The Saem Natural Cucumber Sheet Mask review

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Have you ever had that moment where you were convinced that you did something specific but then realise you never did such thing after it is far too late? Like thinking you took pictures of your brand new sheet masks then putting them all on your face and by the time you notice that it was all in your head, all the packaging is ripped open and tossed away?
That is exactly what happened here.
Usually it is no big deal for me since I rarely review sheet masks, unless they are either different in some kind of a way or really nice.
Well, this one belongs in the latter category.
I actually quite enjoyed this mask and thus wanted to tell you about it.
I have no product pictures or photos of it on my face since I used it during the night and no light means no photo.
I guess this will just have to do for in between words entertainment

Why did I like this mask even though I kind of believe that sheet masks are all the same?
Why do I even continue using sheet masks even though I find them wet and unpleasant?
These questions and more will be answered straight after the intermission.

Lets start with the first.
I use sheet masks, even though I am not a fan of cold wetness, because they work and I prefer something I can leave on my face to washing something off. They can be cheap and quite convenient, so I will likely not stop any time soon. But I will likely move on to using mostly hydrogels since they are more pleasant to use and not so wet. Downside is they are more expensive and as a permanently broke person they will likely just be in between luxuries for me.

Secondly, the reason this sheet mask positively stood out to me is likely that The Saem remembered that people have senses and senses add a lot, in terms of how human beings experience things.
In this case the stand out feature is the scent.
Wow this stuff smells amazing!
You know how some cucumber scents are quite bland and borderline unpleasant but then some are so nice that you want to paint your wall with the scent just so you can inhale its scent goodness 24/7. This is one of those plaster your wall and drown yourself in it scents.
I mean good!
The good thing is that it is quite subtle, so scentsitive people likely won't have issues with it (like me, I have huge beefs with scents regularly) yet it is there the entire time you wear the sheet mask without poking you in the nose non stop to make sure you haven't forgotten it is still there.

The other good thing is also that this sheet mask is smothered in essence.
So much that one can use the left over for another 3-4 uses by patting it into your face with your hands.
Even though I loved the smell of this mask so much the night I used it by the time I applied the leftover essence to my face in the morning, a whole new rush of happy scents with good memories came back to me. It is like the positive memory of it is not as good as the actual smell.
That is an impressive feat to be honest!

A kind of free illustration of what happened that next morning

The other sensory pleasure of this mask is its sheet.
It might not be the best sheet ever used but it is soft and velvety. It feels really pleasant on my face and I don't even mind that it doesn't have the perfect fit for it. The fit is quite decent though. It is a little big for my tiny face and the mouth hole was a little small for my big mouth but it was not disturbing the usage at all.
So besides the amazing scent and the lovely texture of the actual sheet, the mask also feels cooling and soothing while being worn.
The results are quite nice. Not miraculous but absolutely noticeable.
My skin was hydrated (not something every mask achieves) and it even calmed down some of my redness I had due to having a cold, some spots and blowing my nose profusely.
My skin was more even afterwards and I had a lovely hydrated skin glow.
So as you can see the sheet mask is absolutely solid. Even if the smell wouldn't have been so enchanting I would have still liked the mask.
I even would like to try other types of this mask just to see if there is another gem in the line up.
So far The Saem has not let me down and all the products I have used by them I either like or loved. Definitely a brand I will continue to explore.


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Do you use masks? What is your favorite sheet masks?

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes. That fact does not alter my review or opinion in any matter. For more information read my Disclaimer page.