It’s Skin My Lab Synergy base review

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It’s Skin My Lab Synergy base (30 ml)

“Synergy Base:
Formulated with hyaluronic acid, green tea extract, aloe extract, etc
: Relieves skin troubles, and provides moisture, balance and nutrition for skin 
: Paraffin free, scent free, pigment free, animal nature material free, mineral oil free.
: Can be mixed with My LAB Focus Filler.

Focus filler:
Intensive care filler that takes care of skin troubles.

Niacinamide, bamboo extract, licorice extract etc.
Creates brighter and clearer face.

[Essential Oil]
Rice bran oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil
Provides plentiful nutrition deeply inside of skin

[Multi Vita]
Vitamin E,C,B derivatives, vita C fruit complex (citron, orange extract)
provides plentiful nutrition deeply inside of skin

Select a base and a filler. Put the base to the filler and shake that with the cap closed for about 15 seconds.
Apply a proper amount to your face or your trouble spots”

 Sturdy and thick glass bottle
When I was searching for the perfect serum I had lots of demands, it needed to be hydrating, gentle and brightening at the same time. Most serums I found had either one or the other properties so when I bumped into this little pseudo chemistry lab kit I went into mad scientist mode and bought it immediately.
It was also on a very good sale at the time so that also helped, specially since I couldn't find any reviews on it online.

Seem to have lost the Bright+ Filler package

I chose the 3 fillers mentioned above based on my needs and also on the fact that most of the others were sold out.

The Multi Vita and Bright + fillers were clear, and the Essential oil one was yellowish and oily.
Since the Synergy base was clear the addition of the fillers made it a little cloudy.
I must say adding the Fillers to the base was super fun!

 Yeah that was me exactly

Due to the oil in the mixture it must be shaken thoroughly before use.
The texture is very liquidy, almost like slightly sticky water. It is not at all sticky on my face though and sinks in very fast.
Unfortunately it doesn't hydrate my skin at all but other skin types might have different experiences with it.
I almost finished the bottle and have been using it since the beginning of January.
I use a little bit less product then the Pipette gives me, so it is quite yielding.

Glass pipette gives accurate amount for your face

I do think that my face has gotten brighter, but no Wow effect, or anything other people would notice but me. I have had some really nice skin days while using it but I believe it is a combination of the products I am using, opposed to this Serum being the sole perpetrator.

The smell is very chemical which reminds me of a Doctors office but not in a bad way. It definitely isn't very noticeable while being applied. It kind of fits the sciency style of the product.

very slightly slimy but mostly watery

It is definitely good for its value, specially for people who like to achieve different goals for their skins. Very practical to mix it all into one base, then using several different serums at a time.
I also read that you can add the fillers to other serums, which is also a good option to boost the ones you already own.

PH: 6 - 7

Unfortunately I couldnt find any, please let me know if you know where to get them

In between Meh and Ooh since I do thing it did brighten my face 
1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4.Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

Purchased at Koreadepart

Which movie am I gonna watch tonight?

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Directed by Spike Jonze
Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Rooney Mara, Olivia Wilde, Scarlett Johansson

A few years ago I reviewed Where the Wild things are and I mentioned a decline I observed in Spike Jones’s films.
Well i take that back!
Besides re watching where the wild things are and becoming quite fond of it since, I have still to re watch Synecdote to change my mind on that one.

But oh my Her!
Her is just one of those films!
It gives me feelings!

Not something I experience often, but oh boy do I get feelings from watching Her.
The beautiful color scheme lures me into a comforting meditative state that just opens me up for character developments and interactions. I mean they even matched his hair color to fit the color scheme!

And I just absolutely love the costumes in this film!
Very few films with “normal day to day” costumes impress me, but the clothes that Joaquin Phoenix’s character wears are just fantastic!
The fabulousness lies in the simplicity, and yeah no collars and high waisted pants!
Its like they peaked into my imaginary dream mens wardrobe Catalogue...

see the awesomeness of high waists!

So if you like pretty colors and feelings; go watch it and enjoy!

An ode to love

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I have always been a skeptic and a romantic at the same time. I believe in true love, but always doubted it could ever happen in real life.
This mind set makes this little story I am about to tell you even stranger to me, then I might like to admit.

Never did I believe ( but fantasized of course) that I would ever be entangled in a love story that could rival Wesleys and Buttercups, even though I confess Johnny is sometimes a little bit more like Jareth the Goblin king then Wesley, not that I mind.

 My first crush
For years I was imagining this perfect being, a mixture of Edward Scissorhands and the Pie maker. Writing secret love letters to him and imagining a million different scenarios on how I could meet this person in real life. 

(Edward + Piemaker = Purrfection)

Well little did I know that my little love adventure would involve the internet, Arizona and a wonderful place called Hitrecord.
A few years ago I was searching for excuses to travel to the US for a little holiday when Hitrecord announced the Fall Formal in LA in 2011. At that time Johnny Clyde and I had been talking about running off to the circus and how to name our pet monkey for a few months already. And since he made me believe that he lived close to LA, a mere 6 hour drive, we decided to attend the show together. As circus buddies of course.

Fall Formal

Obviously I didn't predict that the first second I saw his awkward frame in the airport I would utterly and completely fall in love with him.
We spend 2 wonderful weeks together and enjoyed ourselves driving from Arizona to California and back, going beyond hope and everything.

You are now beyond hope

The first month back home was absolute torture for both Johnny and I. I have never been that miserable in my life and didn't know one could feel that broken inside. The next few months were filled with doubt and confusion, since Johnny is not a very communicative fella and we honestly had no idea what we were doing.
After four months of this ordeal I went back to the US, and 2 months later we got married.
Some people might not even find this as outrageous as I do. But come on I never really wanted to marry, specially not someone I just met!


Since that 28th of march 2012 we have moved a gazillion times, been homeless together, moved continents, got our first place, had only 2 bucks to our name, had a little more than 2 bucks to our name and went through quite a bit of personal and creative developments.
But never have I been happier in my life!
I never thought I would meet a person that completes me as much as he does.
I am quite a strange person, so it takes a strange person to fit into the weirdly shaped puzzle piece that is me.
Johnnys profile pic from 2010 sums it up perfectly!

And Johnny is that and so much more!
We are more than soul mates, I truly believe we were made for each other!
The past 3 gifts we have given each other always had the same theme even though we kept it completely secret.
He took me to the planetarium on our first anniversary and I gave him a handmade personalized watch with the universe in it.
I just couldn't make that kind of stuff up even if I wanted!

And now THIS, its the most beautiful, thought out, romantic, and loving gift there is!
I have no idea how he can ever top this one. (oh Johnny you got yourself into a gift giving pickle)
He spent the last month making a secret album.
13 songs, for me, about me, inspired by me!
When he played me that first song I burst out in tears, the voices in the Intro might sound absurd to most but it holds special meaning to us.

2 weeks ago he asked me for a whole list of samples I would like him to turn into songs, and I cluelessly gave him a whole page of songs, naively thinking he needed some inspiration.
Never would I have thought he would use those to incorporate into the album.
(For those of you who don't know me, I am obsessed with samples, a sample hunter you could say.)

And when he asked me yesterday to take photos of him while recording, this thought crossed my mind: How cool would it be if Johnny was actually recording right now and would incorporate the camera clicks into the song.
Guys I dare you listen to track number 13!

Oh and if you haven't noticed the Names of the tracks are a poem to me. Because making the album alone wasn't romantic enough :)

And to quote a conversation Johnny and I had on the 26.10.2011

Moi Sanom: “ My body misses yours, my hand misses your hair and my soul misses yours as does my mind. My heart feels like a piece was taken out, with a tiny void left in the middle trying to fill itself with anything it can find, but unfortunately nothing can fill it. But talking to you gives it hope that some when it will feel whole again."

Johnny Clyde: “Aw wow that makes me really sad :( We will be back again!"

Moi Sanom: “But it’s not as sad since we are going to see each other again! It’s a good sad,the kind of sad that makes u feel alive again. The kind of sad that gives you super powers to do anything we want!

Johnny Clyde: “Yes that's right! But if you'd hold my hand and we'd look to the sky I think that there's a chance that We could once again feel alive! “

Johnny Clyde we will never be broken again, but whole forever. Because dead or living wherever you are, there am I!

To my Prince Charming
photo by Vicente Arenas

Woeful Windsday

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Monday's child is fair of face,
Tuesday's child is full of grace,
Wednesday's child is full of woe,
Thursday's child has far to go,
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child works hard for a living,
But the child who is born on the Sabbath Day
Is bonny and blithe and good and gay.
Nursery Rhyme  ca 1830

And then some

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Many things have happened since 2012!
I moved to Spain, got a job as a Skin care consultant and Make up artist, fell ill, closed the 35th of May store, moved to the US, got a little better health wise, reopened 35th of May, married, moved to Berlin and closed 35th of May.
husband = dapper

In between all of that I started sewing, mostly Vintage stuff, and dabbling a little in historical clothing too. I tried to restore some Edwardian pieces with moderate success, that just means they didn’t go up in flames or melted through my fingers during the cleaning process!
But I do love to dress up in Historical clothing and prance around town with my husband looking dapper as ever!

In the past few years I also had quite a few hair color changes, and I made a pact with my Husband that neither of us would cut our hair until next Halloween. We have renewed this pact once already and I cant wait to see where our hair will reach by November!

And now for the good part, or boring part, depends on who is reading this, Skin care!
If you are not interested in Skin care I would highly suggest you skip this part before you start nap drooling all over your keyboard.

Working as a Skin care consultant had its pros and its cons, for one I know a little more about the schemes and tricks the industry uses to lure us into their deep pits of lotions and potions.
 I also learned that price isn’t everything, but dang there are some really nice products for lots and lots of moolah!
Definitely stuff I slathered happily all over my face while it was free!

I moved to the US and my products slowly ran out, trying to find a replacement in a drugstore for my skin was impossible. My skin is just plain weird, I am biracial and I inherited my fathers skin. It looks pretty and smooth, but take it out of the tropics and it will fall off my body like shedding snake skin. It is super dry and very dehydrated, very reactive to the weather and it just hates water! OK, I admit I don’t like water very much, but I blame my skins reactiveness for that hatred.

Add a dash of facial eczema to the mix and you got super itchy and scaly skin that hates almost everything it touches!

In a desperate attempt to find something that might sooth the itch and pain of extreme dryness, I scoured the Internet for some help, and then there it was, THE WORLD OF ASIAN SKIN CARE! After a little bit of research I found the closest Asian grocery store and got some samples to try (thanks Uwajimaya!) And thus I found Sana Nameraka.
For a mere 12$ my skin was finally appeased and the pain went down to a mere hum. I was instantly hooked and tried more products.
My husbands skin got better, my skin got better, life as we know it was turned upside down!

 Well for my face at least

Now I am on a mission to find the perfect skin care routine and the most moisturizing cream known to humanity.

And yeah Sana Nameraka wasn’t it, since my face hates me, and I am pretty sure every time I think I found THE CREAM it plots behind my back to fall back into an itchy painy mess.

 So this is pretty much what you can expect from now on, a whole bunch of gibberish with some skin care and make up reviews and a whole lotta randomness with imaginary words added to that!

this is me being reassuring