E Choice Fermented Tea Sleeping Pack review

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I don’t think it is a secret that I am very cheap/frugal/broke. 
If I would have more money I would probably still be cheap and frugal since I don’t see the sense of spending a lot of money on certain things. When it comes to good quality items it is absolutely possible to find them for a small price without having to resort to spending your monthly savings on a 400$ cream. I am not saying that all cheap cosmetics are great or that all really expensive ones are bad, but that price has little to do with quality sometimes.

There are also moments where we are biased when using products when we know the price beforehand, thinking they are better or worse than they are, due to the amount they cost.
In this case I swapped this product with Unfadewhatfades and had no idea how ridiculously cheap it was until about 6 months later. 

I believe she got this sleeping pack in a Memebox ages ago and we swapped some products and this one was among them.
A fermented sleeping pack in a tube is always something I am excited about so I was happy to give it a try.

It smells very faint like nondescript skincare, the scent being barely noticeable to be honest.
The texture is kind of like a gel but on the thicker side. It doesn't melt or slide around when you apply a blob to your skin but when spread it is very watery.
It is actually kind of a water drop sleeping pack. That means that when you spread it on your skin tiny water drops start forming. I have no idea what kind of magic that is but if anyone knows please feel free to inform me. I do admit the water drops can be felt more than seen but I spotted seen some on occasion.
The sleeping pack feels very fresh and smooth when it is applied. Which is quite wonderful when my skin is feeling super parched since the fresh feeling lasts quite a bit. The pack doesn't leave a noticeable film on my skin and sinks in within less than 4 minutes. 

Water drop action was not showing up on the photograph
I don't notice a big difference when I use this but I don't really with any sleeping pack I have used either. I really like how it feels on my skin though, and I think it is a wonderful product for dehydrated skin.
Sometimes when I feel really dry I either apply it again after the first layer disappeared into the depth of my skin or apply double the amount which means it takes longer to do so.

The crazy thing is that it is found for under three dollars on Testerkorea (currently on sale for 1,700 KRW about 1.50$) yet is one of my favorite sleeping packs to date.

This just shows me that it is often a good idea to rummage through the cheapest items in hopes of finding a good one which happens surprisingly often to be honest.

I definitely recommend people to give this a try if they are in need of a new Sleeping Pack since it is suitable for any skin type as well.

What is your best and favourite budget buy?

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