Cosrx Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence review

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Cosrx Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence review
This is a strange product to me and its review will be a little odd as well. Not like that never happens around here!
As seemingly unconventional my reviewing style here might seem, my testing process is quite straight forward and methodical. If you imagined I would apply/test my skincare in a Jack Sparrowesque manner, I am here to disappoint. I might walk around like that occasionally but when it comes to skincare I am boringly laying in bed patting item after item onto my face (ok I spill and drop things all the time but that is not the point).

All day every day!
And thanks to my methodical product testing methods and me wanting to know how products work in different settings and combinations I actually found out what a wonderful product this is!

First off, I need to give some props to COSRX (no not because I am seemingly in love with all of their products) because they have actively taken a non racist step.
The original name of this essence is problematic to say the least. I understand that as a Korean company they are very likely not aware of what the phrase ” White Power” means in other parts of the world.
After HolySnails made them aware of what that phrase means in some places, they have actually taken steps to change the name of the essence. That is something that I find impressive and wonderful to be honest. Since as a Korean company Cosrx does not have to please their overseas clientèle if they choose so.
As someone who has been in contact with a representative of the brand and have witnessed how open they are to consumer opinions, I have to say I feel in quite good hands with them in general. After all how often can you voice your pleasures, dislikes and even ideas and wishes to a brand and be heard.

This now ends the little ode to Cosrx. And as I mentioned last time they don't pay me, or force me to write so lovingly about them. I genuinely like their stuff and have so since the first item of theirs I have tried back in the fall of 2014.

When I first started using this essence I was not wowed at all. I bought it because the ingredients looked promising, giving me the possibility to use this in variety of ways depending on my routine.
I wanted a product to give me a high amount of actives while being super hydrating at the same time. I have had good results with fermented products in the past. They generally are hydrating, soothing and give me lots of glow. Not only is the galactomyces ferment first in this essence ingredients list but due to its high amount of sodium hyaluronate it makes me able to skip a hydrating toner as well.
I would also like to mention it is a waterless, fillerless product which just makes me happy to see.
So I usually use this either as a toner, as an essence or as both and it does all its jobs well no matter which part of the routine I incorporate it in. I bet it would do nicely as a sheet masks too but currently have no sheet mask blanks to test that out.
So now you might be wondering when the wow factor came in since, I was probably aware of the ingredients before testing it. The wow factor actually came when I stopped using the essence completely.
As with all Cosrx products so far this bottle lasts forever and ever. I believe I got it in April and started using it around May. I have been using it on and off since and still have a quarter left. The good thing about it lasting so well is not just that you get a lot for what you pay for but that I am able to test the product really thoroughly.

Some products start being efficient slowly, some make a difference immediately. Some make such subtle differences in your skin condition that it is hard to notice what exactly they do.
So in this case I didn't notice exactly what this essence did to my skin until I stopped using it for about three weeks.
It is hard to describe but this stuff really helps hydrate and gives you a glow. It is subtle but definitely there. If you are using other products that give you glow such as C20/21.5 for example then there is no way you would realize that this essence is also giving you major glow. Since glow doesn't really stack itself to disco ball proportions once you achieved your own max glowiness there is not much more to strive for really.  And since the hydration powers of this magical potion are slow but steady you might not notice how much it is actually helping your skin be all kinds of plump and moist.

Max glow achieved!
 So that fateful day that I stopped using this essence while still using another big hydrator (Hada Labo Lotion) and simply keeping my routine exactly as it was, suddenly my skin went from super to just alright. It took me a little time to notice that of course but was noticeable none the less. My skin was less glowy and less hydrated. One day my complexion was really nice to the point of getting compliments and suddenly it seemed that I had to add more moisturiser or use a sheet masks every other day.
After the not testing period was over I introduced the product again and my skin slowly went back to lovely.
I actually mentioned this strange phenomenon to Sam from Colorcrrush and she had the same experience. 

So here we have this scentless, semi viscous liquid that seems so boring and innocent yet manages to transform skin into happy puppies. Who can say no to that?
It also feels refreshing and soothing when applied to the skin while sinking in super fast without leaving any trace behind. Something that makes it suitable for almost
any skin type of course.

Cosrx Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence review

If you are looking for glow or hydration this is the stuff for you. If you are looking for a big dose of Galactomyces, Niacinamide or Hyaluronic acid this is also the stuff for you. If you always wanted something like the Hada Labo lotion yet more effective or with more anti aging ingredients this stuff is for you.

Ingredients: Here

PH: 5

Another simple, affordable yet highly effective product delivered by Cosrx.
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