Mamonde Age Control Camellia Oil review

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Mamonde Age Control Camellia Oil review

If you have read some of my past posts on oils you might already know that for most of my life I considered oils a necessary evil. With my super dry skin oil was simply always in my routine and inevitable when creams just simply don't cut it. Unfortunately, I have some sensory overload beef with most oils and really hate using them just so they can sit on my skins surface tickling and bugging the heck out of me for the next hour/s.
Thankfully nowadays there are many more oils, and oil mixes available besides the good old almond/olive/coconut oils from days past. And the moment I discovered Korean facial oils has been a day of big celebration in my household. I still try out western facial oils regularly but whereas most of them are simply unpleasant on my skin Korean oils, wow me one after the other.
I keep discovering pleasant to use and relatedly non-oily oils and it makes discovering new ones even more fun.
Todays oil stood out to me for its scent.
Boy does this stuff smell good!
I generally prefer non scented products but if you get it soon right like the Mamonde team did I would take it over unscented any time.
This stuff smells like straight up dessert. But not in a overwhelmingly sweet way but in a subtle delicious way, like spreading really smooth lemony cream bars all over your face.
Doesn't sound delicious maybe but it certainly feels that scrumptilicious!
The scent is not strong at all and dissipates fast which is unfortunate to me since it smells so delectable. It is good news for people who dont want to run around smelling like pie though.

Not only does this stuff smell positively addicting but the texture is fantastic too.
It is a relatively dry oil comparable to Graymelins 100% Facial oil. It is light sinks in fast yet you can clearly feel that your skin is more nourished. It is probably the driest oil I have tried so far and it can even fool Johnny who is the biggest facial oil hater I have ever encountered. If you mix this into another product you will likely not notice that any oil is even in there (well, he didn’t). Applied on its own it feels like luxurious and high quality stuff that you just want to keep massaging into your face but suddenly it is completely absorb while making your face smooth and soft.

Mamonde Age Control Camellia Oil review

The only downside is that I feel that you go through this stuff fast since you want to use it all on your face. When ordering samples I usually take forever to use them up since each sample can be used what feels like a gazillion times on my tiny face (yes I can wear children hats).  With this oil I would have run out in quarter of the time if I would have used the amount I wanted on each application. Instead I was frugal and tried to savour it for as long as I could to have a decent testing length. The reason why I want to use so much is that the oil is so dry and delicious that two or three drops simply dont cut it for me unlike most other facial oils. I want to use double that and spread it on my face by itself instead.
Next time I will buy the full size and see how it goes but seeing that it is only 15ml it might be the same.

I liked to use this by its own as a layer before my moisturiser at night, and during the day I would mix it in with either my emulsion or my cream.
I loved it whichever way I used it and am looking forward to getting more soon.
As you see I really liked this stuff. Not because it is the best facial oil I have used. I really got lured into loving it with its marvellous texture and irresistible scent. It just shows that if you have a goo product you can always make it better by pleasing the senses.

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