Chateau Labiotte Wine Liptint in RD03 review

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Chateau Labiotte Wine Liptint in RD03

Sometimes things happen in this world that make me feel like there must be more at work than just coincidences. So either one of the people involved is a mind reader/witch or this little episode is just one of those strange things that can happen sometimes.

A little bit ago I was doing my regularly (not really, but you know) scouring through the internet to see if I could find one of my favorite hair products, a little known item called Cer 100 Coating Protein Hair Treatment by Elizavecca. Unfortunately I have not been able to locate it online since I first got it almost two years ago. So you can imagine my surprise when I found it (and for a very good price) in a new shop I had never seen before called BB Cosmetics. I marked it immediately thinking I would purchase it after I come back from my holiday.
The thing is though that exactly 24 hours later I received an email from said BB Cosmetics shop asking me if I would like to start a sponsorship with them! 
I had a better browse at their store and saw a lot of interesting products I wanted to try including a very good selection of Elizavecca (all at great prices too!), so I said yes.

Chateau Labiotte Wine Liptint in RD03

Well, here is one of the products that I received from them, a burgundy lip tint. It has been a long time since I got a new one (the last one was this gorgeous shade reviewed here) so I thought it was about time.

I never heard of Labiotte before but promptly saw a few of their items I would love to try like this pretty looking palette with burgundy shades as well. I love reddish eye shadows and even though they seem more common now they aren't that easy to find. But now I am drifting off, let's get back to the tint.

Chateau Labiotte Wine Liptint in RD03
Skinny doe foot applicator

It is made to look like a little wine bottle which can be quite cute and whimsical to most people, strangely this fact leaves me indifferent, possibly because I don't like wine. Either way once opened it looks like a regular lip tint, with its doe foot wand and all. It smells really lovely, not very strong but like sweet candy. I like it a lot, especially since it dissipates quickly. As much as I like a good scent I’d rather not have it stick around too long.
The application is easy, whether you want a pale wash of color or layer it on for a stronger look, since the texture is neither too thick nor too watery. 

Chateau Labiotte Wine Liptint in RD03  swatch
One layer on the right and one smudged layer on the left

The shade is really layerable which enables you to be able to achieve a really strong and dark color.
I like using it only with one thin layer to enhance my natural lip color but also as a deep burgundy which looks quite vampy. 

Chateau Labiotte Wine Liptint in RD03 swatch

The tint also tastes nicely. I have noticed that many a liptint has a gross chemical taste but this one is sweet. Not so sweet that you would want to lick it off, but good enough so you don't feel yucky when you accidentally do taste it.
The tint has a good lasting power whether layered thickly or not. It fades nicely and you can apply lip balm on top of it. 

All in all I quite like this liptint and have been using it a lot recently even though I stopped using burgundy tints for the past year in favor of brown lip products. Now the only thing that would top this one is a dark brown shaded tint!

Chateau Labiotte Wine Liptint in RD03  lotd
Less than ideal lighting makes for grainy pics :P

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Available at BB Cosmetics

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