Blackbird Cosmetics Mattes, Vol 1 review

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Blackbird Cosmetics Mattes, Vol 1

I honestly cant remember how I found Blackbird cosmetics. I must have been searching the internet in hopes of finding some decently priced eye shadow in rosey and red shades that can be strangely difficult to find. Either way I am very happy that I found them and that I indeed took the plunge and ordered their sample set.
I am not huge on eye shadow but I do occasionally enjoy doing some looks with it. I own a decent variety of shades but I actually only use one palette (my precious Dior Massai palette). As much as I love my precious Dior palette there are still a few shades that I don't have and thought that with them I would indeed decorate my lids more often.
Since I have never used Indie shadows before, I did quite a bit of research and it almost looked like Indie shadows were a science to themselves and one had to learn how to use them since they are so different to other eye shadows. I was a little worried that I might not be able to use these without special brushes or even primer (which I don't own) so I prepared for the worst.
I have to say I was not prepared to like these shadows this much. The colors looked absolutely stunning in person! The shadows are creamy and smooth and apply like a velvety dream.

Blackbird Cosmetics Mattes, Vol 1 swatch

They are very pigmented so primer was not necessary at all and only a little is needed which makes the samples last quite a bit. I tried different application techniques and even though they were all slightly different in terms of the outcome they all made for nice results.
These shadows are also really long lasting. The swatches on my arms survived 2 showers (granted I did not rub the arm but it did get wet a plenty) and 3 sleeps. When I applied the shadows to my hand rubbing would not make them budge either. On my lids they lasted all day without a primer and did not fade at all.

Blackbird Cosmetics Mattes, Vol 1 swatch

One quirk I noticed was that some colors apply a little lighter but when you blend them in, they get darker. I assume it is because of some kind of chemistry magic which makes the swatches more realistic than the powders alone.
I guess what I liked the most about these was that they were all cool toned and powdery. In a vintage kind of way, not the dry skin ashy type that is unflattering. Wearing these made me feel like an Edwardian maiden left in the sun to fade for 100 years yet miraculously remaining fresh faced that whole time. I know it sounds weird but when makeup makes you feel like a fresh Edwardian maiden then it is good stuff!

Blackbird Cosmetics Mattes, Vol 1 look
Trying an Edwardian maiden impression
I loved that with the colors given in this set I could do very natural and neutral looks, fresh innocent looks and also dark vampier looks. They are so versatile that I used them as blush, contour and lip color as well, which together with their tiny size makes them fantastic to travel with.
In fact I took these together with a bunch of makeup on my last trip but only used my favorite shades for everything out of this collection.
I was very happy when I received two contouring shades as well since I am looking for the perfect color that makes for an invisible contour on my skin tone.  Something I have not been able to achieve in a long time. Since Thirteen is practically my perfect crease shade, I thought that I had high chances that I would find a great contour shade here too. And yes I did. Diminish is wonderfully grey but not too grey and not too warm. Even though it is very pigmented it matches my skin eerily so, it is almost invisible. Now I really hope that Blackbird Cosmetics comes out with Blushes!

My favorite shades are: Immortals, Imogen, Thirteen, Fiction and Gravity.
And here is a look I created using only the colors in the set on the eyes, cheek and lips.
I don't have looks with all the shades but you can follow me on Instagram for more.

Blackbird Cosmetics Mattes, Vol 1 look

Purchased on Etsy but now available here
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Wonderful eye shadow I would recommend to any one with an affordable price, great colors and beautiful texture
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