincare item to test first I threw myself on the makeup to test it all out.
I decided to review this blush first because it seems to have been around for a while but the reviews are not very conclusive.
I also was under the impression that this blush would only work with very light skin tones, but I was mistaken.
It's Skin Babyface Blusher in #03 Romantic Rose swatch
It was very difficult to capture but it is brighter on the cheeks than my hand
It is obvious how adorable the packaging looks, so as usual, when I see an adorable item I become very critical about its contents.
I guess that is the reason why I was positively surprised to see that the blush is very decent indeed.
At first I was not very excited to try this since the color looks very meh to me.
I prefer purple or red blushes to be honest, and I feel that all pink blushes are more or less the same.
I tried it anyway and have to admit it was very flattering on me!
This seems to be one of those colors that look good on a wide variety of skin tones.
The shade wasn’t as white and powdery as expected so it did go well with my yellow medium toned complexion. 
It made me look very fresh and youthful which is always a plus.

It's Skin Babyface Blusher in #03 Romantic Rose
There is a plastic separator which makes it look a little shiny
The blush itself has a smooth texture that is surprisingly pigmented.
It isn’t the finest powder I have tried but finer than many drugstore blushes.
The powder puff works OK but it does pick up a lot of blush, so beware.
For these pictures I used the puff only and it looks fine to me.

It's Skin Babyface Blusher in #03 Romantic Rose puff

All in all I believe this is a decent blush, especially for the price that will look flattering for a lot of different looks and tones.

Ingredients: Can't find them

I give it a 3.5. As bland as I find it in the pot it is even prettier on my face. Not a product I get excited about but I appreciate how nice it makes me look.
Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

Available at Honestskin 

It's Skin Babyface Blusher in #03 Romantic Rose  face swatch
Babyface blusher, Etude House Color Lips fits and 3CE eyeliner

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes. That fact does not alter my review or opinion in any matter For more information read my Disclaimer page.

Woeful Windsday

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A little bit about me aka Why interactions are like board games

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I am not a very social person, awkward even.
Well, really awkward actually.
It is not that I don’t like people or doing social activities, it is just that as an introvert, I like one on one conversations much more than talking to people in a loud crowd setting.
Obviously, there is also the fact that I seem to not have finished my course on how to interact with humans. I am not sure why, but somehow I never get the basics right. Small talk is incredibly strange for me for example. I don’t understand it. I am terrible at it and it is all in all a thing I do because I feel like I have to, but not sure why.
Sometimes it feels like interacting with new or newish people is like that awkward moment when you are about to walk into someone and they swerve to the side but you do as well. Then the little dance follows of walking left and right trying to pass that person but you seem to mirror each other on purpose so it never happens.

I wish it would be this cool!
This does of course not mean that I don’t like getting to know new people.
I actually love it!
It is just like a strange board game to me where I feel like I don’t know the rules so I make lots of mistakes while being very confused.
So you can imagine how nice the internet is for someone like me.
I can interact with strangers while diminishing a lot of these awkward moments.
Thanks to the internet, I have found many other people who think and feel similar to me.
Now that I know so many other introverts, I feel much more comfortable. I stopped thinking I am as strange as extroverts made me believe.

I guess where I am going with this is that I am very grateful for all of you, my lovely readers.
I enjoy writing in general but the moment some of you started interacting with me it became quite wonderful.
I become incredibly happy when you write me messages and tell me that a product I recommended helped or that a routine suggestion turned your skin around.
I love getting messages from all of you, and I hope that you feel that you can write me any time about anything really. I mean I love skincare and movies but if you need help to name your new pony I would be happy to help (Hubert Cuddlepuff!).

The ways to reach me are all over the place, so I am just going to leave it all here.
Nice and organized.
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

I am usually jumping around between all of those and reachable anywhere.
But please feel free to message me any time!
So thank you again for being such wonderful readers and bearing with all my ramblings.