Changes, changes and more changes and Giveaway announcement

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Hallo there dear Batlings
as you can see lots of changes have been happening.
Even though I am still battling with depressions and my mental health journey is at a tough point while I try to get diagnosed (which can be a gruelling process), I am very motivated to make this a lovely space of skincare fun and happiness fluff.
Oh, well maybe that is not the best description but you know what I mean!

At my last Giveaway I asked you, dear readers, to tell me what sort of things you would like to see more on the blog and of course I am happy to oblige!
I really appreciate all the comments and suggestions from all of you.
I already have started writing a few new things keeping in mind what you have mentioned.
I also hope that you all like the new look!
The last change was a temporary in between buffer to see how I would like a lighter color scheme and I have to say that I dig it, so of course we went a step further and remade the whole thing.
As much as I like black and burgundy (Vampire life!), I am also a huge sucker for pastels.
I have been dreaming of a pastel rococo themed boudoir/toilette for a very long time and since that is not in the near future I thought I might as well give this blog a little touch of cake and sweetness. There will be a few more tweaks happening soon but nothing major anymore.

There is also a Giveaway winner to announce!
Congratulations Jessica for winning the 35th of May Celebration Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I hope that I will be able to hold another Giveaway soon. I still have a sample Giveaway that I wanted to hold and already started buying things for future ones as well.
So thanks again for being such amazing peeps. So long for now and don’t forget your towel!