Johnny Clyde reviews: Holika Holika UV Wonder Shield Leports Sun SPF 50 PA +++

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Holika Holika! Sunscreen for your skin! It smells like the beach. 
Well it smells like people at the beach, I suppose. Although I've never actually gone around the beach smelling people. I think that sometimes you just imagine how things smell, so for me Holika Holika sunscreen smells like cartoon beach bodies. 
With a hint of lizard blood. 

Smells like this guy
So this stuff feels like glue, minus the sticky bits. 
Which makes it not really glue-like at all. If you can imagine a non sticky elmers glue though, that's it exactly. If you can't imagine that, then I guess it feels like the chunky bits of old milk. 
I think maybe now you'll try a bit harder to imagine non sticky glue, hmm? 
If you've got facial hair (like me) or eyebrows (also like me) prepare for the white cast!
You'll look like
*the shining spoiler*
frozen Jack at the end of The Shining.

Except probably warmer since you are trying to protect yourself from sun rays. 
Todays review is brought to you by multiple contradictions.
1. Blegh!
I rate this a oneeeee, but mostly because I don't really like sun screen to begin with. I don't really have anything against sunscreen though, just never really got along. Like, I guess it's sort of judgy but whatever. 

Sunscreen sucks, thanks for the much needed protection though. 
Yours truly, Johnny Clyde

Mois thoughts:
I was looking for a cheap sunscreen for Johnny a long while back. 
My HG sunscreen is teeny tiny and not super cheap so I was looking for a convenient alternative. 
I didn't find many Korean sunscreen reviews at the time so I just went for a random one. 
Well, it didn't work out too fantastically. Honestly I hate this sunscreen and gave up using it even for my body. 
As Johnny mentioned, this smells extremely sunscreeny. Not something that bothers me at all, by the way. For me, the issue is that it performs exactly like sunscreen. It is on the same level as average European sunscreens, so no where near as bad as Coppertone and such.  
It is very thick without ever sinking into your skin. It just stays on top lingering for hours leaving an annoying greasy film. When I questioned Johnny about what he meant with glue on your face, he elaborated that it was what the film this sunscreen leaves on his face reminded him off. 
To me it isn't like glue but old fashion sunscreen. I guess I am less creative than him.
On top of that gross feeling, this cream also has a white cast. 
Very noticeably so. 
On me it just gives me the ghosty look ( not the kind I am usually going for).

Thick consistency cream to the left. On the right pic, the white cast is visible on the right side

On someone with facial hair it creates unsightly white patches. 
Not a good look. 
Honestly I have nothing good to say about this sunscreen besides that it protects and isn't as awful as some others I have tried. I definitely don't recommend this. 
There is many others that are much much better, such as my favorite Biore Watery Mousse or even other Korean ones.
I am happy this bottle is finally empty and I don't have to see it floating around any more.

Just a quick side note. I also own the spray from this line which is actually quite lovely. 
Now you might wonder why I would buy a spray from the same line of this hated sunscreen? 
It was the highest rated cheap sun spray on Get it Beauty and since no reviews were around I blindly trusted their judgement. Review coming soon...

Ingredients: Here
PH: 7 (really, why though?)

I agree with Johnny Clyde on this one. If I wouldn't hate throwing things out I would have chucked this one real quick. Thanks Johnny for putting up with using this for so long!
Rating:  1.Blegh 2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

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