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How Moi reviews:
Since I have a background in cosmetics I don’t believe anything any brand ever says!
I have seen the tricks they use to lure you into their world of so called miracle products first hand, and the stories they tell you on how to sell it to people.
My know how of ingredients is basic but since I was never really interested in the chemistry behind the products I mostly concentrate on how they actually work.
I have the driest skin I have ever seen and I am on a constant search for something that appeases my dry itchy face.
I have tried a wide arrange of products, ranging from less than 1 euro to 500 euros and I strongly believe that the price of a product does not affect its efficacy.
I generally try out skin care products between 3 - 5 weeks to see if they work and make up at least five times in different conditions.
As soon as a product gives me a bad reaction I stop the usage after 3 days and have a longer pause to reset my skin to its original conditions.
Usually I retry the products to make sure they did indeed give me a bad reaction.
All the opinions stated on this Blog are mine and I don’t shy away from giving a product a bad review.
Everyones skin is different though and since mine is very fickle, I try to be as objective as possible, so don’t shy away from trying things out if you think they will suit your needs.

How Johnny reviews:
Johnny Clydes reviews are very sense oriented.
He likes his products to feel good, smell good and have great textures.
If the packaging is to his liking it is a plus.
He doesn’t pay much attention to his skin, to be honest I don’t think he has ever used a mirror.
Which is understandable, since he is a Vampire and thus mirrors are no use to him anyway.
When he tests out new products he consults me on what they are supposed to do and then judges if it does so after testing them thoroughly.
Since I look at his skin through a giant magnifying glass on a daily basis, figuratively, I post my own thoughts on the end of his reviews to talk about more technical aspects.

How Mother reviews:
As an ex model, mother has had so many products on her face no one could keep track of it.
From the cheapest drugstore brands to very high end products, she has tried them all.
Her approach to skin care is very no nonsense, to quote her “I really love how this La Prairie Caviar serum feels, but I would never spend 300 euros on it, it’s not like it makes me look ten years younger!”
For her efficacy and texture are very important.
If it works, she is happy to spend a little more money on a product, but since she hasn’t found a miracle in a bottle yet, she prefers to keep the prices reasonable.
I find her experience in the industry very valuable and I finally have someone who can confirm or deny the wrinkle vanishing claims many of these skin care products have.

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