Woeful Windsday

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Invocation by Remedios Varo

Woeful Windsday

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André Pieyre de Mandiargues – Masques de Leonor FiniParis, La Parade Éditions André Bonne, 1951

What I Do Besides Blogging

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Screenshot from Ceaseless. Can you spot the Korean Cleanser?

I just realized that some of you might have no clue what I do in my day to day life. If you would go off the information on this blog it might look like I slather myself in skincare all day, while watching tons of films trying to not get a breakdown from too much anxiety and depression.
While some of my days might look like that, not all do.

I am actually an artist, which some of you might have deduced if you went back enough in my blog history.
I have always been that kind of kid that was different. I loved fashion and art since a very young age. I remember one of my favorite things to do was to dress up, put on makeup and either dance or lip sync to my favorite soul songs. Sometimes I would copy the makeup on CD covers or just improvise.

Costumes had to be modelled of course!
I don’t remember a time not liking to draw or craft. Some of my favorite memories of my childhood are crafting with Mother. One of my favourites were making things out of plaster and then painting them. They usually were some kind of miniature items and I remember being so proud to be able to use the smallest brush we found in the art store. No surprise that I ended up making miniatures out of polymer clay for years!
That is actually were the name 35th of May came from.
I needed a name for my etsy store and I thought it was a good fit.
I have been doing so many art related things over the years but my favorites have been writing, sewing, interior decorating and beauty related things. I love them since I can incorporate them in every day life which keeps my surroundings visually pleasing to me and my look eccentric in a most comfortable way.
It is correct to say that even though I love doing a lot of different things I had never really found the one to truly fulfil my life.
As much as I loved making jewellery, it just started losing its magic for me.
After a lifetime of switching art types back and forth I realised I needed to find something that is diverse enough to always keep me on my toes.

I actually made a miniature Tea set for this shoot but only one tiny bit is visible on the right
One of my biggest obsessions that I have had since I was able to press the play button on a VCR, were movies. I mean, they are my friends and some of them make me truly happy when I need it the most.
As someone who struggles with several neurodiverse issues, films can be life changing.
They can help me get through those really hard days and make me feel less weird and alone in this world.As someone who loves art, films are just wonderful inspiration and something that brightens my day when I find real life too dull.
I always knew that the film industry was something I would aim to work in but never thought I could ever break through into it. Starting to work in film can be very hard if one has no connections, or one lives in a place without film related anythings.

A Pre-Raphaelite inspired shoot photographed by Vicente Arenas
 Of course my young me never predicted the invention of digital film and meeting my magical husband Johnny Clyde.
When I met him, he was an ex film projectionist that wanted to be a composer but his secret wish was to become a film director.
Now thinking back, it is pretty funny he never told me his goal was to become a director, since I never told him mine was to become a production designer in film.
By the time we met, I had done the production in photoshoots but never vocalised the wish to branch out to moving pictures.
I guess we were meant to be, since we are a perfect fit both in our personal as our professional life.
Once we left the USA and finally had some time to create art again we immediately started planning our first film. A short called Ceaseless.
It was a rollercoaster of experience. We realised our non neurotypical brains worked in a very unique way that most people had not anticipated. It was a breeze to make Johnny’s world a reality.
We are so in tune and have similar tastes that with a bit of cash and things I found in our place (and the Library for that matter), I turned out newly moved into apartment into a film set.

Behind the scenes on Ceaseless

Now I have the opportunity to work an a feature film and I am so incredibly excited about that!
I can not even express how much this means to me. I have been searching for so long and I know I have finally found it! I feel like the production work I have done so far all built up to this one moment.  Into the World Inverted is such a simple story that is still utterly enchanting and magical. It is a true challenge to visually create a world that is both real yet surreal at the same time.
My computer is filled up with mood boards, inspirational photos and notes about all of the characters costumes, hair, makeup and sets.
I am incredibly lucky to be working with people that I respect and admire. It makes creating looks for them such a breeze and once again Johnny and I are always in the same lane when it comes to aesthetics.

Collaboration with Taylor Dolan, one of the leads in Into the World Inverted
 We are currently in the funding stages since one needs Moolah to make a feature film.
It would mean the world to me if you could check the project out (Here) and share it with your friends. I believe that living out your passion is one of the most important things to obtain happiness. This is my passion!
And having it so close is simply life changing.

I hope this has shed a little light on what I do. I am generally a very private person so I usually don’t talk about my non blogging life. If there is any specifics you are interested in, feel free to ask me though. I might be private but I am not secretive!
What are your secret or not so secret passions?

Woeful Windsday

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Into the World Inverted Film Poster by Saffron Lily

Todays Woeful Windsday is quite special to me. This is the amazing Poster Saffron Lily created for Into the World Inverted. It will be my first time doing the production design for a feature length film.
We are currently in the Kickstarter stage, since one can not make a feature without any moolah.
I am  awaiting the start of filming with a lot of excitement!
I should probably write a post on what I do besides blogging, since me being a production designer might come as a surprise to some of you.

8 How-to Makeup Application Techniques

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8 How-to Makeup Application Techniques

Today I thought I would do a little tutorial of sorts. I often assume that people know most of the makeup basics. But then I actually hang around human beings that aren’t Johnny Clyde, and realize that unless someone teaches you or you seek out tutorial online, most people really don’t know many little tricks there are that make our makeup lives easier.
I guess this post is inspired by Mother. I got her a cushion upon her request and sneaked a peek at her applying it. That is when I realised that unless you happen to come upon videos of people applying cushions, you might not automatically dab it all over your face. After all, dabbing is really not the most natural of actions for us. And yes, in case you were wondering, she did indeed rub the cushion all over her face. The finish is not too bad when that is done, but it is a tad streaky and thick.
So after explaining to Mother how to use a cushion puff, she just blinked at me and told me to demonstrate. I guess explaining some movements and actions with words can be a little confusing.
I remember when I got a beauty blender and the internet told me to bounce it off my face.
Well, that first try didn’t end well.
The beauty blender landed on the floor and my face stayed makeup free.
So here are a few of those little tricks that I have learned over the years that some of you might not be entirely familiar with. Demonstrated through the miracle of video and photography.

How to Curl your lashes
This is one that I haven’t been doing right for most of my life. I mean this is not science but changing up the technique really gives you much more natural results. I used to just squeeze close to my roots and call it at day but it made my lashes stick straight up and look a little strange.
The secret is to curl them gradually. First you find a spot as close to your root as possible without pinching your skin, then you slowly close the curler and hold for a few seconds. You then work your way up a little and repeat. You do this until you run out of lashes. This techniques ensures a nice curve instead of a 90 degree edge.


How to apply Mascara
This was supposed to just be a trick on what not to do with your Mascara but since I was already filming I thought I might as well show the application method. When working as a skincare consultant, I got the chance to meet a lot of wonderful makeup artists. One of these knowledgeable fellows explained a few of the Mascara basics to me. First of all, wipe the tip of the wand on a tissue.
This has two reasons: if you leave it on there is too much product on the wand which will turn your lashes goopy. The other is that when you wipe it on the tube instead (what I used to do of course), it makes the mascara get clumpy. And yes you need to do that every time of course!
The second thing is, never ever pump your wand in the Mascara tube. It enables air to get into it and will make your product dry out faster. These might not seem like super important steps but let me tell you. Since applying these I have never had a Mascara clump or dry out on me. Even though I don’t use them often I end up replacing mine eventually, but I have Mascaras that are a couple of years old (which I don’t use) that are neither dry nor clumpy.
When it comes to application, I noticed that people often don’t pay attention to the root or tips of their lashes. First off you go as close to your lash roots as you can and with an upward motion wipe the wand to the sides. I like to slightly close my eyes to give it an even better push.
When this is done, you then separate the lashes in the middle with the same wand and to finish it off you go over your tips. The tips are often so light they are practically invisible (my lashes are very black but I can’t see my tips either) so applying Mascara on them makes your lashes look even longer. Repeat one or two more times until desired effect. I usually only use one dip into the product for both eyes. And remember it is always better to layer a few thin layers than start with one thick one.


How to tightline your lashes
Tightlining lashes is done to make them look longer and thicker by blackening the roots and or the upper waterline of your eyes. It is also a technique used in moments where one wants defined eyes without a visible liner or for people with small eyes that have no space for thick black lines.
I personally love tightening and have been doing a version of it for years. Since I discovered my current method, I practically stopped using mascara, something that I love since I am not fond of removing waterproof products. Back in the days some people said to “stamp” the Mascara wand on the roots to tightline the lashes. Guerlain even came out with a very practical two sided mascara.
With one end containing a wand to easily tightline them.
Now people generally use pencils or gels. I usually use pencils since I do not own a black gel.
For this demonstration I used eyeshadow by wetting the brush first and then picking up the color.
I actually really like the effect and prefer it to the way the pencil looks.
But for every day makeup I will continue using the pencil for convenience sake.

Method 1:
One way to tightline is to simply put the pencil in the corner of your eyes, close them and drag the pencil across. This usually also blackens the bottom waterline. This is the easiest way to do it but I find it is more like a tightlining cheat than actual tightlining since it darkens the upper waterline but doesn’t really get in between the lashes. The differences aren’t huge though and this method looks great too.

I confess I was excessively drawing on my waterline. For demonstration purposes of course!

Method 2:
The second method is to simple draw really closely to the roots of your lashes. Some people like to hold their lid up but I prefer to not do that since it is hard to coordinate for me.
To tightline with gel or shadow you simply dip your brush and sort of “stamp” draw really closely to your roots. I like to do this as the first step of my makeup, with either method, to be able to clean anything up in case I draw on my lid.

You can see that my left eye looks more defined due to the tightlining

How to apply concealer
This method is widely circulated online, but I thought I would just add this one too since I was already doing a full face of makeup. This technique can be used with concealer or even BB/CC creams/foundation.
Dot a triangle shape under your eyes. The amount of dots differ but I usually do 3 - 4 since that pretty much covers the entire area.


 Then either blend the color by dabbing with your finger, the small tip of a beauty blender or a cushion sponge. This way it will simply give you a better shaped brightness to your face while concealing the dark circles.

How to apply Foundation with a beauty blender
I used to always apply foundation with my fingers since I couldn’t be bothered to use a brush.
I was also complaining that my foundation never looked as natural as I would like.
Eventually I decided to pick up a beauty blender since I read that the finish was more natural than when a brush or regular sponge was used. I have to say this is one of those internet must-haves that is completely true. Beauty blenders are great and applying anything on your face, using them gives you a really natural finish.
I use them for foundation products (in this case BB cream), concealer and sometimes blush.
First you wet the sponge and squeeze as much water out as you can. This avoids the sponge to soak up too much product and lets you apply a sheerer layer. Then either dot the product on your face, or add it to the blender. Proceed to bounce it all over your face. Use the small tip to get into the corners of the nose and around the eyes.
Repeat as necessary to cover imperfections. I often skip concealer and simply layer it until my face looks even in the areas that need a little bit more coverage.


How to apply Foundation with a cushion sponge
I admit I don’t actually own a cushion. It is not that I don’t like them but I never really use foundation on my face yet I still own a few BB and CC creams. I do not see the point of actually owning any cushions if they won’t be used. Luckily I got to extensively test them though so I am not completely new in the cushion world. I love cushion sponges and have already bought a few different ones to use on their own. To me they are the Asian version of the beauty blender.
They help give a very natural looking finish only that they are more convenient since they don’t require water and are easier to travel with. When using a cushion sponge I either dab the foundation on my face like I did with the beauty blender or dip the sponge gently into the product that I have on the back of my hand. Then I proceed to dab the sponge all over my face. You can go back and apply more layers to areas that need it as well.


How to use a Lip Tint as Blush

I have seen this technique shown in Korean beauty shows that I don’t watch as often as I would like.
I actually don’t use this myself unless I don’t have blush on hand, or don’t have a matching blush in my collection. The principle is simple, you mix some foundation with some tint until you get the desired color. You then dab the mixture in whatever shape you like on your face and follow up blending it with either a beauty blender or a cushion sponge. The finish is very natural and glowy.
It can of course be layered until desired strength is achieved.


How to line your lips
Lip liner might be out of style but I still love the way it looks and line my lips any time I wear proper lipstick. Using a liner can change the color of your lipstick and also give it way better staying powers. Some lip liners can also be used as your sole lip color which can be great since they tend to be longer lasting than lipsticks. Also a lovely way to get the perfect matte shade!
Start by defining your cupids bow and then simply trace the corners either down or up to finish the shape of the top lip. Then draw the line in the middle of your lower lip and then unite the sides with that middle line. Some people like to make a few shorter lines to better control the movement and shape and some people draw their entire lip with one sweep.


I generally do four strokes on the top and one or two at the bottom. It is up to you and what you are more comfortable with. Then proceed to fill in your entire lip area. Doing so avoids the dreaded 90s liner look.

That was it for today, dear Batlings. I hope these were a few helpful tips that might make your next makeup application a little easier.
If there is any other methods you would like explained let me know and I am happy to oblige.
What are your favorite makeup application techniques?
À bientôt and until another time!

Innisfrees Canola Honey Cream vs Cosrx Ceramide and Honey Cream aka Honey Cream Showdown

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Innisfrees Canola Honey Cream vs Cosrx Ceramide and Honey Cream

I have been on a honey kick lately. Well I always have been on a food in skincare kick, only that some ingredients are more appealing to me than others. Mostly it is ingredients that I actually like putting in my mouth and possibly already used for a myriad of reasons which might included home skincare tricks already. Honey is one of them. I have been using honey for different skin woes for a long time and seeing honey readily available as an ingredients in my skincare seems incredibly appealing.
Also, considering that they are generally not sticky and droopy.
So I have been able to get quite a few different honey items that I would like to compare for you peeps. Today I will talk about two creams but soon I will also post about 3 different honey serum/essence type products.
So stay tuned!

This will be a hard comparison since I kinda love both these creams.
But apparently my skin seems to notice a difference.
I was thinking of simply talking about the differences and similarities in my usual rambly sort of way but honestly I don't think much will come out of it since I like them both, and well, my rambles can seem a little confusing at times.
So I will go with a more organised type of comparison.
Lets see where to start…scent!
Why not…


Innisfrees Canola Honey cream (ICHC) smells divine.
It isn’t strong and doesn't linger, but the scent is definitely Honey like, with a touch of flowers.
Cosrx Ceramide and Honey cream (CCHC) smells like nothing. It is scentless and I really appreciate that in skincare since most smells get too much for me very fast.


ICHCs texture is very buttery and luxurious. I love how smooth it feels and how it melts with my skin.
CCHCs texture is also quite amazing. It is slightly thicker and velvety but also turns watery and fresh when it is rubbed in.

Innisfrees Canola Honey Cream vs Cosrx Ceramide and Honey Cream swatch

ICHC is a cream of medium heaviness. It is clearly a cream but it also has some hydrating properties which are clear with its watery texture when rubbed into skin. It is neither super hydrating nor super occlusive so it works well in both regards. It works for my super dry skin well in the winter and summer since it isn't heavy nor makes me oily whatsoever. I do think it is suitable for dry to normal skin and combo to oily skin during the night. It makes my skin smooth and glow and is very pleasant to use.

CCHC is very similar to Innisfrees honey version. It is also medium in terms of heaviness with a good mixture of both hydration and oils. The finish is a tad bit matte though so I do think it might work for combo skin during the day as well. But it really depends on your personal preferences.
This also works well during all seasons for my dry skin. I have to add extra hydration and oils in my routine for my skin to be happy but I have to do the same thing for the ICHC too.


I really love both these moisturizers practically equally. But when I am out of both, which one would I repurchase? That to me is the ultimate questions since I obviously don't need two honey creams in my life at the same time. In the end I think I would go with Cosrx Ceramide and Honey cream since I think my skin loves it more. This is not something I can prove but just a gut feeling I have. I feel like my skin was maybe 1.5 percent happier during my Cosrx trial phase than during my Innisfree one. But then again I was able to test CCHC two weeks longer than ICHC. Or maybe I am biased since I love Cosrx. Who knows. The point is that both creams are really lovely and if you need to decide between both, and neither of the differences above help you with that decision, you could always put them in a hat and draw. Or possibly see if you can find samples first. Or buy both. Or get the one that is cheaper. Or get the one that is available in your favourite shop.
So I hope I didn't make things even more confusing than they already are but in the end I would have to go with Cosrx. Or maybe I should not repurchase any but simply buy a different Honey cream to try!

Innisfrees Canola Honey Cream available at Beautynetkorea
Ingredients: Here
Cosrx Ceramide and Honey Cream available at Wishtrend
Ingredients: Here

Have you tried any of these two and which one did you like more? 

What is your favourite honey cream?

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliated links. That fact does not alter my review or opinion in any matter. For more information read my Disclaimer page.

Woeful Windsday

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Cirque, by Laurent Chéhère