Graymelin Natural 100%Facial Oil

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If you roam around on reddit or have talked to me in private, you might have heard me say that facial oils are THE thing one needs with dry skin. I also feel like anyone else can benefit from facial oils since they are wonderful creatures put on earth to make our skin feel lovely and comfortable.
Since I have very dry skin, oils are essential to me since I seem to produce close to zero natural sebum myself. Since most creams are created for people with at least a little bit of their own natural oils, using them expecting to fix my zero sebum skin is like wishful thinking.
So in comes facial oils that I can then use depending on the state of my skin.
The only issue is that I hate how oils feel on my face. Since I was little I had to use several oils and I hated every one of them. Olive, almond and coconut oil were the most common ones I had to use and if you ever put any of these on your face you might know they are not the most elegant and fast absorbing ingredients to ever be on your skin.
Thankfully facial oils are now very common and come mixed to target different skin types. Since there is such a large variety you can really get some that are thick and sit on your face forever and ever and some that sink in so fast you barely have time to register that it is an oil.

When I saw Graymelin for the first time I was so enchanted with the packaging. I am a sucker for vintage and as you can tell by the name that is exactly what they are going for.  While I was trying to find an adequate Graymelin product to get, I saw that they have a facial oil.
Bingo for me!
I am always on the look out for a new facial oil and this one just looked very promising. After a quick look at the ingredients, which indeed consist of 100% oils, I was sold.

First thing I noticed was the beautiful packaging.
Luckily it is also convenient packaging since I can not really do much with beautiful products that are a pain to use every day.

The oil is clear and smells like nothing. If you have a good sense of smell and really put your nose into it, you get a slight whiff of generic oil scent. It is indeed thin in consistency and relatively liquid.
The thin consistency lets it penetrate very fast. It kind of absorbs while spreading it onto your face. The good thing about this oil is that you can't feel it at all yet it is clearly there. If I touch my face I can feel it but not as an oil film just the way my skin feels when I add oil and it has already absorbed. It also doesn't give me a shiny face but a healthy glow. Even though it sinks in so fast with its thin consistency, it does all I want from a facial oil. It might not act like most oils but my skin can certainly tell that it does some good stuff to it. I can put it on my face by itself since it is so non oily or mix it into my moisturiser.  I have been using this stuff everyday for a month and a half and I have used less than a quarter bottle.

On the right the oil is freshly applied with absorption time before the photo was taken

I really like this stuff and really have no complaints.
It is now in my top two best oils I have used, and likely not to be kicked of the spot any time soon. The success with this product has made me super curious about other Graymelin products as well and I hope I get the chance to try some out since they look super promising.

Fast absorbing yet nourishing facial oils suitable for any skin type
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Do you use facial oils? Which one is your favourite?

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