Tilk Facial Cream for Sensitive Skin review

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Tilk Facial Cream for Sensitive Skin

Believe it or not sometimes I still use Western skincare. I'm not actually a cosmetics snob (even if it might look that way sometimes) but I generally have little rules on the products I try out. Usually it is anything that is either cheap, available, or looks interesting. Sometimes all of the above. Of course I mostly get things that suit my skin type or concerns and check ingredients to make sure I use the ones that I think might give me the most benefits. 
The way I found Tilk was quite curious actually. I happen to know the person who designed the packaging. And to be honest Tilk's packaging is incredible. I really like it and it might be one of the most interesting and fresh packaging I have seen in awhile. 
So Elerin (the designer, you can check her stuff out here) put me in contact with the co creator and CEO of Tilk who then offered to send me some items to try. Today, as seen in the title, I will review the cream for sensitive skin.

Tilk Facial Cream for Sensitive Skin box

Tilk is an Estonian brand that focuses on organic and natural ingredients with a fresh and simple approach to skincare. This concept is something that appeals to me when my skin is being fussy and sensitive. The cream arrived at a convenient time of my life when my skin was on the fritz and most of the products I used were pretty average to me. 

Tilk Facial Cream for Sensitive Skin jar

Not only do I need a moisturizer that doesn't aggravate my skin when it is being sensitive but also one that is hardcore enough to soothe and hydrate my super dry skin. This might not be the thickest and heaviest moisturiser ever (thankfully, since I am not a fan of those at all) but it holds up quite well in my routine.
The texture of this is quite surprising and lovely. It is like a whipped mousse which makes it light to be honest. It looks delectable and feels lovely when applied. It is lighter than it looks yet has a nice creamy texture to it. 

Tilk Facial Cream for Sensitive Skin

There is a definite freshness when applied but it is not really watery either. More like a kind of soothing feeling to the skin. It is practically scentless which I really appreciate since I am not a fan of scented skincare. 
this cream was indeed very gentle. Neither mine nor Johnny Clyde's skin had any issues while using it. Considering that we both have somewhat sensitive skin but in completely different ways that is quite a feat.
His skin was lovely while using it which makes me think that this cream is best suited for normal to moderately dry skin. At the time he was using this it was his only item in his routine besides a cleanser. It was also wintertime and his skin was drier than usual so this tells me that it might be strong enough to be a stand alone item in a routine for people who have little time or don't feel like using too many items. Since my skin is so incredibly dry I had to supplement it with a hydrating product and a facial oil to make my skin happy. But I have to do that with 90% of moisturizers anyway. 

Tilk Facial Cream for Sensitive Skin swatch

All in all I was quite satisfied with this product. It did what it promised and that is really all I want from it. It is one of those gentle convenient moisturisers that is not too exciting but in the end you are happy as long as your skin is happy.

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