Tonymoly Green Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream review

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I don't write many reviews of products I don't like. Not because I don't want to but because I honestly don't use that many duds. I have a good track record with Asian cosmetics so of course I keep coming back for more, but one can never completely avoid some disappointing products sometimes.
Also, just because a product didn't work for me doesn't mean that it is a bad product.
The only times I do say that a product isn't any good, is if it doesn't do what it promises or anything else positive even if it wasn't advertised.
In this case, this product practically doesn't do anything at all.
I would like to note though, that it might indeed have something to do with my skin type but I have also heard from many a person with different skin types than mine that it didn't perform for them either.

My collection as seen on Instagram

I got this product from a skincare exchange ( I am always up for those!) and thought I should complete my little Tonymoly fruit collection. Thinking back when I got the other two I actually liked them then, but now that I have used so many other wonderful products, I feel like they are quite average to be honest.But yeah Appletox is definitely below average.

I have sensitive and reactive skin so physical peelings are a no-no. I also have flaky skin so makeup is also a no-no unless I exfoliate. So in comes peeling gels which ideally are so very convenient and gentle and still do their job. The only thing is that peeling gels need to actually work.
Which in this case, as you might have guessed, it didn’t.

So, peeling gels don't actually take bits of your skin, which then balls up and you can wash off.
That would be pretty weird (and awesome of course!) but it is not the case.
What happens is that the peeling gels react with the oils of your skin which then turns the gel into little balls which then very gentle exfoliate your face (well explained in this experiment).
The problem is when the gel does not ball up and all you do is rub this cream around on your face.
Which is exactly what happens with this Apple peeling.
So I suspect that there is the possibility that I simple have no oils on my face and that is the reason why it wont ball up and exfoliate. It is probably biologically impossible not to have face oils but either I have the minimum amount there can be or I am a freak of nature.
Who knows.
Fact is that it doesn’t do anything on my freshly washed face and it balls up a teeny tiny bit on my dirty face.
Which to me confirms the oil theory.
Some people have recommended to leave the peeling gel on my face for a couple of minutes.
It does actually improve the efficacy but the amount of balls that appear is quite sad and not peely at all. What this product does do, besides smelling nice, is slightly hydrate the skin.
But that is about it.
I honestly gave up using it since there is so many peeling gels that are actually much better.
I am not a fan of them since I feel like acids just do a better job at exfoliating but the gels can be convenient occasionally, specially for physical exfoliating fans.

Slightly massaged in the middle. Arrows point to the "peely" bits. Done on freshly washed hands
The texture of this gel is actually quite creamy. It also feels slightly oily but not that uncomfortable.
It does indeed smell nicely like green apples and not even that artificial at all.
I honestly think this is a waste of money though, unless you buy it for the packaging because that one is really cute!

Have you tried this product and how did you like it? What is the most disappointing product you have ever used?

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PH: 6

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