The Saem Urban Eco Harakeke Seed Oil review

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With my super dry skin, facial oils are a must!
95% of moisturisers (besides Ladykin's Vanpir cream) I have tried, don't have sufficient oils in them to be able to soothe my skin and if they do they are too thick and heavy to feel comfortable.
So I have to add oils separately to a lighter and more hydrating cream.
The only problem is that I hate the feeling of oils on my face!
I have tried a lot of 100% pure oils such as almond and coconut but they are too greasy and never seem to sink in. I have tried mixed oils, both organic and non organic, they are a little comfier than pure oils but still bothersome. Mixing the oils into my creams helps but is still greasy on my face.
Thankfully I have lovely friends with whom I have sample exchanges and thanks to one of those friends I got to try the Saems Harakeke seed oil.
I love this stuff!

 It is the driest oil I have ever felt ( much nicer than Nuxe's!) yet is absolutely effective in adding sufficient oils to my skin. It is so non oily that Johnny Clyde, who has an even worse aversion to facial oils than me, didn't even notice I added oil to his lotion!
It is good enough to add on its own to the face as well.
It is quite delightful!

It is not as thick as many oils and applies quite dry.
You can feel it on your face but it sinks in fast.
It is wonderfully moisturising and gives you a glow without being overly greasy.
I really like it!
It is quite liquid, yet thicker than water, and yellowish in color.
I think it smells like green skincare and Johnny says it smells like leaves.
Either way the scent isn't strong and dissipates fast.

When I ran out of it the first time I spent almost an entire year experimenting with other oils when I finally got it on sale. I am so happy with it I am almost scared to experiment with others.
This is definitely the nicest oil I have tried but it is not my HG yet since I believe there is something even better out there. So I will continue to experiment but I am not certain that I will actually find anything nicer.
Until then this will be my favorite.

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