The Face Shop Face It Power Perfection BB Cream in #1 Light Beige review

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The Face Shop Face It Power Perfection BB Cream in #1 Light Beige (40ml)
A ‘3-in-1’ BB cream (anti-wrinkle, whitening, sun protection) with perfect coverage.
Total Skin Treatment BB cream(Special ingredients for rejuvenating skin): actively addresses all skin problems such as loss of firmness, dry skin, uneven skin texture and dull complexion.
Better makeup results (flawless coverage + good adherence + long lasting). 

Provides perfect coverage without being thick on the skin.
Contains coated powder similar to skin cells which offers great adherence.
It leaves skin feeling comfortable, providing delicate and long-lasting makeup results.
Marvelous airy-touch texture. A light-as-air texture that smoothly melts into the skin upon application making skin comfortable and able to breathe.

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It is a product I would have never bought myself but am positively surprised at how much I liked it.
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The Face Shop Face It Power Perfection BB Cream in #1 Light Beige reviewbox

To be honest I generally don’t wear foundation products.
When I was younger there simply was no  shades available that were dark enough in Germany so I never had the chance to use them until I visited the US and found a semi dark shade that sort of suited me back in my early twenties.
Even now that I am much lighter than I used to be back then, I still have troubles finding suitable shades since most of the ones here are too pink or too orange. Thankfully Koreas BB Cream selection has a wide variety of Yellow toned shades that fit my borderline jaundiced skin much better.
I was sent the shade light beige which generally would be too light for me but it fit surprisingly well.
It is indeed one shade lighter than my skin but it isn’t noticeable when on and there are also no strange color differences with my neck area.
I always believed that foundation can be worn one shade up or down of your own coloring and still look good as long as the undertones fit.
Speaking of undertones. This is pinker than I am generally used to but still neutral enough to look good. I do have to say that I tend to gravitate towards the very yellow to green/grey shades so it really isn’t pink compared to actual pink BBs.

The Face Shop Face It Power Perfection BB Cream in #1 Light Beige review tube

I am quite partial to the packaging.
Somehow the purple shade is quite appealing and the tube is not only pretty but also practical.
I like pump tubes and this is a slightly bendable plastic that can be squeezed to get the rest out. Something that is impossible with pump bottles for example.
In terms of coverage I think it is medium and buildable to medium full.
I use less than a pump for my whole face and still have leftovers so I can see this lasting me quite a long time.

The Face Shop Face It Power Perfection BB Cream in #1 Light Beige review pump
One pump
The texture is creamy and smooth neither too thick or too liquidy. It has a typical skincare smell that is not very strong and dissipates fast.
The way I prefer to apply BB creams is with a beauty sponge. That method simply looks the best for my flaky skin and makes it look very flawless. It can also be applied with fingers and cushion sponges and still look nice.
As you might know I have very dry and flaky skin with little to no blemishes. Also I hadn’t exfoliated in weeks so my skin was extra flaky.
I applied the BB cream after my entire routine but without any primers.
I have to say I was impressed with the results.

The Face Shop Face It Power Perfection BB Cream in #1 Light Beige review swatch

I applied the product quite sheer over my entire face and layered it on the spots, redness and under eye area. Since the coverage is so buildable I was able to skip concealer entirely and still get a flawless complexion. What impressed me the most was that it actually hardly accentuated my flaws and flakes. My skin is the type that looks better without foundation than with.
Since the moment I apply BB cream the flakes, bumps and other unseemly things start being visible. But with this one my skin did indeed look better than without.
This is actually only visible in real life or close ups. Any foundation will make my complexion more flawless on photographs but in reality it looks quite ridiculous if you see it up close.
In terms of finish it is a natural looking satin finish which is neither matte nor glowy.
It leaves my skin velvety looking and lasts all day long.

The Face Shop Face It Power Perfection BB Cream in #1 Light Beige review b&a

I have not been able to try this in scorching heat since the weather here has been strangely cold, but I will update if I get the chance. From what I can tell this BB cream is quite waterproof and long lasting. Just using water does not make it budge much but needs to be removed with actual make up remover. That is definitely a plus for the oily skinned peeps out there and the ones that have very long days ahead.

I actually like this better than my trusted Missha Perfect Cover, even though the shade from it fits me better.
Here is a comparison photo of the shades.
As you can see the Face Shop one looks a lot lighter but it does actually blend in and set beautifully.

The Face Shop Face It Power Perfection BB Cream in #1 Light Beige review comparison

I really have no complaints about this product. I would like to try Natural Beige eventually since my skin color does change year round and I don’t like wearing anything that is more than one shade lighter than my skin.
Otherwise I definitely recommend this to people with dry and or flaky skin since it does such a good job at concealing them.

The Face Shop Face It Power Perfection BB Cream in #1 Light Beige review face swatch
Black eyeliner and Face It Power Perfection BB cream

Ingredients: Here

Great medium coverage BB cream suitable for any skin type including very dry skin. It looks very natural with its long lasting satin finish.
Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

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