Which movie am I gonna watch tonight? Joe versus the Volcano

2:45 PM Moi Sanom 0 Comments

Joe versus the Volcano
Directed by John Patrick Shanley
Starring Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Ossie Davies, 

I knew about the existence of this film but never really heard anyone talk about it. When I started it I thought it was going to be a regular 90s comedy with Tom Hanks. Little did I know that it had quite a big of expressionism and surreal macabre humour through in to boot.
The expressionistic art work is seen in the first scene of the film and carried throughout of it. 

I also loved Meg Ryan's role in this even though the L.A part was my favorite. I love her accent there. All in all it was a funny and delightful comedy that also please my artistic side with interesting and strange sets and backdrops. Even though I found the “Polynesians” a little cringe worthy I still think it is a “hidden” (more like ignored or forgotten) gem, that one who is inclined to the darker side of life might enjoy.