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Many things have happened since 2012!
I moved to Spain, got a job as a Skin care consultant and Make up artist, fell ill, closed the 35th of May store, moved to the US, got a little better health wise, reopened 35th of May, married, moved to Berlin and closed 35th of May.
husband = dapper

In between all of that I started sewing, mostly Vintage stuff, and dabbling a little in historical clothing too. I tried to restore some Edwardian pieces with moderate success, that just means they didn’t go up in flames or melted through my fingers during the cleaning process!
But I do love to dress up in Historical clothing and prance around town with my husband looking dapper as ever!

In the past few years I also had quite a few hair color changes, and I made a pact with my Husband that neither of us would cut our hair until next Halloween. We have renewed this pact once already and I cant wait to see where our hair will reach by November!

And now for the good part, or boring part, depends on who is reading this, Skin care!
If you are not interested in Skin care I would highly suggest you skip this part before you start nap drooling all over your keyboard.

Working as a Skin care consultant had its pros and its cons, for one I know a little more about the schemes and tricks the industry uses to lure us into their deep pits of lotions and potions.
 I also learned that price isn’t everything, but dang there are some really nice products for lots and lots of moolah!
Definitely stuff I slathered happily all over my face while it was free!

I moved to the US and my products slowly ran out, trying to find a replacement in a drugstore for my skin was impossible. My skin is just plain weird, I am biracial and I inherited my fathers skin. It looks pretty and smooth, but take it out of the tropics and it will fall off my body like shedding snake skin. It is super dry and very dehydrated, very reactive to the weather and it just hates water! OK, I admit I don’t like water very much, but I blame my skins reactiveness for that hatred.

Add a dash of facial eczema to the mix and you got super itchy and scaly skin that hates almost everything it touches!

In a desperate attempt to find something that might sooth the itch and pain of extreme dryness, I scoured the Internet for some help, and then there it was, THE WORLD OF ASIAN SKIN CARE! After a little bit of research I found the closest Asian grocery store and got some samples to try (thanks Uwajimaya!) And thus I found Sana Nameraka.
For a mere 12$ my skin was finally appeased and the pain went down to a mere hum. I was instantly hooked and tried more products.
My husbands skin got better, my skin got better, life as we know it was turned upside down!

 Well for my face at least

Now I am on a mission to find the perfect skin care routine and the most moisturizing cream known to humanity.

And yeah Sana Nameraka wasn’t it, since my face hates me, and I am pretty sure every time I think I found THE CREAM it plots behind my back to fall back into an itchy painy mess.

 So this is pretty much what you can expect from now on, a whole bunch of gibberish with some skin care and make up reviews and a whole lotta randomness with imaginary words added to that!

this is me being reassuring