What I Do Besides Blogging

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Screenshot from Ceaseless. Can you spot the Korean Cleanser?

I just realized that some of you might have no clue what I do in my day to day life. If you would go off the information on this blog it might look like I slather myself in skincare all day, while watching tons of films trying to not get a breakdown from too much anxiety and depression.
While some of my days might look like that, not all do.

I am actually an artist, which some of you might have deduced if you went back enough in my blog history.
I have always been that kind of kid that was different. I loved fashion and art since a very young age. I remember one of my favorite things to do was to dress up, put on makeup and either dance or lip sync to my favorite soul songs. Sometimes I would copy the makeup on CD covers or just improvise.

Costumes had to be modelled of course!
I don’t remember a time not liking to draw or craft. Some of my favorite memories of my childhood are crafting with Mother. One of my favourites were making things out of plaster and then painting them. They usually were some kind of miniature items and I remember being so proud to be able to use the smallest brush we found in the art store. No surprise that I ended up making miniatures out of polymer clay for years!
That is actually were the name 35th of May came from.
I needed a name for my etsy store and I thought it was a good fit.
I have been doing so many art related things over the years but my favorites have been writing, sewing, interior decorating and beauty related things. I love them since I can incorporate them in every day life which keeps my surroundings visually pleasing to me and my look eccentric in a most comfortable way.
It is correct to say that even though I love doing a lot of different things I had never really found the one to truly fulfil my life.
As much as I loved making jewellery, it just started losing its magic for me.
After a lifetime of switching art types back and forth I realised I needed to find something that is diverse enough to always keep me on my toes.

I actually made a miniature Tea set for this shoot but only one tiny bit is visible on the right
One of my biggest obsessions that I have had since I was able to press the play button on a VCR, were movies. I mean, they are my friends and some of them make me truly happy when I need it the most.
As someone who struggles with several neurodiverse issues, films can be life changing.
They can help me get through those really hard days and make me feel less weird and alone in this world.As someone who loves art, films are just wonderful inspiration and something that brightens my day when I find real life too dull.
I always knew that the film industry was something I would aim to work in but never thought I could ever break through into it. Starting to work in film can be very hard if one has no connections, or one lives in a place without film related anythings.

A Pre-Raphaelite inspired shoot photographed by Vicente Arenas
 Of course my young me never predicted the invention of digital film and meeting my magical husband Johnny Clyde.
When I met him, he was an ex film projectionist that wanted to be a composer but his secret wish was to become a film director.
Now thinking back, it is pretty funny he never told me his goal was to become a director, since I never told him mine was to become a production designer in film.
By the time we met, I had done the production in photoshoots but never vocalised the wish to branch out to moving pictures.
I guess we were meant to be, since we are a perfect fit both in our personal as our professional life.
Once we left the USA and finally had some time to create art again we immediately started planning our first film. A short called Ceaseless.
It was a rollercoaster of experience. We realised our non neurotypical brains worked in a very unique way that most people had not anticipated. It was a breeze to make Johnny’s world a reality.
We are so in tune and have similar tastes that with a bit of cash and things I found in our place (and the Library for that matter), I turned out newly moved into apartment into a film set.

Behind the scenes on Ceaseless

Now I have the opportunity to work an a feature film and I am so incredibly excited about that!
I can not even express how much this means to me. I have been searching for so long and I know I have finally found it! I feel like the production work I have done so far all built up to this one moment.  Into the World Inverted is such a simple story that is still utterly enchanting and magical. It is a true challenge to visually create a world that is both real yet surreal at the same time.
My computer is filled up with mood boards, inspirational photos and notes about all of the characters costumes, hair, makeup and sets.
I am incredibly lucky to be working with people that I respect and admire. It makes creating looks for them such a breeze and once again Johnny and I are always in the same lane when it comes to aesthetics.

Collaboration with Taylor Dolan, one of the leads in Into the World Inverted
 We are currently in the funding stages since one needs Moolah to make a feature film.
It would mean the world to me if you could check the project out (Here) and share it with your friends. I believe that living out your passion is one of the most important things to obtain happiness. This is my passion!
And having it so close is simply life changing.

I hope this has shed a little light on what I do. I am generally a very private person so I usually don’t talk about my non blogging life. If there is any specifics you are interested in, feel free to ask me though. I might be private but I am not secretive!
What are your secret or not so secret passions?