Nature Republic Snail Solution Line Review

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Nature Republic Snail Solution

I have reviewed the toner and the emulsion from this line ages ago. Even then I loved them quite a bit. I remember being very happy with the results but particularly the emulsion. When I found a travel set of the entire line I did not hesitate one bit to snap it up!

Nature Republic Snail Solution box
Sorry for the banged up box

So now for a refreshed review of the two oldies and two newbies to boot.
By the way, I am purposefully not reading the old review since I want to write this with as fresh of an impression as I can. I am curious to see how much of it has changed or stayed the same through time.

Snail Solution 90 Skin Booster

Nature Republic Snail Solution booster

As usual I have to preface I am not a toner type person. I can appreciate them and I use them regularly (believe me I must have some magical toner portal because I don't buy these things, yet always have one here) but even if I enjoy them I usually feel pretty meh about them.

I have mentioned before that if I had to choose a favourite toner it would be Dear Enprani Moistfull Booskin (reviewed here), but now I have to add that the Snail Solution toner would be in second position.
It is not the best toner ever but I actually enjoyed using it and that means something!
It's a thicker texture that reminds me more of a serum or gel toner. I find it pleasant to apply though, since it wont just trickle through my fingers on the way to my face. Due to my skin being so dry I also appreciate a more substantial texture since it makes me believe it might be more potent/hydrating. 
The entire line smells more or less the same. Like unintrusive fresh skincare.
The toner really does feel like it hydrates more than others and this is why it would be on my second spot. Not only is the texture pleasant but my face feels pretty good after applying it as well.

Snail Solution 70 Essence

Nature Republic Snail Solution essence

As much as I love the toner and the emulsion from this line, as meh I am about the essence. Not that the essence isn't good it is just not necessary. While using the entire line the essence really gave me nothing extra. When I finished it my skin was just as happy without it. The texture is more or less just like the emulsion. It is a transparent gel type texture but thicker than the toner. It feels nice enough but I simply find it an unnecessary product. It absorbs fast and leaves no trace behind. I can't really say anything bad about it but I wouldn't buy it either.

Snail Solution 80 Emulsion

Nature Republic Snail Solution emulsion

Man this is good stuff.
I don't know how it does it, but everytime I use it my face feels soo smooth!
Like really smooth.
By now I have used quite a few emulsions and not one of them came close to the effects this one has on my skin. As mentioned above it smells about the same as the toner. A scent that is difficult to describe but dissipates fast anyway. The texture is like a milky lotion. It absorbs fast into the skin and even though it feels fresh and a little watery, it has quite an average texture and feeling for a korean emulsion. The magic happens later. Because suddenly the skin turns into magic velvet softness and you didn't even expect it to happen!
It is hard to explain how lovely this stuff makes my skin feel so I guess you just have to try it out!
If you have dry or normal skin this can be used before a moisturiser if your skin is combo or oily this could even be used instead of a moisturizer. So it really is for any squinty (damn autocorrect)!

Snail Solution 70 Cream

Nature Republic Snail Solution cream

I quite like this cream! 
It is gooey and stringy in an interesting way. I like weird textures in my skincare since I find it more entertaining than the regular old stuff. Like many Korean creams this one feels somewhat watery once applied to the skin but it is also quite smooth and creamy so it feels nice and soothing on dry skin. It is not the most lightweight moisturiser in the world, so I would say it is probably best suited for normal to dry skin types. My super dry skin was quite happy with it. Both using it alone with other products, or with the rest of the line. 

Nature Republic Snail Solution cream gif

I have to say I really enjoy these snail products. They are my favorite snail containing products I have used so far and I have used quite a bit. They have a high concentration of snailyness, if you are into that sort of thing, but if you dont care about it they are really good products even without it.

Do you have a favorite snail product? If so which one?

Ingredients: Booster, Essence, Emulsion, Cream

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