EtudeHouse Color Lips Fit in PK003 Review

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Etude House Color Lips Fit in PK003 (ml)
Airy fit texture from moisturising liquid to soft powdery application. One application give clear and glowing color with non sticky attractive looking lip

I received this lipstick in my Honestskin gift box. I was happy and scared at the same time to see this product included. Happy because I love matte lip products and scared because I have never tried a long lasting matte lip cream that I actually liked. I would like to note at this point that the shade didn’t suit me at all and that my previous dislike of matte lip creams makes me a little biased.
So keep that in mind.

The shade I received is a bright neon pink. It is very pigmented and even with just one layer shows up very well on my darker lips.
It is easy enough to apply.
You just need to watch out for the lip lines since it can be a little tricky to get them clean, but I would not say that it is hard to use per se. The drying time is not too fast so you can get some adjustments but still dries fast enough to not wait around.

Standard doe foot applicator
The cream looks nice when freshly applied but does accentuate lip lines a lot.
It happens even more the longer you leave it on. This way it lasts about 3-4 hours but at around hour 3 you start to see it fade in the middle of the mouth. Even though this product slightly stains your lips you can not safely apply lip balm like you can on top of other lip tints.
When lip balm or gloss is applied the product will slide around and fade faster. It does refresh the color just like it does with lip sticks. I haven’t tried the gloss from the same line but I have read that it doesn’t slide around with it.

This color is very hard to capture but this bright neon pink comes close

The color is quite different to the swatches shown by Etude House so if you want to get one I would highly suggest to check the swatches by other people instead. As far as how this compares to other cheaper and more expensive products of its type. It is a little better than the L’oreal version and about the same when compare to Limecrimes Velvetines. The only difference being that they are longer lasting but feel worse on the lips.

It is a little less orange than on this swatch

If you like cream to matte long lasting lip products this is a good and inexpensive alternative, if you have tried these kinds of products before and didn’t like them you will likely not enjoy this either.

3CE Eyeliner, It's Skin Cookie Blusher and Color Lips Fit

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2.5 due to its mediocre lasting powers and drying look. Nice addition for people who are fans of matte lip cream.
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Clarins clear lip gloss applied over Color Lips Fit
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