Innisfrees Canola Honey Cream vs Cosrx Ceramide and Honey Cream aka Honey Cream Showdown

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Innisfrees Canola Honey Cream vs Cosrx Ceramide and Honey Cream

I have been on a honey kick lately. Well I always have been on a food in skincare kick, only that some ingredients are more appealing to me than others. Mostly it is ingredients that I actually like putting in my mouth and possibly already used for a myriad of reasons which might included home skincare tricks already. Honey is one of them. I have been using honey for different skin woes for a long time and seeing honey readily available as an ingredients in my skincare seems incredibly appealing.
Also, considering that they are generally not sticky and droopy.
So I have been able to get quite a few different honey items that I would like to compare for you peeps. Today I will talk about two creams but soon I will also post about 3 different honey serum/essence type products.
So stay tuned!

This will be a hard comparison since I kinda love both these creams.
But apparently my skin seems to notice a difference.
I was thinking of simply talking about the differences and similarities in my usual rambly sort of way but honestly I don't think much will come out of it since I like them both, and well, my rambles can seem a little confusing at times.
So I will go with a more organised type of comparison.
Lets see where to start…scent!
Why not…


Innisfrees Canola Honey cream (ICHC) smells divine.
It isn’t strong and doesn't linger, but the scent is definitely Honey like, with a touch of flowers.
Cosrx Ceramide and Honey cream (CCHC) smells like nothing. It is scentless and I really appreciate that in skincare since most smells get too much for me very fast.


ICHCs texture is very buttery and luxurious. I love how smooth it feels and how it melts with my skin.
CCHCs texture is also quite amazing. It is slightly thicker and velvety but also turns watery and fresh when it is rubbed in.

Innisfrees Canola Honey Cream vs Cosrx Ceramide and Honey Cream swatch

ICHC is a cream of medium heaviness. It is clearly a cream but it also has some hydrating properties which are clear with its watery texture when rubbed into skin. It is neither super hydrating nor super occlusive so it works well in both regards. It works for my super dry skin well in the winter and summer since it isn't heavy nor makes me oily whatsoever. I do think it is suitable for dry to normal skin and combo to oily skin during the night. It makes my skin smooth and glow and is very pleasant to use.

CCHC is very similar to Innisfrees honey version. It is also medium in terms of heaviness with a good mixture of both hydration and oils. The finish is a tad bit matte though so I do think it might work for combo skin during the day as well. But it really depends on your personal preferences.
This also works well during all seasons for my dry skin. I have to add extra hydration and oils in my routine for my skin to be happy but I have to do the same thing for the ICHC too.


I really love both these moisturizers practically equally. But when I am out of both, which one would I repurchase? That to me is the ultimate questions since I obviously don't need two honey creams in my life at the same time. In the end I think I would go with Cosrx Ceramide and Honey cream since I think my skin loves it more. This is not something I can prove but just a gut feeling I have. I feel like my skin was maybe 1.5 percent happier during my Cosrx trial phase than during my Innisfree one. But then again I was able to test CCHC two weeks longer than ICHC. Or maybe I am biased since I love Cosrx. Who knows. The point is that both creams are really lovely and if you need to decide between both, and neither of the differences above help you with that decision, you could always put them in a hat and draw. Or possibly see if you can find samples first. Or buy both. Or get the one that is cheaper. Or get the one that is available in your favourite shop.
So I hope I didn't make things even more confusing than they already are but in the end I would have to go with Cosrx. Or maybe I should not repurchase any but simply buy a different Honey cream to try!

Innisfrees Canola Honey Cream available at Beautynetkorea
Ingredients: Here
Cosrx Ceramide and Honey Cream available at Wishtrend
Ingredients: Here

Have you tried any of these two and which one did you like more? 

What is your favourite honey cream?

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