Holika Holika Skin & Good Cera Ultra Essence Mist review

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Holika Holika Skin & Good Cera Ultra Essence Mist review

For most of the past year or possibly even more I have been reading mist recommendations as a somewhat amazing product that one "NEEDS" to use for skin comfort. Mists are touted as a hydration powerhouse that are meant to relieve skin during hot summer days or when air gets dry during cold winters. Having dehydrated skin, mists sound like a must-have to be able to fight that dehydration a little better. Especially considering that I live in a dry climate all year round, that might be killing off my skin little by little (at least that is how it feels sometimes).
It is funny how you often only read one-sided opinions until you try a product and make your own. Those are the perfect moments when you suddenly spot that rare opinion that the product might not be as great as most people say since it doesn't necessarily work in situation A or on skin type B.

That is exactly what happened. I finally got some mists and realised that they are pretty useless for dry skin, and that it is often more of a comfort product than a product to make significant change in the routine. A few months after this realisation I finally saw two people say just that. 
"Mists seem useless for dry skin."  And they are mostly right. 
After all, most mists, being the water based creatures they are, don't supply any oils to your face, which is what dry skin really needs. 
I wanted to give up on mists, also because I don't find them to be that pleasant to use at all, but then I spotted the Good Cera Ultra Essence Mist.
Ceramides is one of these ingredients that science says I should use for my skin type. 

Science also says that most ceramides are not formulated to be as effective as I need them to be to make a significant difference for my skin type. This puts me in a complicated spot. 
How does someone as ingredients savvy as I (not really, most of it is gibberish to me unless I really read up on it) figure out when a ceramide product is formulated to the point that the ceramides aren't just there to hydrate but also to help my skin barrier and all over dryness? 
Oh man, it's a lot of work I tell you. And sometimes I still can’t figure it out. Especially when you can't find ingredient lists.
Either way if this mist helps repair my skin barrier, which seems to always float somewhere between heavily fine and limbo-y death, it's not that relevant right now since it is the rare unicorn at the end of the rainbow. It is a mist to actually help dry skin!
Yeah you read that right. After an entire rant of how useless mists are for dry skin I present to you a mist that works for dry skin. Ha, I can be cheeky too sometimes.

I mean of course "working" is subjective since everyone's skin is different. But at least it is the mist that comes the closest to giving my super dry skin any kind of relief besides temporary wetness.

The reason for that being ( I can only assume without ingredients) is that the mist actually has some oils in it. And I can feel it. Just like adding a hydrating toner does not feel the same as adding an emulsion to your skin, even if the toner is really thick and the emulsion is really liquid usually there is a difference in the emollient/occluder part of the product that makes the difference for a dry skinned person.
Usually when I use a mist my face gets wet, then it dries and then it feels exactly the same way it did before I used it. Which usually is a dry sad bit of skin that I still am pretty convinced has a personal vendetta against me. Ok, maybe not that bad since at least it is so nice to seem relatively decent looking to an outsider but on the inside it's usually tight and often also painful and itchy.
Anywho, when I add the Good Cera mist my skin gets wet, then it dries and then it actually feels like product was added to my skin!
That is the huge difference. And just like if I would only add a hydrating toner, my skin would probably laugh at my attempt and promptly go back to being super dry, it has to work a little harder if I would only add an emulsion instead.
So basically this mist is like the emulsion equivalent of all mists. I am not sure there is more out in the world since I haven't found others but so far I am quite happy with this one.

The smell is super inoffensive which is important to me. It smells kind of like the rest of the Good Cera line but softer. It's a creamy type skincare scent that is hard to describe.
The mist mechanism is indeed very fine which makes the experience significantly less wet unless you choose to spray for a long time. 
And as mentioned before there is indeed some kind of a change after the mist dries. It is not that it leaves a layer per se on the skin but simply like you applied more than just water.
My skin feels better after using it even though it is indeed temporary. But that way if I use it a few times a day it holds me over on the days that I am feeling especially dry.

Holika Holika Skin & Good Cera Ultra Essence Mist review

Since my skin is so extremely dry and it is relatively happy with this product I can only assume that the dry skinned peeps out there that are more on the normal dry spectrum should be really happy with this mist as well. And if you are one of the lucky ones for whom no products seem to work (oh hey there buddies!) this might do at least a little bit (or more than other mists at least). So if you like mists and have dry skin I would absolutely recommend giving this a try. After all, they can relieve dryness in dry winter rooms or on hot summer days equally.

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