Nuxe Huile Prodigiuese Multi-Purpose Dry Oil

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I promise I am no Asian cosmetics snob and sneer down on anything non Asian. I simply had some disappointing experiences with French Pharmacy products but promise to review some beloved (to me) Western cosmetics in time. I don't know if I am spoiled with really good products, or if the internet just hyped up the French ones to death that my expectations where unrealistically high. Either way since I believe that every product deserves a review (not just the amazing ones) I decided to write about some of those meh and ugh Western ones I have used. Starting with a bunch of French items I got when visiting said country last year.

As you might have noticed I am a big fan of oils. Having virtually no natural sebum production, oils are one of those ingredients I can not do without. The only issues is that I have some sensory sensitivities and oils can be quite triggering. I simply can not stand to feel anything on my skin (moisture is fine actually as long as it is not too wet *yikes*) for too long and many products tend to tickle my skin which drives me crazy. Oils are quite problematic since they often leave a film that seems to stay on my skin for ever and ever. Many of them have this so called tickle effect which makes me want to wash them off immediately or simply scratch of my facial skin slowly and satisfactorily (similarly to the urges one gets when bitten by a mosquito).
That's about accurate
Fortunately not all oils have this effect on me and some of the sink in fast without tickling or any other nasty is effects.
Unfortunately Nuxes oils is not one of them. Being touted as a dry oil I really expected it to feel, well, kinda dry.
It does not to be honest.
It is not as bad as, lets say pure Olive or Coconut oil but it certainly is not as dry as (what I consider to be actually dry) the Graymelin 100% Natural Facial oil.
It certainly feels like oil and takes its time to sink in. It leaves your face with some shine that also takes quite a while to disappear.

I could live with this I suppose, but the worst part is the scent. Some people love it but even if I was fond of it, it is incredibly strong. To the point where I get a headache when I use it. It also doesn't dissipate quickly, which leaves me with this intense scent that seems to linger forever and ever. And of course I am not fond of the scent at all. It is hard to describe but it is certainly flowery in the bad vintage kind. At least to me, even though I quite like some vintage perfume scents. Looking at the ingredients fragrance is really high up for skincare, and seeing how many natural extracts and oils it has I really don't find it necessary.
Does it do its job as an oil, I suppose so, but so do all other oils. So for me this one is a big no no.
This is incredibly surprising to me since there is a few Nuxe products that I loved, including their Reve de Miel Creme Visage which I consider an HG western cream for very dry skin.

So if you like oily oils that are very strongly scented you will likely enjoy Nuxes “Dry” oil, otherwise maybe try another less oily, less intense, cheaper version for your own skincare pleasure.

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