Batman socks review aka Confessions of a sock afficionado

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Something you might not know about me is that I love socks. I am like some kind of a sock connoisseur or collector. I have always been into non conformist socks (aka white or black) since I can remember. I have had sock offs (comparing weirdest socks with other people and crowning a winner) been called sock girl and gone on sock only shopping sprees many times.
Usually I am not happy about trends but one trend I am super happy with, is the weird sock trend that has been going on for the past few years. Back in the day the only kind of different type socks I found were either for children or plain colorful ones. For some reason finding vintage socks in Europe is very difficult so I wasn't able to dig into that treasure trove of awesomeness until I moved to the US.
Nowadays there is socks of all types available. From historical accurate patterns to your favorite pop culture heroes.

I have even made sock buddies!

A few weeks back a new shop contacted me to see if we could work together. I was of course curious to see if this store would be interesting as a new sponsor for this blog. And yes, Kosmeshop is indeed now one of my new sponsors since their shop stands out in one interesting way.
They sell socks!
And really cool socks that is.
I really love the fact that now I can get my newest Korean skincare needs while throwing an awesome and cheap pair of socks in my cart at the same time.
It was hard but I chose one sock to try and of course it had to be Batman.

How they came packaged
I love Batman quite a bit and have a lot of Batman clothing and home gear laying around. For the price of 1.99 I was not sure what kind of quality to expect but as someone who wears Primark socks ( I know they break after 4 washes but the prints can be quite cool), I didn’t have too high expectations.
I was actually really surprised how nice the print looked when they arrived.
It looked very crisp and you could tell it wasn't just printed on there but the colors were woven into the pattern.
Also they have ears!
How cute is that!
I have heard it is common to have ears and such on Korean socks but that is not something you see in Europe at all.

Love the grumpy face!
I finally put the sock on my feet and they felt so wonderfully soft. The quality is great and I am super impressed by the price/quality ratio here. I have worn them for about two weeks now with washes in between and they still look very fresh. There is a little bit of piling on the toes, heels and sides, the areas that get the most stress in shoes, but it is super decent compared to cheap socks that pile if you just look at them. Washing hasn’t changed the print or the softness of the cloth at all which is also nice.
All in all the prints available are really cool and the quality is great for the price. I am very happy with my socks and will definitely get more in the future.
Thanks a bunch Kosmeshop for offering socks and uniting my two loves into one store!

Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

 Available at Kosmeshop

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Blackbird Cosmetics Mattes, Vol 1 review

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Blackbird Cosmetics Mattes, Vol 1

I honestly cant remember how I found Blackbird cosmetics. I must have been searching the internet in hopes of finding some decently priced eye shadow in rosey and red shades that can be strangely difficult to find. Either way I am very happy that I found them and that I indeed took the plunge and ordered their sample set.
I am not huge on eye shadow but I do occasionally enjoy doing some looks with it. I own a decent variety of shades but I actually only use one palette (my precious Dior Massai palette). As much as I love my precious Dior palette there are still a few shades that I don't have and thought that with them I would indeed decorate my lids more often.
Since I have never used Indie shadows before, I did quite a bit of research and it almost looked like Indie shadows were a science to themselves and one had to learn how to use them since they are so different to other eye shadows. I was a little worried that I might not be able to use these without special brushes or even primer (which I don't own) so I prepared for the worst.
I have to say I was not prepared to like these shadows this much. The colors looked absolutely stunning in person! The shadows are creamy and smooth and apply like a velvety dream.

Blackbird Cosmetics Mattes, Vol 1 swatch

They are very pigmented so primer was not necessary at all and only a little is needed which makes the samples last quite a bit. I tried different application techniques and even though they were all slightly different in terms of the outcome they all made for nice results.
These shadows are also really long lasting. The swatches on my arms survived 2 showers (granted I did not rub the arm but it did get wet a plenty) and 3 sleeps. When I applied the shadows to my hand rubbing would not make them budge either. On my lids they lasted all day without a primer and did not fade at all.

Blackbird Cosmetics Mattes, Vol 1 swatch

One quirk I noticed was that some colors apply a little lighter but when you blend them in, they get darker. I assume it is because of some kind of chemistry magic which makes the swatches more realistic than the powders alone.
I guess what I liked the most about these was that they were all cool toned and powdery. In a vintage kind of way, not the dry skin ashy type that is unflattering. Wearing these made me feel like an Edwardian maiden left in the sun to fade for 100 years yet miraculously remaining fresh faced that whole time. I know it sounds weird but when makeup makes you feel like a fresh Edwardian maiden then it is good stuff!

Blackbird Cosmetics Mattes, Vol 1 look
Trying an Edwardian maiden impression
I loved that with the colors given in this set I could do very natural and neutral looks, fresh innocent looks and also dark vampier looks. They are so versatile that I used them as blush, contour and lip color as well, which together with their tiny size makes them fantastic to travel with.
In fact I took these together with a bunch of makeup on my last trip but only used my favorite shades for everything out of this collection.
I was very happy when I received two contouring shades as well since I am looking for the perfect color that makes for an invisible contour on my skin tone.  Something I have not been able to achieve in a long time. Since Thirteen is practically my perfect crease shade, I thought that I had high chances that I would find a great contour shade here too. And yes I did. Diminish is wonderfully grey but not too grey and not too warm. Even though it is very pigmented it matches my skin eerily so, it is almost invisible. Now I really hope that Blackbird Cosmetics comes out with Blushes!

My favorite shades are: Immortals, Imogen, Thirteen, Fiction and Gravity.
And here is a look I created using only the colors in the set on the eyes, cheek and lips.
I don't have looks with all the shades but you can follow me on Instagram for more.

Blackbird Cosmetics Mattes, Vol 1 look

Purchased on Etsy but now available here
Ingredients: Here

Wonderful eye shadow I would recommend to any one with an affordable price, great colors and beautiful texture
Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

Cosrx Honey Ceramide Full Moisture Cream review

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Cosrx Honey Ceramide Full Moisture Cream review

Somewhen last year I stumbled upon the brand Cosrx. I was intrigued by its many acids but at the time I already had several in my routine or waiting to be tested. A few months later I caved into my curiosity and bought both the AHA BHA toner and a little while later the C20 serum after the repeated recommendations of a friend. It was a momentous day in skincare history for me because that was when I discovered the magic of Cosrx.
Now it has been a little less then a year since starting to use their products but I keep finding little miracles in their lineup.
Cosrx Honey Ceramide Full Moisture Cream review
I really love their graphics!
After already being a fan of a few of their items you can imagine how happy I was when Cosrx offered to send me a few of them to try.
I chose to branch out a little and ordered things that I would generally not buy but suspected that they might suit my skin.
Today I will talk about the Honey Ceramide Full Moisture Cream (as you might have deduced by the title), a cream that might look plain and boring but which quickly became one of my favourite creams to date.

Cosrx Honey Ceramide Full Moisture Cream review

I love honey and honey containing products. I have very dry and dehydrated skin and ceramides are supposed to be just the kind of ingredients my skin needs. I also suffer from eczema occasionally and other sensitivities that make my skin prone to barrier issues. I wanted to test if ceramides would be as good as I read they should since I was not happy with my previous ceramide containing cream experience (looking at you Good Cera).

Cosrx Honey Ceramide Full Moisture Cream review
I was about half way through when I took this picture

The cream is quite plain looking. The packaging is pretty bland, yet attractive (if that can even be a thing) in a medical sort of way. It is scentless which I honestly appreciate since I am so scentsitive.
It is on the thicker side but feels smooth and velvety in a luxurious kind of way. It sinks in super fast though without leaving a film or oiliness at all. 
It is not heavy and has a satin finish which leaves my face very healthy looking.

Cosrx Honey Ceramide Full Moisture Cream review swatch
Comparison review here
I can tell that this cream is indeed very gentle since my skin is really calm when using it. It also makes my skin feel soft and on top of that it gives me a glow! I started using this together with the C21.5 so I thought the glow came from the serum but I ran out of it  and my face was still glowy regardless. Sam from Colorcrrush even commented on my glow when we met a few months ago! And believe me getting a skin compliment from a fellow beauty blogger is extra special.
Cosrx Honey Ceramide Full Moisture Cream review after 1 week
Excuse my unflattering in between color and dorky face. But look at the smooth glow I got after just 1 week of usage!

This cream is suited for any skin type but I do think that it is better for combo to dry types or oily skin during the night. It is neither very hydrating nor is it super occlusive. It seems to be a good in-between sort of cream. It is also not one of those miracle products like the C20/21.5 serum but it is very solid in what it does and that is the reason why I think this will become a staple product for me. If you have dehydrated skin, add some hydrating products into your routine and this cream will give you nourishment and make sure that the hydration won’t evaporate without being a super thick occlusive. If you have dry skin, add a few drops of facial oil to the cream for an extra soothing experience without having an oily film on your face. If you have both dry and dehydrated skin do all of the above as I do. My face hasn’t been this glowy, smooth and clear for a long time and I absolutely blame my mostly Cosrx routine. I have since switched a few products out and even though my skin hasn’t been as wonderful as in the photos it is still pretty up to par. I already reordered the products I ran out of and hope that reintroducing them will give me that perfect complexion again!

Cosrx Honey Ceramide Full Moisture Cream review after 1 week
My face is rarely that smooth or even. I usually have redness on my cheeks and the only bit of red here is around the nostril and I was having allergies at the time

I am completely aware I sound like a Cosrx rep but believe me once you find more than one HG product in one brand you will probably be just over the moon as I am! For now I will continue purchasing their stuff to see if I find another one of these gems and if not I will be quite happy using the ones I have so far. If you can’t wait for me to review the rest, here is a little bit of a mini review of some of them.

Ingredients: Here

So if you are looking for a solid moisturiser that gives you no fuss but happy and glowy skin you should definitely try this one out!
Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

Available on Wishtrend
Available on Ebay

Here is a referral code " 021617712" for those of you who are interested and don’t have a Wishtrend account yet. It gives you a 5$ discount upon signing up. Yay for savings!

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A health update aka Why the crickets are chirping

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Hello there dear Batlings,
I thought I should keep you updated on why it has been so silent around here recently.
I have been sick for the past few weeks and honestly don’t know when I will be better. It could be days it could be a few more weeks. I was working on so many posts but wasn’t able to finish any since I had not anticipated getting sick. Unfortunately I am too weak to post and all I am able to do right now is lay in bed trying not to sleep 24/7. It is a pretty boring and dull process to be honest, with a touch of pain in regular intervals to keep me on my toes. I hope to get some more energy soon to be able to blog a little bit but for now I will concentrate on recovering.

I hope you are all doing well out there in the real world!
And here I leave you with a baby bat to cheer up your day