Clio VF 21 Volume Brightener in #2 review

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Clio VF 21 Volume Brightener in #2 (2ml)

CLIO VF21 Volume Brightener is a multifunctional highlighter-concealer that instantly brightens dull, uneven skin.  Using reflective pearl particles in a moisturising, non-caking base, the VF21 Volume Brightener fills in wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.  Three ways to use this highlighter:
Cover blemishes such as red spots, discolorations and pimples
Apply 3-4 dots on areas such as the T-zone, C-zone, chin and nose bridge for highlight (add more volume) 
Brighten up dark areas on your face, cover under-eye circles for a more refreshed look

Another wonderful product I got to try thanks to Mother!
I found this line a while ago, naturally due to the fact that VF stands for Vampire Face!
That is also the reason why I have been waiting for an excuse to try some of these vampiric goodies. Poor Mother recently lost her makeup bag while travelling and was in dire need of replacing everything for as little money as possible.
Her usual products were mid to high end and buying all of those in one go is a little expensive.
I also think she wanted to see if she could get some good stuff for cheap, I mean who doesn’t!

So a highlighter was needed. 
One that looked very natural and could be used on any parts of the face, especially under the eyes. She doesn’t use any concealers but she likes to brighten the area with a highlighter sometimes. Being a mature being, she also insisted on a non creasing product.
So off I went researching highlighters.
I am not a fan of them myself since I don’t like any shiny things.
No glitter, no shimmer, no pearl.
I am simply not a fan.
I do like glow though and that is what I was looking for.
A natural glowy highlighter.
From the online description and swatches this looked to fit pretty well and the price was good too.
And once again Vampires don’t let me down!
This stuff is great!

I actually like it more than Touche Éclat!
Honestly, I thought that the famous Touche Éclat was a little overhyped.
I mean it is a nice product but I feel the hype was more about its novelty when it came out than its miraculous results.
This highlighter is also a touch pen type product.
You click on the back and it comes out at the brush end.
When used for the first time, please don’t click on it like crazy just as I did, way too much came out and I did not know what to do with it.
Once used, one click is really enough for both eyes.
The highlighter is smooth and creamy almost like foundation.
It looks quite light but blends in beautifully.
No reverse panda eyes here!

It smells like foundation as well, but in a very soft way.
It is only noticeable when held to the nose.
I kind of cross dab the product in a triangle under my eyes and then pat gently with my fingertips to blend. It definitely highlights the area visibly but in a very smooth and natural way.

application method shown on the right eye
It doesn’t even look like it is there which I find is perfect!
It definitely does make a difference in terms of refreshing the eye area.
Keep in mind that this is not a concealer and it will not hide dark circles!
I tried this on other parts of my face as well and it performed just as naturally as under the eyes.
Its durability is quite surprising for such a creamy product.
It lasted 6 hours fine with no creasing or rubbing off.
I call that a winner!
Left side without, right side with
I don’t like using concealers under my eyes since I haven’t found one that works well for my dry skin.
They either tug or crease eventually, but this one does neither, which is what I have been looking for.
It is so easy to apply and looks so natural that it is also a fantastic product for makeup newbies who want to improve their appearance naturally while not putting too much effort or know how into it.

Ingredients: Coudln't find them

 I can definitely recommend this for anyone who wants to use a natural highlighter.
Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

Winter light playing tricks on me as usual. VF21 under both eyes