How to find the perfect HD film or how The Fall changed my visionary TV experience by Bethany Dirksen

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I don't know if anyone has noticed, but our beloved Entering 35th of May author is a pretty big fan of movies. And I think we could even pinpoint the type of movies she loves. Is the movie 1) done by Tim Burton, 2) starring Johnny Depp, or 3) artistically obscure (you know what I mean...has that indie feel or is filled with visual interest)? If any of these three components are present, I believe we have a winner! That is why I thought a particular movie is one that Moi, and possibly all of you, would enjoy.

Just after Christmas 2009, my husband somehow talked me into purchasing a 46" HD LCD television. This is somewhat comical because our sofa sits approximately 8 feet away from the TV, making it feel twice it's size. Once the beastly beauty was in place, we slowly added the perfect features to fully experience the HD goodness. It took us almost an entire year, however, to obtain a blu ray player. For those of you that don't know, blu rays are pretty much the HD version of DVD's. Once again, we tried to find the perfect way to experience this new device by searching for the best movies to watch on blu ray. That is when we came across The Fall.

The Fall is a perfectly told story of a young girl who's imagination runs wild as a new friend tells her vivid stories. The story line itself is extremely enjoyable, set in the 1920's at a hospital in Los Angeles. Our storyteller is a recently paralyzed movie stunt man. He tells his stories in order to befriend a little girl with a broken arm. While the plot is fantastic, the true magic is in the colorful scenery, design, and movement of the film. This leads to one of the only movies I consider to be cinematic genius. It's hard to really describe it in any other way than's awesome....and you all should watch it.

I truly cannot say there has been another time when our mammoth television has ever been more stunning than when we watched this movie. So, give your TV a gift. Watch The Fall.

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