Dry Skin Tips and Secrets, Skinesode II

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Hi there dear batlings welcome to another episode of Dry Skin Tips & Secrets!
If you have missed the first Skinesode you can find it here.
Today I will talk about another simple trick on how to deal with dry or dehydrated skin.
This trick is almost too simple to write a blog post about and I am sure many of you already apply it in some form, but as usual I am slow to the party and maybe there is another one of you slow pokes out there that might appreciate this trick.
I actually figured this one out because of my eczema but never applied it to my skin when I was eczema free.
Why, no idea.
As I said I am a slow pokey snail turtle.

This is what I got when I asked Johnny for a slow pokey snail turtle

You know many of you oily skinned folks probably use some kind of a mask when showering.
Clay masks are a pain to wash off so using them in the shower makes things way more convenient. Dry or dehydrated folks usually avoid drying masks such as clay masks so they are often left with no masking during the convenient shower times. Or they just wash their faces or exfoliate or maybe even nothing. I went through phases in my shower routines but most of the times I just stood really awkwardly trying to dodge droplets to avoid getting water on my face since having it in contact with water during an entire showering ordeal (which can take up to 40 minutes when I had really long hair) would be a death sentence for my dry skin.
Sometimes I used this time to really exfoliate my skin without worrying getting bits in my hairline, but this is only a once a week occurrence max and now that I use acids it is more like a once every other month occurrence.
So back I was to the awkward shower dodging dance.

Exact representation of me in the shower

Now here comes the eczema part. When suffering from eczema one should avoid long watering sessions, particularly warm water, at all costs.
So what does one do?
Smother their eczema affected areas in oil or balm. That worked really well since both are water repellent and protected my skin from the horrifying effects of evil water (exaggerating for dramatic purposes).

We all know how it turned out for her!

As you might have already read in the last Skinesode my face is happier when water is avoided, but when I don't suffer from eczema smothering my face in oil or balm really does not seem appealing. So in come wash off masks.
I am not a fan of wash off masks since they require washing of.
But in showers it is one of those super convenient little tricks that are so obvious I clearly missed it!
Now that I am eczema free (on my face, since my neck is having a little eczema party by itself) I like to add a really thick layer of whatever wash off mask I have on hand and not have to worry about the little evil droplets trying to suck the hydration out of my skin. By the time I am done I simply wash it off and my face feels even nicer than before.
Sometimes I do top this off with a light physical exfoliation too.


I like to use masks that are laying around that I am not too impressed with, or simply ones that can be spread thickly and actually hydrate my face.
I have been using Tonymolys Appletox Honey cream for this due to its sticky texture is not comfortable to use outside of showers reach. It is not the best mask I own and I had it sitting around in my bathroom for so long due to its unimpressive results on my skin but it is rather a great shower mask. It does exactly what I want from it in terms of protecting my skin from the H2Os drying powers, while giving me a bit of hydrating at the same time.
So there I got two birds with one stone as people say (do they?) or I guess more like three birds.
So either way, if you have dry or dehydrated skin smother your face in a nice hydrating face mask pre shower, hop in, do your thing and wash off when done.
Believe me your face will thank you for it!

That was it for the day and hopefully I can come up with new tips on how to deal with dry and dehydrated skin that don't involve avoiding water.
How do you usually keep your face busy while showering?