Why recycling is awesome and what is a MacGyver crafter…

10:33 AM Moi Sanom 0 Comments

Many people ask me "How do you do your stuff, what is it, and where do you buy it"… 
Well for this week’s blog carnival organized by Bethany Dirksen I will talk a little about the materials I use.
So I’m going to be totally honest, yes I do want good quality products but I am also a strong supporter of recycling and what you could call MacGyver crafting. If you’re wondering what that is, you could say that you make stuff out of nothing or with materials and tools you have at hand that would be the closest to what you would actually need.
There are many reasons to why I work like that.
1st is of course that I just don’t like how our society developed this use once and throw away culture…
2nd I sometimes just improvise and don’t have the “proper” tools at hand
3rd I try to make things as affordable as possible.

My main material of choice is polymer clay, and since I currently live in Europe I don’t really have a choice in which brand I want/can use. And since I make mostly jewelry and accessories I have to get all the metal parts, findings, chains etc too. Those I purchase on eBay and in local craft stores.

The thing with eBay is that it’s cheap, but you very often get something else you actually imagined you would receive. So I guess you just have to try out different sellers to make sure the quality and size of the products you are ordering are the standard you expect them to be.

Sometimes people say my products are too expensive, but honestly, these are handmade. And if you don’t want to spend 20 bucks on a necklace, do it yourself or buy it in “insert generic store chain” for 15bucks and enjoy the view of thousands of other people that wear it too… or get me contacts with a good supplier and I will lower my prices ;)
But I guess the conclusion is to have a good mix of affordable but good quality items, so us “normal” people can afford to buy it too. And please don’t hesitate to comment if you got some good tips about materials and stuff…