My Dessert Box revealed and reviewed

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I have had a few meh boxes recently and have been disappointed with Memeboxes curation as well. After these past few months of unexcitment from the Memeverse I was nervous to receive this box with the fear of having wasted my money once more.
When I got the box it was quite heavy which to me is always a good sign.
I did not squeal when I opened it like I have done before but I didn’t sigh and shut it immediately either.

The first product that caught my attention was the largest one in the box.
It is the Skin juice Ampoule which is quite gigantic to be honest.
Besides being the least fluffy of all the products contained I don’t really understand why it is in the box.
It doesn’t look cute or have anything to do with desserts.
I am not sure what the ingredients are but it gives the impression of being a solid ampoule, nothing spectacular but decent nonetheless.
It smells like those orange flavored vitamins which dissolve in water.
A smell that I personally don’t like but some of you might enjoy it.
It is watery in texture and absorbs fast.
I am not sure how I feel about it since I don't know what is in it or how it would perform on my face, but I am willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and hope it is great!

I doubt that the bottle of ampoule would fit into this scenario...
The next thing I noticed was this little soap, I assume it is supposed to be cute but in my opinion it looks tacky and cheap.
I have seen some spectacular soaps around and this is not one of them.
I can understand the inclusion of it in the box since it is supposed to look like a Japanese pastry.
If the packaging wouldn’t be so cheap looking the whole soap would look much better.
It smells medicinal which is something that I didn’t expect.

The little yellow box caught my attention due to it’s tiny size and cute packaging.
It is a Pore stick by Shara Shara.

I am not sure what I am supposed to do with a pore stick yet, but both the box and the stick itself look very adorable.
Unfortunately, this doesn’t smell like delicious lemon tea, like the name makes us believe, but bathroom cleanser.
For you German peeps out there it smells like a mix of Scheuermilch and Gallseife.
I am still unsure if this stick is used to hide pores, remove/clean them out or remove/prevent sebum.
The text on the box is not in English and my goggling hasn’t really enlightened me much.
I might not know what it is for exactly but at least I understand why it was included in the box.

That explains everything!
The little pink box looked promising to me, unsure of what kind of ice cream wonders might be contained in it.
The blush looked a little less cute then the box but who knows maybe it is a really really good blush! I haven’t tested it yet but I hope to read some reviews on it before I do.
I actually  have too many blushes and haven’t used a pink one in about 3 years.
I am curious about the dome shape so maybe I will try it out anyway in the future.

Now onto my two favorites of the box!
I immediately recognized the It’s Skin Cookies and Cream pot.
I have been into It’s skin products for a few years, not really owning many of their products due to few reviews and little money.
I have been eying that cream for a while but since I prefer hand creams in tubes and the fact that I need to use up the ones I have at the moment first made me leave this one on my wishlist only.
To Johnnys happiness I received the Mint flavored one.
He really loves Mint choc chip flavored ice cream but never buys it since I am not a fan.

Johnnys dream come true!
The one time he did, it took him an entire month to finish the jar!
The cream has a very cute packaging box and jar, and there is ingredients in English huzaaahh!
When I opened it, I was shocked since it looked half empty.
Even Johnny commented on how much I used in 5 minutes!

Does not look freshly opened to me
I can only assume that It’s Skin decided, for some strange reason, to make a pot much larger than the contents :(
Otherwise I can not explain why it would come only filled half way since there was a seal sticker on the box.
It looks just like mint chocolate chip cream and smells like it too! The texture is creamy yet the cream is quite light and sinks in fast while still moisturizing. It has a cooling effect and the scent lingers for a few hours in a very subtle way that you can only smell if put it directly to your nose.
I really liked this so far and so did mint choc chip fanatic Johnny Clyde!

Even though this last product was my favorite off the bunch it was also the least desserty.
Yep, even less than an ampoule in a glass jar!
This Petite Prince themed gel cream has very pretty packaging. 
It is the kind that would speak to me and I might possibly try to purchase it for Johnny.
There is honestly no reason for it to be inside this box since neither the theme, the packaging nor the ingredients reflected anything dessert like.

Rose = dessert, clearly!
After a quick read of the (English!) ingredients I have determined that it has a surprisingly large amount of good ones and that this might be a nice quality gel.
It has a weird texture since it is almost like jello but melts into the skin immediately when rubbed in. Johnny really liked this even though he doesn’t like gels if they are too gelly.
He said it is really wet but in a nice way and I have to agree.
Besides the fact that I disagree with the choice of putting it into this box I am happy to have received it since Johnny is currently looking for a good moisturizer and he seems to have taken to this one already!

All in all this box was good in terms of content but questionable if you consider the type of products it is suppose to contain.
I was expecting a box filled with dessert themed items, and to be honest there is plenty in the Korean beauty market!
Even though this box was not a disappointment per se, it did not restore my faith in Memebox itself.

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