Batman socks review aka Confessions of a sock afficionado

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Something you might not know about me is that I love socks. I am like some kind of a sock connoisseur or collector. I have always been into non conformist socks (aka white or black) since I can remember. I have had sock offs (comparing weirdest socks with other people and crowning a winner) been called sock girl and gone on sock only shopping sprees many times.
Usually I am not happy about trends but one trend I am super happy with, is the weird sock trend that has been going on for the past few years. Back in the day the only kind of different type socks I found were either for children or plain colorful ones. For some reason finding vintage socks in Europe is very difficult so I wasn't able to dig into that treasure trove of awesomeness until I moved to the US.
Nowadays there is socks of all types available. From historical accurate patterns to your favorite pop culture heroes.

I have even made sock buddies!

A few weeks back a new shop contacted me to see if we could work together. I was of course curious to see if this store would be interesting as a new sponsor for this blog. And yes, Kosmeshop is indeed now one of my new sponsors since their shop stands out in one interesting way.
They sell socks!
And really cool socks that is.
I really love the fact that now I can get my newest Korean skincare needs while throwing an awesome and cheap pair of socks in my cart at the same time.
It was hard but I chose one sock to try and of course it had to be Batman.

How they came packaged
I love Batman quite a bit and have a lot of Batman clothing and home gear laying around. For the price of 1.99 I was not sure what kind of quality to expect but as someone who wears Primark socks ( I know they break after 4 washes but the prints can be quite cool), I didn’t have too high expectations.
I was actually really surprised how nice the print looked when they arrived.
It looked very crisp and you could tell it wasn't just printed on there but the colors were woven into the pattern.
Also they have ears!
How cute is that!
I have heard it is common to have ears and such on Korean socks but that is not something you see in Europe at all.

Love the grumpy face!
I finally put the sock on my feet and they felt so wonderfully soft. The quality is great and I am super impressed by the price/quality ratio here. I have worn them for about two weeks now with washes in between and they still look very fresh. There is a little bit of piling on the toes, heels and sides, the areas that get the most stress in shoes, but it is super decent compared to cheap socks that pile if you just look at them. Washing hasn’t changed the print or the softness of the cloth at all which is also nice.
All in all the prints available are really cool and the quality is great for the price. I am very happy with my socks and will definitely get more in the future.
Thanks a bunch Kosmeshop for offering socks and uniting my two loves into one store!

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