Big Fish or how I see the world through pink colored glasses...

1:47 PM Moi Sanom 3 Comments

Big Fish

Directed by Tim Burton
Starring: Ewan McGregor, Albert Finney, Billy Crudup, Helena Bonham Carter, Marion Cotillard, Jessica Lange, Alison Lohman, Steve Buscemi, Danny DeVito

Big Fish is one of my favorite Tim Burton movies. It’s that kind of a film I would like to be in, almost like reality with a little splash of color and fantasy. The reason I chose to review it this week is because for me my creations are very fitting to this film.

I try to see life through pink glasses, like that, you can see beauty and magic in the most curious places! And that is what I try with 35th of May, to bring exactly that whimsicality into all our lives.