Jungle Botanics Forest Leaves Cooling Shampoo and Warming Treatment review

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Jungle Botanics Forest Leaves Cooling Shampoo and Warming Treatment review

Even though I have never reviewed any hair products on this blog I am actually a bit of a hair snob. My hair has always been notoriously complicated even though it looks like it is easy to maintain.
I have also used quite a bit of Asian hair products, many with great success.
Even though this might not be my biggest success story (it doesn't happen often enough to be honest) I was still quite happy with both these items.
First off, I have to say I love this pump packaging with the shampoo. I would have loved the conditioner in a pump even more, but maybe it was too thick to work in such a container.
Pumps have now become my favorite packaging and I wish everything would come in one!
Besides how convenient it is to use this shampoo,
I am actually also really pleased with the texture of it. It is a very unique shampoo texture that is hard to describe, almost like moist goo, but I really like it!
It smells pleasantly like something I might have smelled in an Asian grocery store before and does indeed have a refreshing feeling. Neither the freshness nor the scent are overwhelming, which I appreciate. Since I have one of the most difficult to maintain colors (grey) I also watch out that my shampoo does not strip my color too fast. I was slightly worried about this since it is meant for oily hair (which I have not, I have the driest of the dry) and often times that means harsher ingredients that can strip the color. Surprisingly it did not dry my hair out any more than other shampoos or strip much of the color out. To be honest it made my hair feel quite lovely and if they would release a shampoo for dry/damaged hair I would be all over that!

Jungle Botanics Forest Leaves Cooling Shampoo

I didn't enjoy the conditioner as much as the shampoo (shocking because I generally really don't care about shampoos at all), but was still satisfied with its results.
There really are only four conditioners I actually use (one Korean, one Japanese, one American and one Spanish) and two of those being really excellent in my book (the other two are good). That being said I have tried so many conditioners I could probably not even count them (I buy about 2 new ones a month) and I usually hate them all. So a conditioner doing its job is already quite rare in my snobish conditioner book. 

Jungle Botanics Forest Leaves Warming Treatment

And this is one of those. It enables me to be able to detangle my hair decently when it isn't a complete hot mess (only two can deal with that task) and leaves my hair soft and shiny (as shiny as my bleached hair gets). It also smells quite lovely and decent and I like the almost lotion cream texture it has. The only thing it doesn't do is warm up. Not sure if it is supposed to, but just deducing from the name. I’m not sure if I would even enjoy a warmed up conditioner in the first place.
If it would be easily available in Berlin I would buy this conditioner for the times I run out of my HGs.

So all in all I really liked the shampoo and the conditioner was pretty good too.
If you haven't found a shampoo you liked yet this one might satisfy your needs and if you have hair that isn't too fussy than this conditioner will likely suit you really well.

Ingredients: Shampoo, Conditioner

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