Koreadepart revealed and reviewed aka the Haul of Doom!

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The never ending wait!
Ordering this parcel was such a ginormous ordeal!
My suspicion is that this package was cursed and I can't believe that it was even worse than my Testerkorea experience!
I have to say that it was not really Koreadeparts fault, well a little bit but mostly the post.
I ordered this package for the sole reason of getting some decently priced Chosungah 22 products. Included in this package were also two items that were supposed to be reviewed for Octobers Halloween extravaganza.
Needless to say, they never arrived in time.

Look at them! *gasp*
I ordered from Koreadepart before, it was December 2013 and the parcel was sent to Spain.
It arrived in a timely order and had a few samples as well.
Nothing special happened so I was completely fine ordering from them again.
I find the shipping cost a bit steep but since the other items were on sale and difficult to find I was Ok with it.
I ordered on the 19th of August and the package didn't arrive until the 29th of October.
Yep, you read that right!
It took 2 and a half plus a lot of worries and heart ache to get this order to my house.
Lets not forget the money of course, this turned out to be my most expensive order yet!

Probably the saddest episode in cartoon history!
It was shipped on the 21st and I thought everything was going well.
What a fool I was!
By the 29th I realized something was wrong.
I called the post office about a million times and every single person gave me a different answer.
All I knew was that my package was in customs and I was not getting the notification I needed to pick it up.
After calling for two weeks every other day, the package was of course sent back.
I wrote Koreadepart that the parcel was being sent back because of some postal issues and that I can not get my shipping money back since the sender would have to talk to the post to get the costs refunded, since I, as the receiver had no rights to the package yet.
They answered fast but told me that I can either pay for shipping again or get the money refunded, sans shipping cost of course.
After a bit of back and forth they agreed to give me a 50% discount for my shipping cost.
By that time I agreed like a fool being so tired of this drama and decided to go for EMS so I can get this over with fast.
Oh boy, was I wrong again!
I asked Koreadepart to write certain things on the customs form so it wouldn’t get stuck there again, I had suspicions that whatever they wrote on the form was the reason I was not getting my package. First they refused and then they agreed to write nothing at all and send it again.
I did not ask for that of course, since I know that like that it will get stuck in customs for sure.
By the time I received the email it was already too late and the parcel was sent.
After 3 days it got stuck in customs again!

https://www.tumblr.com/search/futurama dog

I called since after waiting a whole week I was still not receiving my pick up paper.
For another week I had issues with the postal service people telling me different stories each time I called.
Finally I talked to a lovely lady who actually helped me when I was all panicky since I was about to leave on a holiday.
I knew that if I wouldn’t get it before leaving, my package would be sent back again.
The day before I left I got the pick up number at 2 pm and had to rush to the customs office which is one and a half hours away from my house.
So instead of packing and dying my hair I had to spent 3 hours in a train, 2 hours in customs and had to pay money on top of it since apparently shipping money has to be taxed too.
Well you can imagine I was not happy!

This whole ordeal was very exhausting and draining to me.
I am broke and very introverted, so spending money for skincare already makes me feel guilty enough, but spending 40$ for shipping (more than the products themselves) is not something I can really justify.
Besides the fact that talking to people on the phone, complaining to companies and strangers is very hard for me.
It gives me anxiety and in the end I just pay or hang up even if I feel I am being treated wrongly.


As the cherry on top, Koreadepart used my pseudonym instead of my real name, which very probably lead to the paper never reaching me.
To be honest, my apartment number was on the box and the post man could have just dropped it in anyways.
So I don’t really know whose fault it was. 
You can imagine that when the parcel arrived I was not very exited about the contents.

Yey :(
On top of that I received a wrongly advertised item.
I ordered Wonder milk and got Celeb milk.
At least Koreadepart handled this situation well!
They answered me very fast and offered me three solutions to this.
I chose to get the right item sent to me free of charge.
Lets hope it arrives!

Everything was well packaged

I have to say that besides everything being well packaged one of my product boxes got dented and a little dirty, which is no big deal, but as a Blogger I want my product boxes to be pristine!

On the bright side, I received a decent amount of samples, even though it is more or less the amount Koreadepart usually gives out.
I got a sheet mask, which a lot of people seem to get as samples regularly, but this was actually my first time.
The other sample sachets were nicely coordinate by pastel shades, possibly a coincidence, and one of them was by a high end brand.
I also received a deluxe sample, which I always appreciate.
Unfortunately, I was not very pumped about samples anymore, it would have taken a bunch of deluxe samples and other trinkets to make me feel like they did an effort to pay me back after this whole trouble.

I always like some color coordination!
I won’t be ordering from Koreadepart for now.
Not because it is a bad store but simply because I feel like if they or the post make a mistake they should treat their customers better until they are completely satisfied with the ordering process.
I have had other issues with online companies, be it their fault or someone elses, if they treat me with respect and try to make up for what happened I will not hold any bad feelings.
Things can go wrong and I understand that very well.
I ran an Etsy shop for years, and even if it might have been on a  smaller scale the principles are still the same.
If your customers aren’t happy they wont return.

Products I ordered:
Shara Shara Oz pumpkin hand cream
Chosungah Wondermilk
Chosungah Viva Pep Souffle Triple Kit
Skinfood Charcoal Gonyak Cleansing Puff
Etude House Silky Cotton Pad

Etude House Baby Choux base in green
Etude House Nutrifull Shea Butter cream 2x
O Hui The First Cell Source
Beyond Aqua Bloom Moisture cream
The Face Shop Mango Seed Glow Date prep Butter
Lioele Sunscreen
AC Care Essence Mask in Red Solution
What was your most traumatizing online shopping experiences?