Too Cool For School McGirly Good Morning Rice Wash

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I like weird skincare and I like skincare that has not just an odd function but also a weird application method. But I don't like skincare that does nothing while having to invest a whole bunch of time into using it. Maybe I just don't get this particular item but I just really don't see the point of its existence.

So picture little sachets of powder that seem like they might be cleansing powder but aren't used for cleansing. Supposedly they are for after cleansing or in the morning washing. That sounds like it might be a toner but it actually isn't. Well then might it be a cleansing water for the morning?
No it is not since it doesn't actually cleanse.
So what is it then?
I honestly don't know, if you have figured it out please let me know.

The box says that it is there to Moisturise (nope), Soothe (if water is soothing I guess yes? not really though) and Purify ( I honestly don't even know what that entails exactly).

The directions say to dissolve one pouch in 600ml of water and then for my final rinse (which rinse?) apply it to my face. No rinsing required. There is also a bowl pictured.
So my interpretation is that I am suppose to get a whole lot of water in a bowl and after putting the sachet into it splash my face with this.
Ok, well not sure why I would do that.
But I tried.
It left me with an incredibly wet and messy bathroom and myself covered in rice wash liquid.
I then proceeded to try this as a morning cleanser but it actually didn't cleanse at all.
I thought I would try it as a toner type product by mixing it with water and then patting it into my face.

The issue is that each application method left me with a fine layer of white powder on part of my face. Besides that it did absolutely nothing to my skin either. At least nothing more than pure water would.
I am not saying this is a bad product per se, but I simply don't know what to do with it.
I am quite disappointed since I love the Mcgirly rice scrub and quite enjoyed all the other items from the same line too.
If you know what this is for please enlighten me?
I would love to know the purpose of this particular product!

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