It’s Skin My Lab Synergy base review

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It’s Skin My Lab Synergy base (30 ml)

“Synergy Base:
Formulated with hyaluronic acid, green tea extract, aloe extract, etc
: Relieves skin troubles, and provides moisture, balance and nutrition for skin 
: Paraffin free, scent free, pigment free, animal nature material free, mineral oil free.
: Can be mixed with My LAB Focus Filler.

Focus filler:
Intensive care filler that takes care of skin troubles.

Niacinamide, bamboo extract, licorice extract etc.
Creates brighter and clearer face.

[Essential Oil]
Rice bran oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil
Provides plentiful nutrition deeply inside of skin

[Multi Vita]
Vitamin E,C,B derivatives, vita C fruit complex (citron, orange extract)
provides plentiful nutrition deeply inside of skin

Select a base and a filler. Put the base to the filler and shake that with the cap closed for about 15 seconds.
Apply a proper amount to your face or your trouble spots”

 Sturdy and thick glass bottle
When I was searching for the perfect serum I had lots of demands, it needed to be hydrating, gentle and brightening at the same time. Most serums I found had either one or the other properties so when I bumped into this little pseudo chemistry lab kit I went into mad scientist mode and bought it immediately.
It was also on a very good sale at the time so that also helped, specially since I couldn't find any reviews on it online.

Seem to have lost the Bright+ Filler package

I chose the 3 fillers mentioned above based on my needs and also on the fact that most of the others were sold out.

The Multi Vita and Bright + fillers were clear, and the Essential oil one was yellowish and oily.
Since the Synergy base was clear the addition of the fillers made it a little cloudy.
I must say adding the Fillers to the base was super fun!

 Yeah that was me exactly

Due to the oil in the mixture it must be shaken thoroughly before use.
The texture is very liquidy, almost like slightly sticky water. It is not at all sticky on my face though and sinks in very fast.
Unfortunately it doesn't hydrate my skin at all but other skin types might have different experiences with it.
I almost finished the bottle and have been using it since the beginning of January.
I use a little bit less product then the Pipette gives me, so it is quite yielding.

Glass pipette gives accurate amount for your face

I do think that my face has gotten brighter, but no Wow effect, or anything other people would notice but me. I have had some really nice skin days while using it but I believe it is a combination of the products I am using, opposed to this Serum being the sole perpetrator.

The smell is very chemical which reminds me of a Doctors office but not in a bad way. It definitely isn't very noticeable while being applied. It kind of fits the sciency style of the product.

very slightly slimy but mostly watery

It is definitely good for its value, specially for people who like to achieve different goals for their skins. Very practical to mix it all into one base, then using several different serums at a time.
I also read that you can add the fillers to other serums, which is also a good option to boost the ones you already own.

PH: 6 - 7

Unfortunately I couldnt find any, please let me know if you know where to get them

In between Meh and Ooh since I do thing it did brighten my face 
1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4.Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

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