Sheet Mask Mini Giveaway

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Dear Batlings, I have been planning several Giveaways in the past few months. That means that every time I make an order for myself and I have space in my cart I usually order one item for you as well.
It has become a pretty pile by now but I am holding off with it until I reach 350 followers.
There will also be a sample Giveaway coming up. So keep an eye out for that too!
So why am a holding a Giveaway now?
Well, I recently received an order that I got from Korea (thanks to Sam from Colorcrrush!) and they added a bunch of free sheet masks!
Wooo for me and for you.
I got to try a new brand and now you have the opportunity to do so as well.
Sheet masks for everyone! Ah I wish, only one person this time, but you never know what will happen in the upcoming Giveaways…. *mysterious magical jingling*

It is open to anyone who lives in this planet with an address. If you are young Harry Potter though, I can not guarantee that you will receive the package but I will try either way.

Now for the goodies.
I have never heard of this brand before I received it, all I know is that this sheet mask is from a Korean brand, Mallie System, and they sell these masks in lots of different flavours.
This specific one is Pomegranate which is suppose to really hydrate your pretty face.
Well good luck my dear Batlings!

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