VDL Expert Color Lip Cube Ex in 105 Tease You review

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I think I may have some kind of a curse when it comes to lighter lipsticks going on. I have been trying to find the perfect coral shade that doesn't lean orange or neon pink. I have tried a few Korean corals in 2015 yet all of them are so incredibly different than the promo pictures that I almost gave up hope. This lipstick is nowhere near as advertised but it comes closer than the others.

Thanks to a lovely friend who spent some time in Korea she actually went and swatched VDL lipsticks for me since I really wanted to give one a try. This color looked very pretty and coral in her swatches (done on white paper) but the price was a little high and after all the disappointments I went through before, I didn't want to take the plunge. In comes Alice from W2Beauty conveniently stocking all the VDL shades and offering me to pick one from her selection. I immediately got the 105 shade since I thought it was a great contender. 

The packaging looks really nice and sleek yet when I opened the lipstick I was quite surprised when I saw how pink and bright it looked. Upon swatching it on my skin I was quite sad. I don't know if it is me or if Koreans just can't stay away from the neon. Either way it is very very bright and much pinker than expected.

That is bright neon pink in my book!

I generally love very pigmented lipsticks (which this is) since my lips are so dark that many simply don't show up. The thing is that this is so bright and strong I look a little bit strange with a full application of it. That is of course my personal style and preference!
The lipstick is soft smooth and has a satin finish.
It is easy to apply and feels quite comfy. The wearing time is average and lasts as long as most satin type lipsticks do (about 3-5 hours). You dont actually need lipliner with this but if you want a crisper lipline than the one on my swatch pictures, a lipliner is recommended. 
The shape of the bullet makes it easy and precise to apply though.

I really think this lends itself for a more gradient style look. When I only slightly blotted the color onto my lips it looked really nice to be honest. It really freshened up my face and gave me a certain kind of glow. It is hard to see in the photos since it is winter time and the light is so low I couldn't even take pictures from the front without directly facing my window. But if you compare it to my usual brown purple lip color, the lipstick is indeed visible just in a very natural way. So I think this is well suited for people who either like the very bright neon lip look or for people who like the ultra natural glow lip look. It is really hard to achieve an in-between stage with this, but in the other two categories it excels. I am honestly very tempted to get one of their newer fall colors since the quality of this is quite nice and I seem to have better luck when it comes to darker Korean lipsticks.

Hard to see but the lipstick is slightly blotted on the middle of my lips.

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