Dear Packer Jeju Flowers Sheet Masks Review + Giveaway

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Dear Packer Jeju Flowers Sheet Masks Review

This is my first time using Dear Packer, but I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to not only try these four masks that I am reviewing here but also a super cute looking wash off pack (review coming soon!).
As some of you might already know I am not a big fan of sheet masks but as long as I own some I still like using them occasionally.
The issues I have with sheet masks are mostly sensory (you can read more about it here) but I still enjoy the effects they give my skin.

Dear Packer Jeju Flowers Sheet Masks Review
Rape Blossom

The cloth of these masks is all the same. They almost have a “natural/organic” look since the sheets kind of look like recycled paper with little bits in it. This makes sense since they are made out of cotton. They are soft and pliable. They adapt well to my face. In terms of sheet mask comfort I would rate them a 7 out of 10.

Dear Packer Jeju Flowers Sheet Masks Review
Camellia Flower

The essence was quite similar in all of them besides some subtle differences. The outcome in terms of how my skin looked was similar too. Generally sheet masks don't give me miraculous results so that needs to be considered as well.
My least favourite was the green Cactus mask. It had a strong perfume scent and was super drippy and wet. I was also not impressed by the results. I think this mask might be better suited to oilier skin types.

Dear Packer Jeju Flowers Sheet Masks Review
Jeju Cactus

The Camellia and Rape flower masks where really similar to me. The biggest difference being that the Camellia one has a stronger flowery scent and the Rape flower mask scent is softer and not so noticeable. They are both hydrating and left my face plump and moist.
My favourite of the lot was the Cherry Blossom mask. It had a soft fresh scent that I actually enjoyed and it was not so strong as to over power all my senses.
I also liked the essence. Even though the Camellia mask had a milky essence too, the Cherry Blossom one felt much more hydrating. I always prefer milkier essences since they tend to be less drippy and suit my skin type better.

Dear Packer Jeju Flowers Sheet Masks Review
Cherry Blossom

The Cherry Blossom mask felt the best on my skin while being worn and I liked the results the most. They might be subtle but they were noticeable for me. I do think that this would be best suited for dry skin types and the other two for normal skin.
All in all I think these are decent masks that are suitable for a wide range of skin types depending on which masks you choose.

Ingredients Camellia mask: Here

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