The Truth Omega 6 Healing Cream mini review

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The Truth Omega 6 Healing Cream mini review

A little while ago I was contacted by a representative of The Truth Treatments. I admit that I wasn't too interested at first until I had a closer look at their product line. The reason why I accepted their offer of sending me some products to try are the following:

1: I have been struggling with itchy facial skin for over a year now and their Omega 6 Healing Cream sounded like it might be able to help in those regards.
2: I am currently testing a bunch of retinol containing products and their version sounded very suitable to my needs
3: I am broke and I couldn’t afford their products even if I would try to save for the next 3 years

Today I am talking about Omega 6 Healing Cream only since I want to write a separate review for their Retinol Gel.
So for a little back story on my itchy face. 
I always have had incredibly dry skin, dry to the point were hardly any potions I use are rich enough to soothe my skin. It just keeps staying dry and scaly even when I combine products that are both hydrating and greasy rich.
The problem started about a year ago when my face started to itch a lot more than usual. At first, I thought it was a pregnancy thing, but alas, it is still going on. It did calm down a little during the summer time but is back full force now that it is chilly outside.
My face is red and hurts on top of the usual dryness and sometimes the itchiness wakes me up at night. 
So you can imagine why this cream sounded so interesting to me since I have been using anti-itch and healing products without great success for the past year.

The reason why this is a mini review is because I was only able to use a one week supply. Which is just enough for a first impression of the product but not enough to give you a definite review.

The Truth Omega 6 Healing Cream mini review

The first thing I noticed (besides the adorable tiny jar) was how balmy the product really was. It really isn’t a cream texture at all. It is a true balm. Not oily though just very soothing. It is semi hard in the jar and once applied to the skin it starts melting away. It is very pleasant actually and it makes me yearn for more balm like products. It is rich and slightly oily but it doesn't leave a greasy film on my skin. I can still feel the product for a while after applying it but it feels more like a pleasant protective film than actual oil.
The cream ( I should really say balm from now on) is unscented and smells like a neutral skincare product. An attribute I appreciate since I don’t like most scents they add to cosmetics. 

The Truth Omega 6 Healing Cream mini review

My skin was quite happy during the week that I used this. The itching went down as well. 
It seems to be the best product I have used so far against the itchy redness but I can not say for sure. Usually, I test the products in different conditions to make sure it wasn't some kind of other factors that made my skin wonderful. I would love to test this out more thoroughly to make sure it is as promising as it seems.
This product does have Holy Grail potential for people who have painfully dry skin as me.

I would love to hear from anyone who has used this cream for a longer time or anyone who has a similar skin type and the products that have helped.

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