Nots UV Protection Sun Cream SPF 50 PA +++ review

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Nots UV Protection Sun Cream SPF 50 PA +++ review

It is absolutely possible that I might just be one of the least season appropriate people around.
It used to be the same when I had my jewellery shop back when. I know most people actually follow seasonal themes, change certain things depending on the weather and actually celebrate holidays.
I don’t, which makes it so hard for me to do the same.
I mean I celebrate some holidays (Halloween!!!!!) but when it comes to season and weather I pretty much do my own thing barely noticing what date it is. Same with Johnny, who wears exactly the same clothes no matter what season (with the exception of adding a coat for three months) all year around.
The reason I am mentioning this is because I prepared a bunch of sunscreen reviews including two epic comparison posts for spring and summer. Of course a million things happened and I uploaded exactly one of the reviews written.

Oh well who am I kidding, I will likely never keep up with the seasons but I guess that is ok.
Especially since sunscreen is something one should wear all year long. Specifically most the kind I review here on the blog since they are generally face sunscreens only that are to be used in casual, non water, minimum sweat settings.
Do you already use sunscreen everyday no matter the season?
Well you certainly should.
At least if you care enough about your skin to be reading skincare blogs, I reckon.

Of course there is a few people who have explained all the reasons much better than I and I think those posts should be given a read. I also regularly post these kind of links on 35th of Mays Facebook when I read them. If there is a specific post that you like on the subject I would love if you would share it with me.

To protect yourself from cancer and photoaging (which is said to be the biggest culprit of the extrinsic aging process) you need to use sunscreen every day no matter how cloudy or cold it is outside.
UVA rays might not give you a sunburn but they sneakily penetrate the clouds (80% of them actually), glass, even cloth and start damaging your skin unless you protect yourself from them.

So for me personally, after reading a lot of articles, even though I used to be anti sunscreen for most of my youth, I have decided that sunscreen is an absolute must have for my health and of course to maintaining my vampiric aspirations of eternal youth and immortality.
Eternal youth aside, there is really no more excuses I can come up with for not using sunscreen any more, since there is some really amazing formulations around now which make sunscreen application almost the same as applying regular moisturizers.

The answer is always yes!

What I look for in sunscreens is that they are efficient in their protection, a mix of chemical and physical is best for my taste, easy to apply, no or little white cast, pleasant to use and doesn't leave any strange feeling on my skin after absorption.

Nots sunscreen is interesting to me since at first impression I thought it was quite a traditional sunscreen but ended up being quite decent to use.
If you wonder what I mean by traditional, the smell and texture comes to mind.
The smell is hard to describe, not too strong and it doesn't linger much but it reminds me of sunscreen when I smell it.
The texture is milky but not very liquid. It is not very thick either but kind of like medium cream texture.
It is refreshing and slightly watery which makes it easy to apply to the face.
There is a slight white cast due to the Zinc and Titanium oxide in the formula.
The white cast is barely visible on my NC30 skin, if you are lighter you might not even notice it. The only thing about it is that if the cream gets stuck in Johnny's facial hair it is visible and a little hard to rub in (especially since one is not supposed to rub in sunscreen vigorously).

Nots UV Protection Sun Cream SPF 50 PA +++ swatch

The finish is satin. Quite natural to be honest. Neither matte nor shiny.
When I first applied it I thought I could feel it sitting on my face forever but that actually passed after about five to ten minutes. Once it sunk in I could not feel the sunscreen any more leaving me with a tiny bit more moisturised skin.
The issue I have with this formula though is that it sometimes accentuates some dry skin flakes.
It is only the large ones so far and keep in mind my face is a desert.
When my face is decently exfoliated (aka no dino flakes around) there is also no accentuation (not like foundation does for me).

Nots UV Protection Sun Cream SPF 50 PA +++ review
About ten minutes after application

All in all I think it is a decent sunscreen to use. It is not the best or funnest I have had the pleasure to try so far, but also not one that I would shun out of my house. I guess it is really hard to write about a product that delivers what you need without being terrible or really lovely.

Ingredients: Coming soon

If you aren’t darker than NC30 and aren't fond of super liquid sunscreens then Nots sunscreen might just be the product for you.
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